One thousand three hundred and sixty one Win over
The news of Master Wu Hao’s strong return to God City is gone,The big giants have sent representatives,Invite Master Wuhao to be a guest。
The purpose is naturally to find out some new information from the mouth of Master Wu Hao,I heard that Master Wu Hao got a blessing in disguise on the new plane,Got a bunch of powerful weapons,Even the ruthless character like Gaia’s great priest was completely defeated by him with new weapons,The advent of these new weapons,To some extent, it means that the influence of the Guangming Dragon Temple has been severely weakened.,But Master Wuhao is the legendary Dragon God’s favor,So people’s belief in the Bright Dragon God will only be more pious。
now,The situation in God City is really incomprehensible。It used to be the Ning Prince’s Palace and the Six Prince’s Palace competing for imperial power,The Guangming Dragon Temple is in a neutral position,But now Gaia is dead,The priest Lei Ji exiled himself again,It’s like dead,Then the Guangming Dragon Temple is a powerful force that can influence the city of God,A vacuum period,no matter who,As long as I win the support of the Guangming Dragon Temple,You can reverse the situation。
Although the priest Lei Jiji was before leaving,,In the name of Dragon God,Identified the priest Huang Shaotian as the candidate for the next Pope,But it’s a bit awkward,Huang Shaotian has almost no foundation in the Dragon Temple,She wants to be the pope,I’m afraid that it is unrealistic to wait for three to five years。
The old priests,Just use those cumbersome dogmas as a basis,To make Huang Shaotian obedient,Being pope can,But when,But I can’t help her。
but,The power of the Guangming Dragon Temple is still very powerful,In this situation without a leader,Regardless of Ning Palace,Still the Sixth Prince’s Mansion,Including the big giants,Are trying their best to win over the Knights of the Temple,And the leaders of the temple guards,High-ranking priests and the like。
The weird thing is,Instead, it’s the one who should be drawn the most,Master Wu Hao,But few people go to make friends,Those rich family members just sent an invitation to Master Wuhao,See him unintentionally participating,It’s nothing more。
As for the Ning Palace,They have always been at odds with Wu Hao,I won’t go to waste。
In the evening,Master Wuhao is outside the gate of Shencheng’s house,A group of people came,Headed by the Sixth Prince Mili。
Sixth Prince Mili came to see Master Wuhao in person,It shows how much he attaches great importance to Master Wu Hao。
but,This is also reasonable,Master Wu Hao has a lot of new equipment in his hands,There is magic technology in the body,And he himself is a master,Even the next pope was planted in his hands,A strong person like this,It is indeed worth the Sixth Prince Mili’s personal visit。