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Chapter 275 This is to help me clean up the inventory?
Although the small workshop is not big,But complete,Liu Hui takes everyone around。He told everyone,They make swords and things,The most important thing is the step of ironing。
now,There are many raw materials for small workshops,Old parents、There are still a lot of steelmaking that my grandparents have made。
Mainly because the business of these two generations is deteriorating,The steel that has been refined will also be accumulated,Pass it to him,Small workshops are more valuable,Except for this land,It’s the raw materials。
But now,Everyone likes to use alloy,The hundred steel made by elders is rarely used。
therefore,Liu Hui rarely strikes iron now,Feel unnecessary,Although the family’s iron method,He is also skilled,Taught by hand since childhood,Can it??
The so-called hundred steel,It’s not as simple as beating a hundred times,Every beat,All very skillful。
After that,There are also processes like quenching,Are very important。the whole process,A total of more than ten processes,so,Swords made by artificial tradition,Too much energy,The price will be higher,Made by someone else’s sword factory,Not competitive at all。
It can be said,Longquan now,100% cast swords with traditional techniques,Already handful。
I know that Populus wants to let the people in the live broadcast room watch traditional crafts,So Liu Hui also introduced more hard,Try to be careful,Even tell some details,Don’t worry about leaks or anything,Whoever loves to learn!
Just now,He glanced at Hu Yang’s live broadcast room。
Obediently!Hundreds of thousands of people watch online。
This is also an opportunity to promote our own craftsmanship,So Liu Hui will not let it go,Even introduce it to a little bit more mysterious。If it can attract some customers,That would be better。
in fact,There used to be workers in their small workshop,But after passing it to him,He became the Bachelor Commander。