Pay attention to the nine eating habits of premature aging

The high work pressure and the tight pace of life often make it difficult for many modern urban people to maintain healthy diet and nutrition.

For example, you can eat as much as you can, but you can eat it if you eat it.

We often substitute some foods that we don’t pay attention to just because we like them or think that they are healthy. Such diet “stand-in” is a misunderstanding of many people.

As everyone knows, it is these convenient “stand-ins” that make you farther and farther from health.

  Bad habit 1: Instant noodles instead of breakfast. Eating instant noodles instead of breakfast is bad for human health and development.

Because six major elements are needed to maintain the normal physiological metabolism of the human body, the main component of instant noodles is fat, and other nutrients are few.

Therefore, if you replace breakfast with instant noodles for a long time, it will lead to dizziness, fatigue, weight loss, palpitations, and depression, etc. In severe cases, there may be symptoms of nutritional loss such as weight loss and muscle atrophy.

  Vice # 2: Fruits instead of vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins. Therefore, many people think that as long as they eat fruits every day, they do n’t need to eat or eat less vegetables.

In fact, vegetables are the essential foods of the human body, second only to food. It can effectively promote the human body to absorb the three major nutrients of protein, trace amounts and residues.

If humans only eat animal foods, protein absorption and absorption are 70%; if they eat vegetables, the absorption rate can reach more than 90%.

In addition, vegetables contain unique plant crude fibers that can stimulate intestinal motility, thereby helping digestion and preventing bowel cancer.

  Bad habit three: Fresh vegetables instead of refrigerated vegetables If it refers to fresh vegetables just picked from the vegetable field, there is no problem with this statement.

But in fact, most of the vegetables we eat are not so fresh, they are usually stored for several days, and their vitamins are gradually lost during the simultaneous storage.

In contrast, refrigerated vegetables can maintain more vitamins, because refrigerated vegetables after picking can prevent the loss of vitamins.

  Bad habit four: Mineral water replaces boiled water Many people say that mineral water is rich in minerals, so they no longer drink boiled water and use mineral water instead, but mineral water can also be polluted by harmful substances in the land.

Recently, Dutch scientists analyzed bottled mineral water and found that mineral water is more susceptible to contamination by dangerous microorganisms and bacteria.

Although these bacteria may not pose a significant threat to the body of a healthy person, bacteria for bottled mineral water may pose a considerable danger to those with weak immunity.

  Bad Habit 5: Liver meat eats only pork instead of fish. It is a habit of most Han people to eat less or no fish.

Although their protein content and absorption rate are not much different, the accidental composition is very different.

Fish’s trace glucose content is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that plays a beneficial role in children’s brain development and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

For livestock meat, especially beef and mutton, fatty acids are mainly saturated, and overcoming them is not good for health.

  Vice # 6: Brown sugar instead of white sugar. Brown sugar and white sugar are both extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet. The manufacturing process of brown sugar is slightly simpler than that of white sugar. The glucose and cellulose contained in it are also available, and the energy released is faster, and the absorption and absorption are morehigh.

However, brown sugar is not as sweet as white sugar, and people naturally add more when drinking tea and coffee, so in fact brown sugar is sometimes more dangerous than white sugar.

  Bad habit seven: Tonics replace too many people. When doctors recommend strengthening nutrition, they often take various tonics.

However, experts point out that supplements are not a substitute for nutritional products.

Amino acid is a common tonic, but it is not necessary if it is not difficult to eat. Blind infusion of amino acid may even cause allergic reactions. For those with poor renal function, it may also cause liver coma and uremia.

Too many people think that vitamins are good for the body. It ‘s okay to eat more, but otherwise, long-term use of vitamin A and D pills can cause vitamin A poisoning, bone pain, vomiting, itching, and hair loss.

Therefore, to strengthen nutrition, you should start with regulating your diet and never repeat nutrition.

  Bad habit eight: expensive instead of cheap expensive, may not be the best.

For example, the costly shark fin’s main ingredient is collagen.

The amino acid composition of collagen is not comprehensive, and it does not match the amino acid composition of the human body. It is far inferior to the albumin and globulin in eggs and milk.

Along with eating shark fins to absorb that little collagen, it is better to eat eggs and drink milk to absorb albumin, and globulin must be nutritious.

  Bad habit # 9: Nutrition replaces natural foods Many people increasingly recognize nutrition, which is a good thing. But repeating nutrition, good things become bad things.

Eat protein powder for meals and vitamins for fruits and vegetables. It is believed that if you eat these nutrients, your body will stay healthy.

Too many people think that vitamins are good for the body. It ‘s okay to eat more, but it ‘s not true.

For example, a large amount of vitamin C is related to the formation of kidney stones. Strengthening nutrition should, in principle, start with diet adjustment.

If the diet is not enough and it is really necessary to supplement, it should be advised by the relevant experts.