Huo Rongxuan get off the car,The person who was responsible for following Shen Han immediately came over,To Huo Rongxuan:“Mr. Huo,The rescue team has already started action,But the location of Mr. Shen is still uncertain……”
In heavy rain,The abandoned factory building has become a ruin,Huo Rongxuan looked at the broken scene in front of him,The blood in the whole body has cooled down。
He took a deep breath of the cold air to calm down,Turn around and open the door,Huzi sat in there and looked at him obediently。
Huo Rongxuan took out a piece of clothing that Shen Han wore before and put it in front of Huzi to let it smell,Then bend down`Rubbed Huzi’s head and said to him:“Tiger,Must bring your dad back,do you know?”
Huzi seems to understand,Yelled to him immediately。
Huzi was a professionally trained military dog,After hearing Huo Rongxuan’s command,Immediately jumped out like an arrow,Rushed into the ruins。
Shen Han was trapped in a small space,I was injured and my consciousness became erratic,I just feel dark around,Also very cold。In a trance, it seems to be back when he was a child when he pestered his brother to play hide and seek,At that time he didn’t know that Shen Ze was just perfunctory,Hiding carefully in the cabinet in the storage room。As a result, he stayed alone in the dark corner for a long, long time,Until the end it was cold and hungry,Didn’t wait until someone came to him。
right now,Shen Han felt that the feeling back then came back。or,He has always been the Shen Han hiding in the cabinet and has not changed,Not needed or valued,No one cares even if they disappear。Shen Han is very weak,In such a cold and claustrophobic environment, these negative emotions are scrambling to emerge.,Almost occupying his consciousness。
As time goes by,Shen Han’s body pain gradually became numb,I can’t even feel the cold。
Is he going to die??
Shen Han suddenly felt intense fear in his heart,But the chest cavity is squeezed and there is no sound。In the dark, Shen Han can only pray in despair in his heart,Hope someone,Anyone is good,Will come to find him,Take him out of the closet。
I do not know how long it has been,Shen Han vaguely heard the dog barking from above。
Shen Han thought in a daze,Have a dog,Will it be a tiger??
But he was too tired and fainted uncontrollably,Just before he lost consciousness,I seem to hear Huo Rongxuan calling his name。
After Shen Han was rescued, he was taken to the hospital by the ambulance that had been standing by.,Several wounds on Shen Han,Blood loss is more serious and requires blood transfusion。But the doctor came over and told Huo Rongxuan that Shen Han’s physique was more sensitive,Ask if you can bring family members over for blood transfusion。
Huo Rongxuan asked the Shen family to contact,But I didn’t expect to be rejected by the Shen family。
Huo Rongxuan personally called Shen Han’s father,The other party told him:“I’m really sorry, Mr. Huo,We are all out of town now,I’m really going back, I’m afraid it’s too late。”
Huo Rongxuan didn’t hold them back for having dinner together at noon,Why did the family go out in a torrential rain in a blink of an eye,Speak directly to the phone:“Not get in the way,Tell me the specific location,I send someone to pick you up。”
Shen Han’s father’s voice became very embarrassing,“I’m so sorry,We really can’t。”