“Sniff,Lend me your little brother!”
“use?how to use?”Angel Yan has been paying attention to Xin Zhao’s actions,Now I heard him say this,Angel Yan said directly。
Xin Zhao gave her a speechless look,Then I took a look at Sniff,I found this guy didn’t understand,I was relieved。
“I want to analyze the relationship between these demons and ordinary people on this planet,Then analyze what has changed,We can also make some corresponding weapons later,of course,If you don’t want to,forget about it!”Xin Zhao will not force,In fact, after he analyzed the structure of the devil,,I already have an understanding of these guys。
Now I want to know the genetic makeup of people on this planet,Purely to satisfy one’s own knowledge needs。
“Then don’t use my little brother’s,Use my body well,I have always been the strongest fighter in the clan,If you can study something for God,That’s also my honor!”
Look at Sniff,This guy deserves to be a guy who can grow into a big man,Have a brain,Have strength,Such people are unsuccessful,That’s no reason。
think about it,The one in the south is called Enicid,Sniff of the North,Now Sniff’s people are dead.,By the time,Think carefully,Thinking carefully。
I’m afraid this demon was not sent to help Enicid to better control the continent, right?。
Could this demon be an angel’s teammate?!
When thinking like this in my heart,Xin Zhao’s gaze turned on Angel Yan’s body unconsciously,Then looked at Sniff who was already lying beside the devil,Xin Zhao directly put his hand on Snife’s.。
He did,Of course it’s for safety,Although this Sniff has no blood relationship with him,But anyhow, it was the first person I met when I came to Ferrejo,How can you be a little bit affectionate?。
Take a deep breath,Xin Zhao’s eyes turned blue and white,Originally looked like a fleshy body,now