About a child,A formal contract was printed by Qin Feng。
“Come,Sign it!”
“what?this is.new contract?what.Liquidated damages of billions?”When she saw the number of liquidated damages, Gao Lili was scared to look at Qin Feng many times.。I always feel that some people want to harm me!
“That one,big boss,I heard that you once sent a female model who was already booming to prison?”Gao Lili asked timidly。
“There is such a thing!”Qin Feng remembered the model in Zhao Kuo’s company,If not that one,Qin Feng won’t even do anything to Dynasty Company。Maybe at this time the chairman of Dynasty Group is still Wang Fang!
of course,Everything is over,Don’t mention it。
“That one,big boss,I apologize to you,Don’t design to deal with me,I don’t want to go to prison。You speak,Whatever you want me,I listen to you!”Gao Lili is crying now。
Qin Feng couldn’t tell whether it was real or acting。After all, crying opera should be considered an entry-level skill for students in the acting department。
of course,There are many crying states,This will test the actor’s level。
“okay,I don’t want you to do anything extraordinary。In short,I represent the company,Will make you popular。Now you sign this contract!”Qin Feng’s business。
“but.Why is one billion liquidated damages?”
“Ok,That must be my consideration。You sign first,I’ll tell you after signing。”Talking,Qin Feng put the pistol on the table。
There is no threat in Qin Feng’s words,But everyone knows what Qin Feng meant when he put the gun on the table。
Even if Goryeo graduated from acting department,Facing Qin Feng’s method, I can only admit counsel。