Traditional Chinese medicine slimming prescription super effective classification

Traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into the following types, namely: overeating obesity; pressure obesity; excessive edema;

Obese people can judge whether they belong to a certain type of obesity according to their symptoms, and then choose the weight loss method that suits them.

  Overeating and obese as the name suggests, this kind of person is the kind of “big eater” with a strong appetite.

This kind of person can lose weight temporarily if they can force a diet, but once they can’t control their appetite, they will rebound and may be fatter than before.

  In fact, the common problem of “overeating” is fire, so by taking Chinese medicine, you can penetrate the fire and clear the intestines.

Reduce weight and improve weight.

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Fangfeng Shengsheng powder.

This medicine can eliminate stomach fire, inhibit hyperactivity, and has the effect of improving metabolic function. It can convert the excess energy accumulated in the body into body heat and dissipate it.

  Pressure-type obesity Obesity caused by stress is also called “hepatic-stomach depression obesity”.

Excessive pressure on the liver (in addition to the liver functions of Western medicine, the functions of the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, and the motor nervous system of the liver in traditional Chinese medicine) function decline.

It may even affect the stomach, make it hot, and have an appetite.

  The main symptoms are this type of person. When they are irritable, they will have symptoms such as an appetite, headache, and eye congestion.

Some girls, when stressed and annoyed, ate sweets violently, which can be said to be typical of this type of person.

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Da Chai Hu Tang.

These drugs have the effect of suppressing excessive reactions to stress, eliminating irritability, and inhibiting abnormal excitement of the digestive organs.

  Edema obesity is also known as “excessive phlegm wetness”, and the hips and thighs are swollen, that is, the “lower body fat” person.

This is due to poor drainage function of the body and excess water accumulation in the body.

  The main symptoms are general appetite, but weak hands and feet; dislike exercise; soft and want to lie down after eating; sticky in the mouth; dysuria; easy to break stomach;

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Fangfeng Tongsheng San and Weiling Decoction.

Diuretic, weight loss effect.

  Anemia obesity is called “blood deficiency obesity”.

Due to insufficient blood in the body, the basic functions of the body are reduced, metabolic functions are abnormal, and eventually obesity is caused.

  The main symptoms are normal appetite, but full and prominent lower abdomen, thin hands and feet but fat on the body, thus “sneaking fat”.

  The appropriate remedies for symptomatic medicine are Siwu Decoction and Xiaojian Decoction, which have blood-enriching effects.

  Fatigue obesity. Typical obese people are obese due to lack of vitality (in short, life energy), which leads to a decline in digestive function, abnormal metabolism, loss of appetite, unruly eating but snacking.

  The main symptoms are easy fatigue; love sweating and asthma at the first move; fear of cold and cold; less frequent urination; swollen eyes and so on.

  Symptomatic medicine Xiangsha Liuzi Decoction.

It has the effect of restoring “vitality”, improving the function of the digestive organs, and normalizing the body’s metabolism.

The expected substance accumulated in the body can be burned and discharged to achieve the effect of weight loss.