“Hey,How can you have this emotion,You think you are a big winner in life,Kids have,Decent job,Family assets are more than enough,What’s not satisfied。”Tian Lu’s practical advice。
Chen Amei glanced at Tian Lu with a bitter look,“You know something,I don’t like boring work very much,It turns out that the glamorous work appearance is actually checking the information every day,I don’t know if I can get a job every day“single”,I don’t even know when the big event will be planned,You said,So boring,How can I keep on。”Chen Amei continued to say dejectedly。
“Haha,So this is ah,Enter the bottleneck period?When I first got a new job,Very motivated,Full of confidence and curiosity,Everything is serious,Very focused,as time flows,Freshness faded,I started to carelessly,This kind of heart is normal。”Tian Lu looks like a textbook in Chen Amei’s eyes,When I heard Tian Lu“Summary of experience”Time period,It’s exciting,Watching Tian Lu intently and listening to her“Speak”。
Tian Lu was amazed by her changing expression。Take a look at Chen Amei。
Sit beside her,Pestle your arm,Head up,Talking casually。“Working hours are a little longer,Some people continue to learn to strive for a broader space,And some people may mess around day after day。Focus,Today when the surrounding environment is getting noisier,Seems particularly rare。life of a human,If using1%Strength choice,99%The strength to repeat,Feel the fresh power every time;If you use99%Strength choice,1%Repetition of strength,Then he can only fail repeatedly。”
“Hey,Are you a genius?”Chen Amei exclaimed,“That’s quite reasonable。Although a little confusing,Read it carefully,Still the same thing。”
Tian Lu“Ha ha”Smiled:“What is there to say,‘Yan Ruyu is in the book,Own golden house in the book’,I saw it all from the book。”Speaking of which,Her face suddenly changed,Grandpa’s indoctrination sounded in my ears,These were all taught by her late grandpa。Think of grandpa,Give birth to a bit of sadness,The long eyelashes naturally tugged at the bangs near the eyes,Like someone with a subtle and profound story。
But soon,Tian Lu returns to reality,Turn your head to ask Amei Chen:“Have you heard a word,Repeating simple things,You are the expert;Do repetitive things with heart,You are the winner。”
Chen Amei’s head shook like a rattle,Said:“Familiar,Can’t remember。”
“and so,Those who can do their work efficiently are dedicated people,Come on,Amei!”Tian Lu concluded。
“Ok,What you said seems quite reasonable。”Chen Amei thoughtful,“correct,I think some of the great principles you said last time can be absorbed,Some can’t absorb it, disagree,Think about it,Be generous,Your strategy and method are not mature in this regard。”Bora
Chen Amei“Accuse”Up,Tian Lu opened her mouth wide with a smileOFont,She admits that she needs improvement in this area,But from Chen Amei’s mouth,It shocked Tian Lu,Make her blush。
Tian Lu felt her coat removed,Show it to outsiders without privacy,Flushed with shame,But you have to show the frank acceptance of Chen Amei“criticism”。