Insomnia and drowsiness in autumn The Yellow Emperor’s Canon reminds you to pay attention to gastrointestinal health

Insomnia and drowsiness in autumn “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” reminds you to pay attention to gastrointestinal health
From late autumn, the climate is cool, the summer heat has passed, and the winter cold has not yet arrived.This climate is good 南京桑拿网 for sleep, but many people don’t sleep properly, drowsy during the day, shaking at night, counting sheep until dawn.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that insomnia in the autumn is mostly hot and hot in the summer and exhausts one’s heart. In the autumn, it becomes depleted and uneasy.In addition, since ancient times, autumn has been sad and lonely, and everything has been depressed in autumn. People are prone to depression, which leads to insomnia.Text: All-media reporter Zhong Kui Insomnia—the stubborn disease that transcends time and space. In fact, abnormal sleep will not only appear in autumn, but also in other seasons.As the saying goes, spring is sleepy and summer is scarce, and autumn is hibernating.People will appear “sleepy”, “tired”, and “depleted” all year round, dozing off during the day and not sleeping at night.Insomnia caused by seasonal changes is only one of the causes of insomnia.Any physical discomfort, stress in life and work, and mental and psychological changes may cause insomnia.Moreover, insomnia is a persistent disease that spans time and space. It not only bothers modern people, but also ancient people.China’s first collection of poetry “The Book of Songs”, the first volume of the book “Guan Yu” is a “insomnia poem”: “Sir lady, please ask.”poo.Long and careless, tossing and turning.The young man did not succeed in pursuing a lady for a while, he missed it day and night, and turned up pancakes in bed at night.Look at the “Moon Yue He Jiao Jiao” in “19 Ancient Poems” of the Han Dynasty: “He Jiao Jiao in the bright moon, according to my Luo bed.Sorrow can’t be distressed, lingering around.Although the passenger line is Yunle, it is better to return early.Who is alone when you leave home?Led back into the room, tears shed clothes.A wanderer who had never thought of Shu, but woke up with the worries of homesickness because of a bright moon, could not sleep at night, rose up in a cloak and wandered alone.Take another look at the first poem in “Wing Huai” by Ruan Ji, one of “The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest”: “Don’t be awake at night.The thin curtain reads the bright moon, and the breeze blows me.Guhong outfield, birding song north forest.What will you wander about?Worrying alone is sad.”Ruan Ji, who lost sleep over worries, simply sat up and played the piano.There are a lot of poets suffering from insomnia in history, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are only a handful of people who never suffer from insomnia.Stomach discord is a common phenomenon because of insomnia. The earliest medical classics in China, the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, paid much attention to this problem, and spent a lot of time exploring the causes and treatment of insomnia.Regarding the normal physiological clock of sleep, the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic believes that the body’s “protective energy” operation is closely related to the generation of sleep.”Lingshu · Dachaolun” points out: “A man who protects qi travels day by day in the sun and night travels in the yin. Therefore, the yang qi lays down while the yin qi runs down.The so-called “protective qi” is metabolized by the essence of water valley that is transported by the spleen and stomach. It flows very quickly and runs between the skin and muscles.The role of invasion.The flow of Weiqi is divided into day and night, Yin and Yang, and the day “walking in the Yang” is the Sanyang meridian of the hands and feet, circulating for 25 weeks.At night “walking in the yin” is traveling in the five internal organs, and it is also circulating for 25 weeks.Normally, Wei Qi “walks in Yang” is awake, and “walks in Yin” sleeps.When Wei Qi has performed the five internal organs, people will wake up.According to this theory, The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine believes that when the body’s yin and yang are exuberant or weak or imbalanced, insomnia or sleepiness will occur.”Lingshu · Cold-Fever Disease” states: “Yang Qi Sheng is stunned, and Yin Qi Sheng is stunned.”Yang Qi Sheng” means “Wei Qi must not enter the yin and often stay in the Yang”, that is, Wei Qi is still stranded in the Sanyang meridians of the hands and feet at night, and does not enter the five internal organs.In the same way, when Weiqi stays in the internal organs during the day and cannot walk on the body surface, he will be lethargic.”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” noticed that the “doorway” of Weiqi from the Yangjing to the five internal organs was the hand, the footyangming classic, namely the stomach and the large intestine.The “gateway” of Weiqi from yin to yang is the foot-taiyin meridian, that is, the spleen, such as spleen dysfunction, will affect Weiqi to yang, causing drowsiness.This shows that the normal function of the spleen, stomach, and large intestine is the key factor affecting sleep.Therefore, “Su Wen · Inverse Tune Theory” states: “Stomach discord is uneasy.”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” also explains the reason why fat people are drowsy and thin and insomnia: “Therefore, the stomach is large . then (weiqi) stays in the yin for a long time, and if it is not fine, it is craving, so it is more prone to sleep.”.Its stomach is small, the skin is smooth and slow, the meat is divided into benefits, and the qi stays in the yang for 西湖阁体验网 a long time, so it is less stingy.”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” believes that the quality of sleep is related to the human spirit. Divine anxiety can conceal energy, and distress can cause sleep disturbances such as dreams, nightmares, and sleepwalking.How to prevent insomnia and drowsiness?The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” points out that daily routine is the key to obeying the laws of nature.Lung Qi Qing. “In addition, attention must be paid to gastrointestinal health.In this way, you can effectively prevent the “maintaining yang” or “maintaining yin” in Weiqi.