Demystifying the method of increasing muscles in football superstars

Demystifying the method of increasing muscles in football superstars

Three hours before the start of the World Cup opener, the famous British market research company OnePoll released a web survey entitled “The kids who play football, which attracts you most”.

The survey decomposed the various parts of the male body, allowing the female citizens to choose the part that most attracted them. As a result, the “six packs” undoubtedly topped the list.

According to this survey, we also timely spliced a perfect man for the female audience according to the teams of the South Africa World Cup.

  Beckham: “My muscles are born.” Since 1996, Beckham has appeared in front of people in the image of youth and invincibility, but since that time, Beckham’s body has been very punctuated.

“I didn’t deliberately practice my muscles, unless it was advertising, I think these are innate.

“Beckham used to be proud of his muscles when he was 26 years old.”

With many endorsements, Beckham, under the supervision of many wealthy team nutritionists and fitness coaches such as Manchester United and Real Madrid, has not been distorted in shape, but more and more charming.

  Drogba, the hottest person of the dietitian, seems to be very well-maintained, but according to Chelsea’s nutritionist, “Warcraft” is the one that makes him the most headache.

“I really don’t know how he stayed in shape, because according to my plan, at least half of his recipes are not suitable for him.

“But the instinct of Drogba has never followed the guidance of the dietitian, four meals a day, beef, butter, fried chicken, is his favorite, and the food is great.

For a long time such a meal, Drogba can still maintain such a body, people can not help but sigh – he is really the darling of God.

  How did C Ronaldo 6 magical abdominal muscles be made?

Clear six pack abs—from the C Ronaldin survey, 72% of women first chose to leave the “six pack abs”.

Obviously, this is what Ronaldo is most proud of, and he is the biggest capital he has ever seen.

In fact, C Ronaldo is worthy of showing off more than the abdominal muscles, but since the abdominal muscles have become one of his synonymous, let him show it.

  The value of this piece of meat: Using six packs of abdominal muscles, C Ronaldo took away the Benedict’s Armani underwear endorsement, up to more than 20 million US dollars.

  The world’s most expensive football player, the world’s most beautiful 6-pack abs, C Ronaldo’s stunt is far more than the “cosmic flow” of the eye.

Looking at C Ronaldo’s abdominal muscles, so many female fans couldn’t help but touch the computer screen, and let countless men turn off the TV with anger and anger, so how are the six magical abdominal muscles made?

Listen, maybe you would rather accept your own beer belly.

  It is said that the Portuguese media broke the news that in order to maintain his six magic muscles, C Ronaldo had to do 3,000 sit-ups every day and insisted on spending an hour to exercise the abdominal muscles.

When he played for Manchester United in the Premier League, some of C Ronaldo’s teammates challenged him to sit up and realize that no one is a Ronaldo opponent, no one can surpass Ronaldo, facing C Ronaldo.Action and amazing muscle strength, some teammates even announced that they gave up in less than three minutes.

After coming to Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo’s muscle training made his teammates aware of the pressure from the first day. “He is just a machine,” many Real Madrid players may hate.

C Ronaldo spends the same amount of time on the training ground every day as he does in the gym. It is easier for someone to be surprised that before each game, C Ronaldo will sit on the TV while doing sit-ups in the room.

  6 pieces of magic muscles do not look like furnishings, in addition to the eyeballs, C Ronaldo’s abdominal muscles have helped him a lot. After watching the free kick of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Spanish sports scientists discovered that C RonaldoThe reason why the free kick is fast, the arc is strong, and the power is strong. That is inseparable from the fat of the abdominal muscles: “The secret of C Ronaldo’s free kick is that he shot all the muscles in the lower body at the same time, his abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles,Thighs, compression, footsteps, footsteps and even toe feet are all full of strength, and when shooting, he will increase his arm swing to increase ball speed and explosiveness.

“I believe this data will pay attention to people’s criticism of C.

  Strong forearm – Take a Cannavaro woman who sees a strong forearm and thinks you can do anything.

Strong forearms can drive away villains and build houses.

Roll up your sleeves and let them see.

In this regard, Cannavaro believes that no one is right.

  The value of this piece of meat: Although it is no longer young, the card team still has his charm to include a number of endorsement contracts within Pepsi, the total price is still close to 10 million US dollars.

  Just the right chest muscle – taken from Eto’o like a man, women will also cherish the man with a strong chest.

Eto’o’s chest muscles are developed but not cumbersome, and they are just right.

  The value of this piece of meat: Although a beautiful muscle, Eto’o’s body has not brought much wealth, in 2009, Eto’o, with a total income of 10.1 million euros, and his salary was 9.5 million euros.

  A strong and well-proportioned calf – the overall feeling of male strength and fitness required from Kaka women.

If a man seems to be able to lift only heavy objects and cannot race, the development of the calf muscles must be extremely uncoordinated, but not too strong and strong.

Kaka’s calves are pretty.

  The value of this piece of meat: In the latest Forbes revenue, Kaka’s 18 million euros in income ranks third among football players, with the replacement of 8 million euros in annual salary, Kaka’s advertising endorsement total income of up to 10 million euros.

  Exquisite chest – taken from a place where Beckham is tall and has multiple women at the same time, this is also a physical specimen worthy of men’s display.If the chest line is beautiful, it will be favored by women.

Don’t let your knees look like a big bag of potatoes.

Beckham did a good job in this respect, but his whole body was also perfect.

  The value of this piece of meat: This is definitely the most expensive top in the world, including the inside of this piece of meat, and Beckham easily earns $30 million in endorsements a year.

  The large biceps – women from Drogba 1/5 recognize that the beautiful biceps of the male will definitely impress them.

There are too many players with biceps developed, but they are not likely to have a ratio of “Warcraft” Drogba, even if he has a broken arm now, but it does not affect his muscle effect.

  The value of this piece of meat: the muscles of Warcraft, the blocks are treasures, all rely on selling advertisements, and propped up the total income of his side. In 2009, Warcraft earned 13 million euros, of which advertising and wages were half of them.Come, handsome Warcraft does not rely on the face, only enough to eat by the body.

  Developed shoulder muscles are a male advantage left over from ancient times.

Combined with a broad back, more men look more robust.

Terry, who appeared today as the backbone of the England team, has been widely sought after.

  The value of this piece of meat: Terry on the stalwart, and efforts to endorse, his advertising annual income is only about 3 million euros.

Cooked meat should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 4 days.

Cooked meat should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than 4 days.

Many people regard the refrigerator as a “food disinfection cabinet” at home, and think that the food stored in the refrigerator is hygienic.

In fact, the refrigerator does not clean often because it stores food for a long time, and it will breed many bacteria.

Dr. McKinn Conan Doyle, director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia in the United States, suggested that although the food in the refrigerator looks fresh, it has actually deteriorated.

Storage time for cooked meat in the refrigerator should not exceed 4 days.

  The usual refrigerating temperature for storing food in the refrigerator is 4 ° C to 8 ° C. In this environment, the growth rate of the placed bacteria will slow down.

However, some bacteria are psychrophilic. For example, Yersinia and Listeria can grow rapidly at this temperature. If you eat food infected with certain bacteria, it will cause disease.

In the refrigerator freezer, the temperature is generally around minus 18 ° C, at this temperature, the bacteria will generally be inhibited or killed, so the food placed here has a better preservation effect.

However, freezing does not mean that it can be completely sterilized, and some bacteria with deteriorating anti-freezing ability will survive.

Therefore, from another point of view, if the refrigerator is not disinfected frequently, it will become a “hotbed” for some bacteria.

  In addition, the food in the refrigerator should not be stored too much, which will cause the external temperature of the food to be low and the internal temperature to be high to cause deterioration.

Counting foods that make the elderly sleep well

Counting foods that make the elderly sleep well

The things wrapped in the peels of bananas are actually “sleeping alternatives”.

In addition to smoothing serotonin and melatonin, bananas also contain magnesium, which has the effect of relaxing muscles.

  Chrysanthemum tea Chrysanthemum tea is classified as a drink at bedtime because of its moderate calming effect, which is a perfect natural confrontation for nerves or the body that cannot be relaxed.

  Warm milk and warm milk can promote sleep is not an absurd statement.

Milk contains some tryptophan (an amino acid with sedative effect) and calcium, which helps the brain make full use of tryptophan.

And it brings people the feeling of returning to their childhood. For babies, a warm bottle means “relaxing, everything is fine”.

  Honey Add a small amount of honey to your warm milk or vanilla tea.

Many sugars are irritating, but some glucose can cause your brain to stop producing feeds, a recently discovered neurotransmitter associated with staying awake.

  A small slice of baked potato does not fill your gastrointestinal tract, but it removes the acid that interferes with tryptophan, which can cause insomnia.

In order to achieve this effect, you can simply mash the baked potato and mix it into warm milk to eat.

  Oatmeal oatmeal helps to promote sleep, can induce melatonin, and a small bowl of cereal added to glucose juice can improve sleep, but if you chew oatmeal in large quantities, the effect will be better.
  Almonds can cause sleep with a small amount of this nut because it contains both tryptophan and an appropriate amount of muscle suspension, magnesium.

Thin people need to have the right training plan

Thin people need to have the right training plan

For lean people how to gain muscle, the general guiding principle is: replace basic movements, higher intensity, medium training time, specific frequency, and strict diet.

  The training plan for three months (including three months later) is classified into two levels.

It should be noted that beginners should strictly follow this plan. After a certain training basis, the training activities should be adjusted frequently to increase the training variables to give the muscles a fresher stimulus and better training results (but that is three)After a month’s time).

  Transitional Training Plan Model We use the first month of bodybuilding training as a transition period. The main purpose of training is to familiarize with fitness equipment, master correct training actions, training training habits and grades.

Considering that the beginner’s lack of muscle strength, balance ability and muscle control ability, the first month will basically replace the device training action.

  After a month of training, you will have a certain understanding of the training movements, muscle strength and balance ability, which can be adjusted to the primary training program and executed for two months.

This plan will focus on free weight and increase the intensity and frequency of training to lay a good foundation for the future.

  My proposal for the intermediate training program sample is to use this plan after three months.

But if you have a lot of training experience just interrupted, you can start this program in the third month.

This program will train the whole body muscles in a variety of different movements within a week. It is recommended to implement this program for a long time, but the training plan should be fine-tuned frequently to avoid adaptability. Just replace some movements and make a training session.Low weight high number or high weight low number, reverse action sequence, etc.

After the festival, clearing the intestines and detoxification?

After the festival, clearing the intestines and detoxification?

The Spring Festival is over, and your stomach is still good after a whole Spring Festival.

After the baptism of various large meals, many people can’t even suffer from stomach and intestines. The body’s fat meat is also screaming at the same time. After the festival, detoxification and clearing the intestines to understand?
How to clean up the stomach after the holiday 1 drink white porridge clear stomach bloating, indigestion, constipation, etc. are caused by “eat”, now, we also use “eat” to drive away abdominal problems such as abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion.

Clear stomach, it is recommended that everyone drink more porridge, this is mainly because porridge is easy to enter, easy to digest, not only can relieve the pressure of gastrointestinal digestion, but also has the role of spleen and stomach, usually can be used as a health food for a long time to drink.

Because the white porridge is tasteless, in order to enhance the taste, Xiao Bian suggests that when you drink white porridge, add some vegetables, dried radish or lean meat, so that eating can not only promote appetite, but also can have a good conditioning effect on the stomach.

2 eat fruit anti-constipation during the Spring Festival, big fish and big meat, overeating, plus less exercise, it is easy to cause abnormal motility of the stomach, so that the body’s large intestine heat, which causes constipation.

So how do you prevent constipation after the Spring Festival?

Dietary fiber toxins contained in vegetables and fruits, so eating more vegetables and fruits usually helps detoxification.

After the holiday, everyone can eat more fresh vegetables or fruits with higher dietary fiber content, such as celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc., to prevent constipation.

3 normal diet, eating less than 4 meals a day or 5 meals a day is better for the human stomach, because this method can not only control the absorption of the transformation, but also make the food nutrition better absorbed.
In addition, eating small meals can also make the stomach often stimulated by food, and boots can improve the metabolism of the gastrointestinal tract.

However, here, we need to pay attention to not eating too much, too full, usually a meal should be 80% full.

4 Keeping the spirit happy after the end of the year, because you do not want to go to work or go to school, many people’s mood will fall from the peak to the bottom, and face a pile of work and homework, the mood will become frustrated.

In fact, poor mental health or emotional discomfort is not good for the stomach. If you have stomach problems, it will aggravate your condition.

Therefore, after the Spring Festival, we must avoid pessimism, try to be as good as possible when doing things, maintain a comfortable state of mind, avoid anxiety, frustration, annoyance and other emotional violations of the body.

Recommended after the festival, cleansing and nourishing food 1 honey constipation is the number one enemy of obesity and severe skin. If you want to have smooth interconnection and beautiful skin, you can have honey water every day.

Honey helps to defecate and effectively remove excess meat from the abdomen.

2 black fungus black fungus conversion is very low, blended with fiber, can help us clean the stomach, satiety function is also very strong, is conducive to our weight loss.

3 yogurt yogurt is rich in probiotics, can help the body to take good care of the stomach, is conducive to food digestion, allowing the body to fully absorb the required nutrients.

4 papaya papaya is nutritious beauty, weight loss fruit, papaya tablets and squid soup can cure cough, lungs, clear phlegm, help digestion, moisturizing the stomach, but also beneficial for postpartum milk secretion.

In addition, papaya is a good breast product, women must not eat.

5 Strawberry strawberry has a high content of vitamin C, which is likely to be beneficial for preventing gum bleeding.

Strawberry can also beautify the skin and enhance resistance.

The dietary fiber contained in the strawberry helps defecation, and it also treats constipation.

6 banana banana can help the body to quickly restore energy, strengthen the stomach, and effectively prevent constipation.

Peel the banana with salt or treat the sore throat.

7 Orange Orange Orange is most suitable for people who are recovering from the disease. It has the effect of nourishing the skin and treating constipation. It is also very helpful for urination and can accelerate the metabolism of the body.

8 apple apple contains the fruit acid component has the function of the whole intestine, can treat the underlying silt; the fiber contained in the apple can improve the gastrointestinal function, treat constipation, diuretic, beauty, prevent aging.

4 Qingchang Detox Tea 1 Rose Black Tea Ingredients: Dried Rose Tea, Black Tea Ingredients: Clear Water Practice: 1.

Wash the dried rose tea and set aside;

Boil the water in a non-oil pan, boil the water, add black tea and cook for 10 minutes; 3.

Add rose tea for 5 minutes.

Tips: Roses have the effect of draining oil and whitening, black tea can eliminate edema, and the combination is even more miraculous.

2 lemon black rice tea Ingredients: half a lemon, green tea roughly practice: 1.

The black rice tea is brewed with boiling water and left for about 10 minutes. After the black rice tea has a taste and color, the tea leaves are filtered off;

After the tea is cool, add lemon and stir well;

Put it directly in the refrigerator or put it in the refrigerator.

3 honey citron tea Ingredients: grapefruit 1 honey 500g ingredients: rock sugar, water, the right amount of practice: 1.
Apply a layer of salt to the grapefruit and clean it, and cut off the grapefruit skin;
Peel the grapefruit meat and tear it into small pieces; cut the yellow skin into a filament about 2 cm long and about 1 mm thick, the finer the better; put the cut grapefruit skin in salt water for 1 hour;.

Put the marinated grapefruit peel into clean water, cook for about 10 minutes on medium heat, and soften off the bitter taste;

Put the processed grapefruit skin and pulp into a clean and oil-free pot, add a small bowl of water and rock sugar, simmer for 1 hour with medium and small heat, smash until thick, the grapefruit skin is golden and translucent, you can pay attention to it.Stir frequently to avoid sticking the pan.


After cooling, add honey, mix well and put honey citron tea, put it in a sealed canister and put it in the freezer. When you drink it, rinse it with warm water.

4 Old Chinese Medicine Changshu Runtong Tea is made from natural plants homologous to medicine and food. It is refined by low temperature extraction and effectively retains the biological activity in it.

Easy bowel movements and easier life.

What is the eight-touch of the eight-touch of Qigong cultivation?

What is the eight-touch of the eight-touch of Qigong cultivation?

In the practice of practicing the infuriating, there will be many feelings and touches, that is, sensation.

The stomach rises: It is because I have enteritis, gynecological diseases, and my stomach often rises like a lantern and a stone drum.

  The stomach rises from November 2007 to May of this year.

Often, the concentration of gas through practice is increasing, the vomiting is constant, the voice is loud, and because of the heart and lungs, there are many times when I rise up and I can’t move, as if my heart is squeezed, it’s very difficult.

.  What is the eight touch?

In the practice of practicing the infuriating, it will produce a feeling and touch, that is, the sense of temperament is said to be “hot, bloated, hemp, sour, pain, sour, itchy, slippery” eight, that is, eight touches.

There are mainly overlaps in my own understanding and merits: heat, cold, bloating, sour, pain, acid, itching, heavy, purple black light, spontaneous movement, air mass turn.

At different stages and different functions, some touches and reflections present different characteristics.

Many of the work are several kinds of touches at the same time, such as acid pumping, heavy rise, fainting, hot and cold, sour acid and so on.

The same kind of touch is often different.

1, up: there is some kind of increase.

There is a significant increase in the phase of the various air-conditioning diseases, but there will still be alternating at various stages.

  The stomach rises: It is because I have enteritis, gynecological diseases, and my stomach often rises like a lantern and stone drum. When I rise, most of them rise from the bottom. Suddenly, people are like a balloon.Will move, then stay still for a while, suddenly subsided or with the aerodynamics slowly subsided.

The stomach rises from November 2007 to May of this year. The liver and stomach area rises: Because the liver is too large, there is a gas block in the liver and stomach area for a long time.

Often, the concentration of gas through practice is increasing, the vomiting is constant, the voice is loud, and because of the heart and lungs, there are several times when I rise up and I can’t move, as if my heart is squeezed, it’s very uncomfortable.
  The rise in the liver and stomach area is continued from the beginning of the practice until it is good.

The feeling of rising when I started to adjust the bloating disease in the liver and stomach area in May is more and more often in the work. It is more uncomfortable than not practicing, but now it is much better than not practicing. Only the liver area is right.The lower corner is still rising; dizziness rises: dizziness rises probably related to my liver fire, kidney deficiency, tinnitus, migraine, cervical spine.

Dizziness rose from the guidance of the supervisor in February this year. At first, it was dizziness, dizziness and distress. When I was awake, I felt that the gas was caused by the head. I was often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Later, it was induced to swell.Halo at the same time to adjust the disease, such as the air group is turning, the right temple gas is drilling there, the right half of the mind is numb and rises unconscious, the back brain hurts, the gas breaks from the top of the head, or the strong force pushes down from the top, the eyes are sourThe acidity of the eyebrows is sour, and the gas suddenly flows upward from the back of the head. The two ears rise, and the head of the gas floats overhead and then appears various irregular or irregular movements.

  This kind of physical contact often lasts for one work or more than one hour. At first, I was very flustered. I was afraid that I couldn’t come down. I thought about Dantian’s feet and springs, but the effect was not obvious. Later, I went to nature and slowly understood that it didn’t work.Tension, after the gas is over, it will naturally be loose. As long as you relax, you will stick to it. After September 25, there will be less rises and dizziness. Recently, the gas is in the chaos, that is, you can keep the air, and some canIt lasted for more than an hour and went into chaos.

Everyone has a family, and eats the dehumidification and warms the stomach.

Everyone has a family, and eats the dehumidification and warms the stomach.

Ginger is a condiment that everyone can’t synthesize at home.

Whether it is steamed fish for cooking or seasoning, ginger is definitely a table, its spicy taste can go to the fish, except for the astringency, the soup and ginger can also be cold and medium, the taste is fragrant.

In addition to being edible, ginger can also be treated with medicine.

Nothing to come with two pieces, can there be unexpected effects?
Who is the most need to eat ginger female body cold female friends, especially when there are dysmenorrhea, mostly physique cold, these people are most suitable for proper ginger.

When the palace is cold and dysmenorrhea, take brown sugar ginger water in time, and the pain will be relieved after a while.

People with cold constitution are colder than the average person, cold hands and feet, easy to diarrhea after eating cold food, often eat a little ginger, can go to the cold in the warm.

Stomach cold people stomach cold people like to eat hot drinks, in the morning like to retching water, such a stomach cold, you can eat more ginger to warm the stomach.

If you have stomach cold and eat some cold fruits, it is best to take a cup of ginger brown sugar water in time to warm the stomach and avoid cold damage.

In addition, the feet are immersed in hot ginger water, and the water is preferably immersed in the recombinant bone.

When soaking, add some salt and vinegar to the hot ginger water, and add hot water continuously, soak until the feet are red.

This method has a significant effect on cold, headache, and cough.

The cold brown cold patients have good effect on the cold water of ginger, which is known to many people.

If you are suffering from a cold, take ginger, green onions and brown sugar in a timely manner, sweating and chilling. After a general sweat, take a nap and get a cold.

It should be noted that the wind and heat cold is not available to this party.

As the saying goes, the appetite is that the rice is not fragrant and eats ginger.

Ginger can also refresh the mind. Some people will sweat after eating ginger. People feel refreshed and comfortable.

Of course, you should not be cold at this time. At this time, you will be cold and often have a cold fire.

Migraine 1. When a migraine attack occurs, soak your hands with hot ginger water.

 2, about 15 minutes of soaking, the pain will be reduced, or even disappear.

Easy to motion sickness, nausea and vomiting, eating ginger has the effect of preventing nausea and vomiting. If there is “sports maladjustment” caused by certain exercise, eating ginger can relieve it.

Studies have shown that ginger dry powder has an effective rate of 90% due to headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms caused by exercise, and the efficacy can last for more than 4 hours.

Folks use ginger to prevent motion sickness, seasickness, or sticking to Neiguan, which has obvious effects, and therefore has the reputation of “discarding holy medicine”.

Oral ulcers use hot ginger water to replace the tea, 2 to 3 times a day; generally 6 to 9 times the ulcer surface can converge.

The heavy moisture of ginger has the effect of decomposing the wetness. It can be cut into five or six pieces and placed in the boiling water. It can be placed in a few minutes.

If you feel that the taste of ginger water is difficult to swallow, you can add some brown sugar to taste, especially for people with chills and dysmenorrhea.

It is worth reminding that only adding ginger to the cooking seasoning can not prevent the moisturizing effect.

Eating ginger in the wrong season, not eating ginger in autumn is not absolutely impossible to eat ginger, the key is not to “eat more.”

If the patient needs to be treated according to the doctor’s advice, he or she should use the ginger regularly.

If it is a person with hypertension and cold disease, it will inhale cough, abdominal pain and vomiting due to cold in autumn. At this time, you should also take hot ginger soup, which can reverse the warming of the lungs, relieve cold and relieve cough, and quench your thirst.

In addition, a small amount of onion, ginger, and pepper as a seasoning, the problem is not big, just be careful not to eat too much at a time.

Rotten ginger does not smell badly. I often hear the old man say that “rotten ginger is not rotten”. It is not correct to use rotten ginger to make seasoning, because ginger will produce toxic substance baicalein after it rots, which may induce liver cancer and esophageal cancer.And other diseases.

Eating ginger and not peeling the same Chinese medicine believes that ginger meat is suitable for cold and cold, spleen and stomach cold caused by stomach pain and vomiting, women with menstrual cold and cold dysmenorrhea.

The ginger skin has a cool, slightly cold, antiperspirant, and the opposite of the ginger meat. Therefore, it is best to remove the skin when the ginger is used in the opposite direction, so as not to hinder the ginger from fully exerting its function of the Xin Wen solution.

  In addition, ginger is best not to peel when used to treat edema, especially when such patients have constipation, bad breath, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids and other internal heat symptoms, should use ginger skin instead of ginger, so you can avoid heatThe ginger resists the heat of the ginger skin and dispels the heat.

According to the ginger into the dish, generally do not need to peel, wash it, especially in the cold winter, cooking lamb, hot pot and other heat, it is best to put the peeled ginger, only in the crab, bitter gourd and so on.

In the life of ginger, some people like to put ginger in the wine, which is actually a misunderstanding.

Chinese medicine believes that long-term consumption of ginger and drinking at the same time, it is easy to form heat accumulation in the body, which will cause problems in the eyes, it will make hemorrhoids worse.
However, some ginger can be added when citing rice wine, because the slightly bitter taste of the yellow wine can be adjusted, but pay attention to a small amount.
  Ginger and wine are warm, spicy, and irritating foods. When they are paired together, they are easy to cause anger, heat in the body, and may even lead to constipation.


Studying the health skills of the Emperor in a small age, don’t lose

Studying the health skills of the Emperor in a small age, don’t lose

Tonight’s game is the most important task of the national football. Unfortunately, the national football team seems to be possessed. It was 0-4 behind, and the most distressing thing is not to lose, but the younger players face the small ones.The old rivals have lost their enthusiasm, as if they were passed down by the national football walkers, and they are not in a hurry to defend!

On the 19th, Liu Yiming showed great disappointment.

This ball is a Saudi outfielder. As a central defender, Liu Yiming actually ran here to defend the outside world.

After losing the defensive object, he did not hurry to return to the position. He only saw the Saudi player pass a guard and rushed to defend. At this time, the distance between the two has been opened by 10 meters!

Not long after the start of the game, full of energy, why Liu Yiming is not in a hurry to chase it?

As a central defender, Liu Yiming did react very slowly, turned very slowly, and the explosive power was also bad. The ball could be cut. Liu Yiming was the center defender. So simple, he was broken by the opponent and deflated the opponent.

In 33 minutes, the opponent’s backcourt Kamara easily broke through the defense of the two defenders and scored a single-handed sword. On the 19th, Liu Yiming and No. 5 high-defense defenses were like no defense.

Liu Yiming also pushed a chair on the back of the other party. This problem is also unacceptable. It is not good for the other party to fall down, or the proper red dot package!

Two cumbersome central defenders have become the biggest failure of this game. Don’t learn to walk the emperor’s body-building kicks at a young age.

Do you understand this life revelation?

Do you understand this life revelation?

A middle-aged man went to the store to buy a big iron lock, and the salesperson took out a few and picked it.

The middle-aged man placed a knife in it, because the lock is very flexible to use, and the iron lock and the key are very happy to think that they can serve human services.

  In the evening, the iron lock and the key are talking in a whisper.

The iron lock said: “The key brother, we must be united and sincere, and the whole person will serve well.”

“The big brother of the lock, you said yes, the master chose for so long, and eventually led us, if the main person is not good, I am sorry for the master.”

“For three months, the iron lock and the key are very tacit, the owner is very satisfied, and often praises the iron lock, and buys no loss.

  One night, the iron lock said: “The key brother, the master often praises me, but you did not get a little praise, you know why?

“” Because your role is bigger than me.

“”As long as you know.

“” Don’t forget, you lose my cooperation, you can’t do anything.

“Speaking jokes, I will not be able to play if I leave you.”

You will see it tomorrow.

“The next day, the owner went home to open the door. He searched the whole body and found no key. The owner was very anxious. He planned to open the iron lock. At this moment, his wife called him and said, “Dear, you have not.”The key opened because I took the key to open the door yesterday. I forgot to give it to you this morning. Just wait a moment, I will go home immediately.

“You have to hurry!”

No key can’t open the door.

The hostess rode home and the door opened.

  In the evening, the iron lock and the key were opened again. The key said: “How about the iron lock brother?

You almost got your head open, I saved your hit.

Are you leaving me, just.” “Don’t tell me, I am wrong, can’t I?”

We are naturally born together, no one can do without.

Since then, the iron lock and the key have been working together for decades, and the main talents are reluctant to let them retired.

How to recover Alzheimer’s disease in elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease

How to recover Alzheimer’s disease in elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease

In daily life, everyone needs to pay attention to the elderly’s physical health care, and the danger of dementia is very serious. Therefore, we should pay attention to it in daily life so as not to cause more damage. How can the elderly prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

Let’s take a look at the small series below.

  Precursor of Alzheimer’s disease 1, memory impairment Memory disorder occurs in the early stage, especially near memory impairment, and things that occur dozens of hours or even minutes ago cannot be recalled.

The daily performance of the patient is that he is lost and lost. After he finishes, he forgot to repeatedly ask questions or repeat the same thing.

  2, language barriers to find words is often a language disorder in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, mainly in the search for the right words, because of the lack of substantial vocabulary, which is empty words; or because of the difficulty of finding words with too much explanationTo express, eventually become awkward.

  3, visual space skills disorder in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and may have space skills disorder, the symptoms include the inability to accurately determine the location of the item.

Some people with dementia may get lost in a familiar environment early in the disease.

  4, writing difficulties due to writing difficulties, the content of the written words are not satisfactory, such as writing a letter can not write a symbol, which is often the first symptom of the family’s attention, especially some older people with better culture.

Research suggests that writing errors are associated with far memory impairment.

  5, the loss of recognition and misuse is that the patient can not identify the object, and even the tactile or visual characteristics of the object can be recognized at this time; misuse means that although there is normal activity ability and subjective desire, but can not perform what has been learnedPurposeful action.

It is difficult to check for dementia and loss of recognition in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between misuse and loss of recognition from the consequences of aphasia, spatial skill impairment and forgetting.

  6, calculation of obstacles to the calculation of obstacles often appear in the middle of dementia, but in the early days may behave, such as shopping will not be accounted for or miscalculated.

There are many reasons for calculating obstacles. It may be due to visual space disorder (which cannot be correctly formulated), or because of aphasia does not understand the requirements of arithmetic surgery, or it may be that the primary calculation cannot.

  7, poor judgment, attention to disperse the acute episodes of Alzheimer’s disease in the early stage of poor judgment, loss of contour ability, distraction and so on.

  8, mental disorders mental symptoms in the early stage can be expressed as patients with self-centered, manic, illusory delusions, depression, personality changes, convulsions, etc., emotions are not easy to control.

  How to alleviate Alzheimer’s disease 1. Proper diet should ensure adequate nutrition and limit certain foods that are harmful to the elderly.

In particular, people with high blood pressure and high blood fat, such as eating animal waste phoenix oil, vegetable oil instead of lard, foods such as animal internal organs, egg yolk, fish roe, squid, etc. should be limited.

Food should be based on plain and light, and the salt and salt should not be too much. It should also have the necessary vitamins and other nutrients, and eat more vegetables, beans, lean meat and fruits.

  2. Full communication After the retirement, the elderly should actively participate in social activities, make more friends, learn interest, and exert their mental and physical activities, and live with their children, without leaving the family and society.

Respect the patient’s personality and self-esteem, don’t think that the patient is stupid, and he refuses to blame him, sneer, cause psychological damage, low mood, and even aggressive behavior.

  3, self-care ability training to train and train the self-care ability of the elderly with dementia to train and train the self-care ability of the elderly with dementia.

The functions of the human brain, body, and limbs are all used, and they are not used.

For the elderly with mild dementia, they should urge their patients to eat their own meals, such as buying food and cooking, cleaning up the room, cleaning up personal hygiene, encouraging patients to participate in social activities, arranging a certain period of time to read newspapers and television, and making patients have contact with the surrounding environment.To slow the mental decline.

  4, pay attention to personal safety, severe dementia patients must pay attention to safety, so as to avoid accidents, to avoid patients to go out alone, so as not to lose, you can leave the patient’s underside, address, relatives’ contact telephone number on the patient.

In daily life, we must also pay attention to prevent accidents such as falls, burns, poisoning, etc., and be accompanied by someone from time to time.