Skin also goes “retro style” to return to infancy

Perhaps, the development of the times allows us to enjoy more advanced, more advanced and more scientific beauty methods. However, many times, you will find that mothers who have not used any advanced skin care products have better skin than us.
In fact, there are some traditional maintenance methods that do have their hidden effects.
Therefore, do not think that mother-level skin care methods are outdated and old-fashioned, study hard, and your skin will go “retro style” and return to the smoothness of infants and young children.
  保湿养颜  取普通的蜂蜜敷脸,可以起到保湿效果,或者里面加入半只蛋黄,搅拌均匀敷脸或者敷干裂的手脚  剩下的半只蛋黄可以用来调和黑芝麻粉,涂于发梢,保湿护发  把矿泉水放在喷壶中就是自制的矿泉水化妆水  用鸡脚猪脚黄豆海带煮汤喝,可以补充胶原蛋白和植物性雌激素,从而起到美容养颜的功效  用无糖的优酪乳绿豆粉,调和成面膜敷脸,可以温和代谢角质,并且保湿美白  收缩毛孔  将一块干毛巾,完全没有水分的,放入密封的夹链袋中,再放入冰箱。Before putting on makeup in the morning, take it out and apply it on the face to shrink the pores. Towels must not have water, if there is water, it will form ice.
Scratches the skin.
  晒后修复  用西瓜皮冰镇肌肤,西瓜皮的作用类似芦荟,可以帮助镇静晒后的肌肤  口腔护理  用盐巴轻轻按摩牙床,停留约5分钟,再漱口,可以帮助消除牙床浮肿  用淡盐水漱口,可以帮助消除喉咙痛  去黑头/角质  在洗完澡后,角质层湿软的状态下,趁着浴室内蒸气未散,还带有些许热度,可以用医药纱布,但是织布的密度越密The better, slowly, in areas with blackheads and exfoliation, gently massage in a circular motion, there will be the effect of exfoliating blackheads.
  Using towels instead of hands for daily face washing will also have an exfoliating effect, but use with caution on dry and sensitive skin.
  Wet the face in advance, foam the cleanser into the palm of your hand, add sugar (the particles should not be too large, otherwise it will scratch the skin), or apply the finely ground mung bean powder to the blackheads and horny areas, slowlyMassage in circles.
The advantage of this is that it can achieve the effect of exfoliating, the sugar slowly melts, and it will also have a maintenance effect on the skin.
  把毛巾蘸湿,把食盐放在毛巾上,轻轻搓揉脚后跟,达到去脚后跟角质的作用  用刷毛柔软的小牙刷轻轻洗黑头,但是只适用于油性皮肤者  小牙刷的妙用,还可以用来刷脚趾,洗指甲缝  减肥  饭前喝水,帮助控制食量  躺平,顺时针再逆时针按摩腹部,帮助排除宿便  早晨起床和一大杯淡盐水,帮助排除宿便  将矿泉水瓶装大半瓶绿豆/米,手臂举平,向两边摇动,帮助减少拜拜肉  紧致肌肤,去水肿  排水按摩方法:以食指及中指腹,从鼻翼两侧、脸颊到耳际逐步停留轻按,各约5-10秒Put both hands on the left and right cheeks and extend to the sides of the ear for 5-10 seconds.
This is also where the traditional Chinese medicine called acupoints, cheek car points, and big welcoming points can help eliminate cellulite.
Below the ear is the location of the lymph glands that control metabolism. The palm temperature helps the lymph to metabolize water and waste.
Sliding your fists on your cheeks, smoothing the masseter muscles by massage can also lift the skin that has become loose due to age.
  In addition, you can also use a porcelain spoon to press the skin to complete the massage, but do not pull the skin. 躺在 Lie on the bed at night, put your head outside the bed, put your feet up against the wall, maintain this posture, and then rub the care products.
好处是让脸部的皮肤对抗地心引力,   达到紧致的作用,腿部也可以达到去水肿的作用   眼睛向上看,用脂腹的眼周,尤其是眼袋和黑眼圈的部位,轻轻弹按,达到去眼袋和黑眼圈的作用   可以用粗盐泡澡,达到去水肿的目的   可以用冬瓜带皮煮水喝,有利于排水   薏仁煮水可以去水,还会有美白和减肥的作用哦   薏仁粉蛋白,调和均匀后敷脸,可以紧致肌肤,美白   玉米须煮水,可以利尿,去水,捞起来还可以用来洗澡时去角质哦   用瓷汤匙按压脸部   加速身体血液循环   拍打身体数次,拍手,排空掌实掌各100下   抬脚仰头数次   用圆头的木质刺猬梳按摩头皮,加速头发生长。Massaging the whole body can speed up blood circulation and relieve itching of the elderly’s skin. Hairdressing 把 Braid the hair before going to bed, or use a clip to fix the tail around the straw. Open it in the morning for beautiful curls.