The old fox saw Qin Feng didn’t come forward to catch him,I still want to climb out of the tunnel without giving up,And Qin Feng didn’t stop,Just watching the old fox’s embarrassed figure quietly below,A cold smile。
Qin Feng watched quietly for ten minutes,The old fox also slowly climbed from the bottom stairs to the top stairs。
Just climb another layer,He can go to his room,Escaped the demon Qin Feng,He kept thinking about,Face
There was also a twisted and crazy smile。
Coming soon, there are third orders,There are two more steps,One more……
Just when the old fox’s hand touched the last step,Suddenly a force came from behind him,As if to suck him away。
“Ah,Don’t,No!”He is dying,I want to grasp the last step,Don’t let that power suck down。
But when his hand touched the last step,He was suddenly sucked in by the power。
Directly rolled down from the highest point of the passage,Roll directly to the bottom of the channel,Back to the position where he just started to fall,And his eyes are facing Qin Feng’s bright leather shoes。
Qin Feng said with a cold snort of disdain,“I treat you like this,I’m a devil,Have you ever thought,You look at this underground trapped by you。”
“Those few hundred people are as bad as you are,Even more suffering than you,They feel that you can’t survive now,The pain of death。”
“Do you think you are more hateful than the devil?”
That old fox really can’t hear what Qin Feng is saying,Just staring at Qin Feng fiercely,Then raised his arm again,Exhausting his last bit of strength against Qin Feng,Wave a palm towards Qin Feng,Air mass with black mist。
Qin Feng didn’t want to hide this time,But after seeing the old fox’s movements,I lifted an internal force and immediately waved to the palm of the old fox。
Suddenly the mist in the palm of the old fox’s palm was shattered by Qin Feng’s internal force,Dissipate directly into the air。
And the old fox was also crushed by Qin Fengzhen’s internal organs.,A mouthful of blood came out of his throat again。