this moment,They really thank Brother Hu。
“Damn!Scared me。Okay,We met Director Li in advance。”Cheng Jia patted her plump breasts,Fortunately。
Fang Xuechu nodded,Then look bitterly at Wang Ming:“This surname Wang is too much。”
“Do not worry!Let’s write down this account,Slowly calculate later。”Cheng Jia said。
woman,Never messy,Have always held grudges。
Director Gu put away that angry face,Wry smile:“Li Ge,Ugh!Current actors,Less and less dedicated,Difficult to manage!I will take a day off,Let everyone rest,I didn’t expect the heroine to fly out of the province,Is it plausible??And the two of them,What phone to play?Disrespect the shooting scene at all。”
Director Li takes a serious look,I found out that it was Fang Xuechu and Cheng Jia,Froze for a while。
These two people,Isn’t it with Hu Yang Hu??Why did you come here suddenly?
He rescued:“Isn’t it filming yet??calm down,I believe they were not intentional。Xiao Fang、Xiao Cheng,Apologize to the director first,You are not allowed to do this。”
Uh!Stunned,Looking at Fang Xuechu and Cheng Jia with weird eyes。
These two women,Meet Director Li?Isn’t it?Am i wrong?
Even Gu Dao,Hear this,Open their mouths,Can’t close,Very embarrassing for a while。You know Director Li,Say it early!Will I scold you in front of so many people?It’s not impossible to add drama to you。
Why not say?
Why not say it?