Lichun health care and liver protection are inherently cold and still need to pay attention to keep warm

Lichun is the first of the twenty-four solar terms and the beginning of spring. Because spring belongs to the wood and corresponds to the liver, spring health is mainly to protect the liver and regulate the mood.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that being in a good mood can not only prevent the liver from becoming hot, but also be conducive to the growth of yang.

Therefore, the citizens should be vigilant against anger, even more depressed, and open-minded, optimistic, and maintain a good state of mind.

  Cold protection: It is still necessary to wear cotton fabrics to keep warm. From the perspective of solar terms, although the beginning of spring is the beginning of spring, in Guangdong, this season is still very cold, and health care should be carried out in accordance with the actual conditions of the region and climate.

From the perspective of climate change in previous years, during the stay after the beginning of spring, the weather was still warm and cold, and climate change still occurred.

At this time, the spring of the human body also begins to become loose, and the ability to resist cold evil is weakened. Therefore, it is not appropriate to reduce cotton fabrics early in the early spring season. The elderly and infirm should be cautious when dressing, not sudden reduction.

“Spring cover autumn freeze” is a folk health proverb. In March, withered plants and frozen worms, the human body’s metabolism slows down, resistance decreases, it is easy to get sick, it is easy to damage yang, it is affected by wind and cold, and it is prone to sickness.

If you sweat at this time, you should wipe it off in time, don’t open your mind and let the wind blow.

Proper coverage in spring can reduce the incidence of diseases, especially common respiratory infections.

  In addition, Li Chun health must also pay attention to health care and disease prevention.

Because the climate after the beginning of the spring is dominated by wind and atmosphere, wind evil can be a pathogenic factor alone, and it is often combined with other evil gases. Especially in early spring, the weather changes from cold to warm. When the human body is born of yang,Warm-heat poisonous evils are also active, and various pathogenic bacteria and viruses grow and reproduce.

As modern medicine says, flu, meningococcal, measles, scarlet fever, pneumonia also occur and spread.

In addition, due to the wide range of distortions, the number of wind and good deeds varies, the changes are uncertain, and up and down disturbances can be reached directly to the forehead, and the invasion can invade the waist and knees, plus “wind wins move”, where abnormal movement of limbs, such as convulsions, Fractures, tremors, angled bow retension, neck rigidity, etc. are often blamed on the wind to cause disease.

  In order to avoid the occurrence of diseases in the spring, preventive measures must first be taken to change or change clothes in response to climate change; secondly, windows must be constantly opened to allow indoor air to circulate and keep the air fresh; thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention to rest and strengthen exercise to improve the body’s defense ability.
In addition, pay attention to mouth and nose health.

In terms of living, we must also conform to nature, go to bed early and get up early, and increase local activities appropriately, so that the body ‘s winter Tibetan state begins to adapt to the arrival of spring, so that its mental and emotional consciousness is compatible with nature, and strive to be physiologically harmonious and full.

  Diet: Eat less hot and sour foods. When the spring machine is full, the functions of human tissues and organs are active, and a large number of nutrients are needed for the activities of the body and for growth and development.

However, the climate started to warm in spring, the air was dry, and the human body diverged.

Therefore, you should eat more juicy fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and radishes, to supplement your body’s moisture.

However, it is also necessary to consider the birth of yang in the spring. It is advisable to eat the products of Xingan divergence, and not to eat foods that are sour, such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, apricots, papaya, coriander, hawthorn, olives, lemons, pomegranates, black plums, etc.In the relationship between the five internal organs and the five flavors, the sour taste enters the liver and has astringent properties, which is not conducive to the development of yang and liver evacuation.

  In winter, most citizens like to eat dog meat and mutton to warm their bodies, but after the beginning of spring, the weather is warmer, the climate is dry, and it is easy to get angry. Dog meat and mutton are warm foods. If you eat more in spring, it is easy to “crash” with the climate.

The explanation of traditional Chinese medicine is that in the spring, the yang qi rises, the weather changes from cold to warm, everything sprouts, the human yang qi recovers, the liver recovers to evacuate, qi and blood tend to the body surface, and the human body’s metabolism is most active.

The human stomach and intestines experience long-term tonic in the winter and the fat and sweet food of the first month, and the accumulation is heavy. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat greasy and spicy things to prevent Yang from leaking.

  Chinese medicine believes that special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the liver in the spring to adapt to the time of day.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account that spring is the characteristic of rising yang in the diet, and it is suitable to eat more foods with Xingan divergent properties.

Such as rapeseed, coriander, leek, onion, mustard, white radish, artemisia, kohlrabi, fennel, cabbage, celery, spinach, etc. have the characteristics of Xingan divergence.

  Sports: After the beginning of the spring, which is dominated by “slow” sports, people should gradually increase the time of outdoor activities to accelerate blood circulation and promote qi and blood movement after a brief rise.

However, since the weather is warm and cold after the beginning of spring, it is more suitable for rhythmic and gentle sports, such as spring outing, kite flying, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and ball games instead.

  While strolling, citizens can do lung exercises.

Since the pores of the human body gradually open after the beginning of spring, the wind and the cold are the easiest to cause colds and colds, and regular exercise of the lung meridians can improve the skin’s ability to resist cold and wind.

The lung meridian is in the part of our arm, it passes through the shoulder socket and starts to extend down to the thumb, so it will be very effective to massage the acupuncture points above and below, and these two points are easier to find, one is in the shoulder socketIn the middle of the location, the other is the Shao Shang acupoint of the thumb. Every morning, I get up every morning with half a fist and knock a hundred times.

  It should be noted that during this season, exercise should not be decompression, sweating and panting, otherwise it may consume Yang Qi and be detrimental to health.

And because the climate is still dry after the beginning of spring, it is necessary to replenish water during exercise.