Fashion and Embarrassment for Belly Dance Men

Fashion and Embarrassment for Belly Dance Men

Sometimes twisting her waist like a snake, and sometimes exaggerating and crazy swinging, these dynamic dances full of feminine charm are performed by a group of men, which is unique and interesting.

  ”Significant curative effect” on beer belly In the Luna Dance Studio in Tianhe, Guangzhou, more than 20 men got together to spend an unforgettable “belly dance night”.

The average age of men participating in the event on the day was around 25, including sales managers, business owners, software engineers and other industry elites.

Everyone took off their jackets and followed the teacher’s earnest practice. Some people even wore only one vest for better results, and the beads around the waist were fun.

  It is interesting that whenever some twisting and hip lifting is done, some men’s clothes slide over the abdomen, revealing a faintly visible belly.

With the upgrading of urban men’s self-cultivation concept, weight loss is increasingly on the agenda of white-collar men.

  According to the event organizer, the main object of this event is the male crowd, the purpose is to help them relax and get fit.

In addition, many people lack fitness because they work hard, and their bodies start to gain weight. Beer belly appears. Belly dancing can help you build your body and reduce your waistline.

Beijing belly dance male coach Zhong Hui said: “Belly dance is better than other methods in slimming and shaping, and can see the effect in the shortest time. I have taught a male scholar and lost nearly 20 pounds in 3 months.

Many male white-collar workers have also tried equipment exercise, but it is boring.

Belly dancing is more popular than lifting dumbbells and push-ups.

“Performing strong and romantic belly dancing for men is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. It originated in the Middle East and slowly spread to North Africa, Rome, Spain and India.

There is no doubt that the woman’s coquettishness, sexy, mystery and style are vividly displayed.

  Because of the seductive movements such as twisting the waist and shaking the hips when dancing, in some traditional concepts, belly dance was once considered to be a less elegant, even provocative dance art.

But now, the belly dance from the ancient times has entered a stage of full revival.

More and more countries in the world have accepted the view that belly dance is an effective method of bodybuilding and fitness. It is suitable for women of all ages and sizes, and even for men.

  Many gyms in big cities such as the United States, New York and Los Angeles offer training courses for belly dancing.

There are a considerable number of male participants, most of whom use it for entertainment and fitness, and have gradually become a “Male Belly Dance”.

The American “Time” magazine has written a special article to analyze this cultural phenomenon.

Some belly dance instructors in Europe and the United States have made some distinctive interpretations of female and male dancers in choreography, costumes, and body language (such as eyes and expressions) of the dancers.He is charming, sexy, soft, bold, shy, and full of female allure, while male dancers should perform the strong, powerful, controllable and romantic side of males.

  Fashionable but not acceptable for everyone. Even in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, many male white-collar workers have joined the belly dance army, but most men still feel embarrassed and even cover up in order to avoid others’ criticism.

  Zhong Hui believes: “Maybe many people will find this funny.

I don’t think it will always be the subject of being laughed at, and sooner or later everyone will accept the increasing number of male dancers around.

Dance instructor Lenna believes that in addition to reducing waist circumference, belly dance is also good for shoulders, chests, hips, knees, etc. of male white-collar workers sitting in the office. In addition, dancing is very helpful for improving mood, and people will be much happier.

Boys don’t need to be as soft and charming as women, they just need to be physically active for exercise.

However, there are quite a few people who don’t understand the men who are doing belly dancing.

Mr. Li, a software engineer in Guangzhou, believes that belly dancing is not too close to male characteristics, and dancing this dance may bring more embarrassment.

Makeup misunderstanding makeup is no longer scary_1

Makeup misunderstanding makeup is no longer scary

[Introduction]Makeup to make up for small flaws in the face, this is what every beautiful woman will do.

However, there are some misunderstandings when applying makeup, and make out misunderstandings, so that makeup is no longer scary.

  1. Misunderstanding Cosmetics Advertising Misunderstandings The recommendations on cosmetics advertising may not be suitable for you. They are all products that follow the trend, or choose cosmetics according to their own conditions and characteristics.

In the face of this type of advertising, please stay calm and think about whether you can achieve this effect if you use this product. If it is possible to try the product for a small trial, don’t rush out of your pocket.

  2. The small face makeup method in the superstition legends The small face makeup method in the superstition legends can indeed function as a small face in the body, but the small face makeup method suitable for different face shapes is also different.

You should look into the mirror, pick up your bangs, take a closer look at your face shape, and then choose a suitable makeup method based on your face shape.

  Tip: In fact, the most beautiful face modification is not magic makeup, but hairstyle.

  3, desperately brushing mascara can be curled curled desperately can be brushed mascara can be curled curling mascara only fix the eyelashes, to make the curls curled mainly depends on the correct method of clamping the eyelashes.

When you clamp your eyelashes, you should pick it up from the root, and gradually lift your hand tightly and loosely, and repeat it many times.

  Brushing methods of different mascaras: 1, thick type: Now apply the roots back and forth, and then brush up, just apply the tip of the eyelashes lightly.

  2, slender type: do not apply on the roots of the eyelashes, hold the brush upright and apply it initially.

  3. Water fluorinated type: Do not use the brush immediately after taking it out, and wait until the water has evaporated.

  Tip: Before applying eyelashes, apply a layer of eyelash primer first, the effect will be better.

  4. Apply a thick foundation on the top. Apply a thick foundation on the top. There is too much foundation on the front end. People with bright eyes can see it at a glance. It almost makes their own thick makeup and is as white as a millennium old monster.
In fact, you are still young and beautiful, you just need to put on a cream and makeup powder.

Put on a foundation cream before applying the foundation, and use the concealer to conceal the blemishes above. If you want to keep the makeup long-lasting, you need to use makeup powder to fix the makeup.

  Foundation, isolation cream selection tips: Use greenish isolation cream for shells with red blood; try purple foundation for fairer skin; of course, use pink foundation to solve the problem of no blood color on the face.

  5, smoky makeup is to exaggerate the eyeshadow. Some smoky makeup is to exaggerate the eyeshadow. Some smoky makeup is layered. It is very fragile to draw a black circle around the eyes.

You should first draw the layered sense of smoky makeup, and the black gradually goes up until it disappears.

  Specific steps: 1. Base the eye area with gold first, and then paint another layer with brown.

  2. Use the black eye shadow to draw upward from the root of the eyelashes, the range is not larger than one-half of the eyes, and then take multiple black eye shadows, and start painting from the root, a small number of times.

  3. Use eyeliner to deepen the contour of the eye, and finally brush the eyelashes.

Wolfberry Steamed Duck

Wolfberry Steamed Duck

[Recipe]1 duck, 50g wolfberry, 30g glutinous rice, clove, place on the skin[effect and application]The wolfberry steamed duck nourishes the yin and nourishes the blood, nourishes the stomach, refreshes the body and clears the water.

Suitable for all types of tumors with Yin deficiency.

  [Fang Jie]Chinese wolfberry nourishes yin and nourishes blood, improves eyesight; cloves are warming and lowering blood pressure; Chenpi regulates qi and phlegm;The role of yin deficiency chest full of cancer patients edible.

  [Preparation method]Duck cut off hair and internal organs. After washing, fill wolfberry, glutinous rice, clove and tan peel into the abdomen cavity of the duck, seal the mouth, add seasoning, and steam to rot.

  [Eye Method]Eat duck and drink soup.

Winter emollients teach you to take care of 4 kinds of hibernation skin easily_1

Winter emollients teach you to take care of 4 kinds of “hibernation” skin easily

Winter is an important task for us to store energy for the skin and prepare it for springtime. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the winter “hibernation” skin.
Today, I will explain the different points of care based on 4 different skin characteristics. Take a look!
Desert skin: Dry skin is like a sun-dried whole wheat bread, not only dry on the surface, but also lacking water in the deep.
In winter, it will become more and more serious, and there will be peeling, cracking, and even allergies. If you don’t apply the makeup, you will worry about dropping the dregs at any time.
  Skin care tips: For desert-type skin, if you want to be a “water beauty”, you must pay attention to moisturizing and moisturizing every step from cleansing to skin care. The two-pronged approach is the most effective.
When cleaning, pay attention not to over-clean your face, especially to avoid using strong alkaline products. After applying the lotion, be sure to add a layer of moisturizer to help lock the moisture for long-lasting moisturization.
Xiaobian recommends a star product for you, Elizabeth Arden Water Feeling Moisturizing Cream for 24 Hours. Its compound plant essence and advanced moisture-promoting ingredients can provide 24-hour moisturization, effectively prevent moisture loss, reverse the phenomenon of dryness, and make skin full.Feel hydrated and comfortable.
Oil tank skin: This type of skin has problems such as oily face, enlarged pores, and dull complexion.
In dry and windy winters, it will appear as dry outside and inside oil.
  Skin care tips: Oily skin with strong oil secretion in summer may become normal in winter, so you can choose a relatively mild facial cleanser when cleansing, and the alcohol-containing shrinkage water for pore convergence can also be replaced with lightToner.
If you think oily skin doesn’t need moisture, that’s wrong.
A suitable lotion will help adjust the water-oil balance of oily skin, and form a protective film on the surface of the skin to help block airborne dust and avoid clogging pores.
What Xiaobian recommends today is Shuizhi Australia Aqua Balance Emulsion, which helps the skin to reduce oil secretion, while also providing deep moisture, fully exerting the dual effects of moisturizing and oil control, while improving the skin’s anti-oxidation function and protecting cell membranesProtect yourself from damage, sweep the nickname of “oil depot”, and shine in the new year.
Senile skin: Enter winter, because the low temperature causes the body’s metabolism to slow down, the skin is more prone to dryness and tightness, and even dry lines.
If you can’t add enough nutrition and moisture to the skin in time, the skin will become rough and dull, lose its elasticity, and let you slowly approach the team of Huanglianpo.
  Skin Care Tips: Skin aging will be especially noticeable in winter. Don’t forget to tonic if you want to improve.
The first step is still basic moisturization, so that the skin’s water and water can prevent the generation of dry lines.
The second part is nourishing, providing nutrition and energy to the skin in a timely manner, repairing the skin’s self-protection barrier, and improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
Xiaobian recommends a highly cost-effective moisturizing and nourishing double-effect essence on the market—SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Essence, rich in high-end anti-aging formula caviar extract and 24K pure gold foil, to provide sufficient moisture and energy for the skinDeeply inhibits aging from the skin, improves wrinkles, delays skin aging, reappears “beauty beauty”, and lets you and Huanglian Po Say Goodbye!
  4. Sensitive skin: Although the skin irritation phenomenon will decrease in winter, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, the sensitive skin will be prone to redness, fever, and even dry skin. Anti-allergy in winter is still a problem that cannot be relaxed.
  Skin care tips: As the cuticle of sensitive skin is thin, remember to use cleansing and exfoliating products with caution to avoid irritating fragile skin.
Moisturizing products should be as gentle and safe as possible with simple ingredients.
For those who are sensitive, I particularly recommend Avene Soothing Special Cream, which is rich in Avene spring water, does not contain preservatives, fragrances and surfactants, which can reduce irritation and prevent skin allergies.
I believe that with it, the skin will have an extra protective barrier!

Men’s intuition is more spiritual than women’s

Men’s intuition is more spiritual than women’s

The traditional view is that women are more intuitive than men, but a recent study in the UK denies this.

According to the British “Daily Telegraph”, psychologists have made people distinguish between the authenticity of a smile and the right one.

The intuitive ability of more than 50,000 participants was tested.

  The psychologist showed 10 pairs of photos to the subjects.

One of each pair of photos is a real smile and the other is a disguised smile.

First, the subjects were asked to distinguish the true and false smiles in all photos.

As a result, 72% of male subjects were correctly reset and 71% of females. Males performed slightly better than females.

Then, let them tell whether the smile of the opposite sex in the photo is true or false.

Correct corrections were 76% for men and 67% for women, and men fared better than women.

Interestingly, before the test, the participants were asked to estimate their intuitive ability.

77% of women are confident in their instincts, compared with 58% of men who hold this attitude.

  Richard, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hartford?

“The test results question the traditional statement that women are more intuitive than men,” Wiseman said.

Some previous studies have shown that women’s intuition is stronger, but in contrast to the development of society, men’s instincts are constantly increasing.

Gladina, the psychologist?

McMahon said: “People think that women’s intuition is stronger than men’s, because women prefer to face their feelings and emotions, so it creates an illusion. It seems that women’s intuition is particularly good.

“With this experiment, men should be more confident in their instincts.

The chair is the number one killer of health

The chair is the number one killer of health

“Get up from your chair!

“This is a suggestion from a professor of psychology to the” sitting generation. ”

Most of the workers in modern society sit in the office and drive around on the way to and from work. When they return home, whether they eat dinner or watch TV or sit .People “sticking” to the chair may be at higher risk of developing high blood pressure, slowing metabolism and gaining weight.

  Why do honest chairs make a healthy killer?

  The passiveness of “sit” is second only to “lying”. The sitting human body has the lowest absorption and consumption, which easily leads to metabolic imbalance.

Many people feel that even eating an apple consumes more transfers than “sticking” to a chair.

On the other hand, “Some people mistakenly think that ‘sit sedentary’ is equivalent to ‘no exercise’. In fact, if someone exercises 30 to 45 minutes in the gym every day and still sits the rest of the time, their lifestyle still belongs to ‘sit sedent’.

“The sitting position changes the natural shape of the human spine, making muscles and bones more and more uncomfortable.

The spine of a healthy person is naturally S-shaped, but the sitting position pushes the waist back into a “C” shape, so that the back and abdominal muscles that should support the body lose their effect.

In the long run, the hip muscles become weak, unable to support the spine strongly, and the pain comes in pain. Someone in the sitting position is bent at 90 degrees. The muscle strength and hip flexors have been compressed, the hip muscles are stretched, and the limb movements will change.No longer free, stretching, pain and injury are more repeated than before.

  After a long period of time, the waistline of the “seat” will gradually increase over time.

“Stand up” can only consume a few calories of conversion at a time, but as long as you insist on doing it once a day, it will gradually become obvious.

Consuming 30 to 50 more calories per day is not difficult, but it is enough to prevent weight gain of 2 to 3 pounds per year.

And if you spend a lot of time in a “sit” state, your weight will quietly fall on you.

  ”Sit” not only does not put a positive physical test on the body, but forces it into a relaxed state, while “correction” can exercise the muscles of the head, shoulders and legs, perform effective metabolism, and adjust the position of the spine in time.

  It is not appropriate to call a chair the No. 1 killer of health, because it will not intentionally harm people’s health. What really should be changed is the sedentary bad habit.

Scientists suggest that people try to move away from the chair as often as possible. Workouts or treadmills are good choices.

Another way is, “Make the right habit when answering calls,” Biddle said, “and constantly switch focus by changing feet.

This way you also burn calories during the call.

Summer cherry fever patients do not eat

Summer cherry fever patients do not eat

From June to August every year is the season when cherries are on the market. It is very happy to eat this “red bead” in the hot summer.

Cherries are rich in nutrients, intake of protein, sugar, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C and other vitamins, especially the content of iron, twenty to thirty times higher than apples, oranges, pears, vitamin A content than apples, oranges, grapes4-5 times higher, so edible cherries have the effect of promoting hemoglobin regeneration, and even prevent anemia and cancer.

  Zhao Shiliang, director of the Beijing Sijiqing Fruit Forest Institute, told reporters that the cherries currently on the market are divided into two varieties. The red color is called “red light”; the purple color is called “Samito”; the background color isYellow and a little red is called “Hongyan”.

These three varieties have different tastes. Among them, “Hongyan” is sweet and sour, and the meat is soft and juicy; “Red Light” is slightly sour, and the flesh is slightly thicker than “Hongyan”; “Samito” is more crispy.

  When choosing, first of all, you should choose according to your preferences.

Basically, the brilliance of the cherry is the best, no matter what kind of cherries it is. Finally, the stalk should be green. If the stalk is black, it means that the cherry is not very fresh.

Zhao Shiliang experts said: “There are also wrinkles on the surface of the peel, because this indicates that the cherry is dehydrated and the water is insufficient.

Regarding the preservation of cherries, Zhao Shiliang said that cherries are usually stored for a maximum of 5-7 days, and they will rot more than a week. It is not recommended to use plastic bags or plastic boxes to store the cherries because their permeability is not good.In full bloom.

And it is best to put it in the refrigerator, because the cherries are afraid of heat, the suitable temperature is between 2 ° C and 5 ° C, so as to maintain the freshness and tenderness of the cherries.

Fruit stalks should be kept for preservation, otherwise they will easily perish.

  Tips: Cherries are delicious, but don’t be too greedy, don’t eat more than half a catty a day, eat more easily get angry, people with fever, sexually transmitted diseases and cough should avoid eating.

Various fruits and vegetables are nutrient-rich hydrating agents

Various fruits and vegetables are nutrient-rich hydrating agents

As the weather gets hotter, hydration becomes more and more important.

According to the American “Running World” magazine report, drinking water is not the only way to replenish the body’s water, and various fruits and vegetables are actually nutrient-rich hydrating agents.

  Electrolyte-containing water: cantaloupe, peach, strawberry.

These fruits are rich in starch and high in potassium, which can regulate identity’s electrolyte balance, stabilize heart rate, and promote blood circulation.

  Vitamin C-containing water: watermelon, kiwi, citrus.

Vitamin C can maintain the flexibility of joints and spine, but also block ultraviolet rays, pollution to the skin and prevent sunburn.

  Water containing anticancer substances: tomatoes, broccoli.

Lycopene contained in tomatoes can reduce the incidence of cancers of prostate cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and other complications, and 90% of broccoli is water, and the isosulfuric acid salt contained in it is also anti-cancerEffect.

  Water with repair factors: pineapple, cherry.

Studies have shown that bromelain contained in pineapple can reduce infection and accelerate muscle self-repair; anthocyanins and melatonin in cherry can also inhibit inflammation.

  Probiotic-containing water: yogurt.

Cutting-edge probiotic foods can prevent respiratory infections, while yogurt is rich in protein and enhances immunity.

  Water with digestive juice: beans.

A cup of cooked beans contains half a cup of water, two eggs so much protein, and plenty of fiber supplements.

Eating legumes can promote gastrointestinal digestion and has a lipid-lowering effect.

Ten minutes before going to bed, let you lose more light.

Ten minutes before going to bed, let you lose more light.

“I want to know if there is a way to spend too much time and sleep on the bed to get rid of excess meat?

“There are so many letters and messages. For the specific situation of the sisters, this time-saving and convenient way to lose weight can be an appetite for you!”

  ● The first group of actions: Respiratory movement action essentials: deep breathing, two up and down movements should follow the rhythm of breathing, enter the ecstasy state when sitting still.


Preparation: The legs are up, the back waist is straight, and the hands are placed on top.


Inhalation: When inhaling, the body moves upward from both sides after the waist. Some of them should be lifted over the top of the head while the head is lifted up.


Exhale: When exhaling, the carbon dioxide falls and is inserted into the waist.


Rest: Rest, relax, close your eyes, straight back, hands on top.

Breathe at a constant rate and sit for 30 seconds.

  ● The second group of actions: Lifting the leg movements essentials: Try to bring the legs closer to the body when lifting the legs.


Sitting on the bed with your legs crossed, raise your left foot with both hands and slowly raise your left leg to the highest point, then fall back to the right leg and repeat the right leg.


Sitting on both legs, the body is straight and curved, the middle finger is opposite, the body slowly bends forward, trying to close the hands with the lower jaw, then get up and sit straight.

  ● The third group of actions: the essentials of the waist movement: When the upper part of the body and the head turn to the lower left and the rear, the front chest should try to be close to the leg.


Sitting on the bed, legs straight forward, parallel to each other on the back side, the upper and lower legs are relaxed, the left leg is bent over the right leg, the left arm is raised above the left leg, and the body turns backwards.Look ahead.

Retreat action, repeated on the right.


The legs are seated on the bed, the front side of the left arm, and the back side of the right arm are deployed, while the left arm is self-aligned to the waist and the right arm is hung to the left knee.

Retreat action, repeated on the right.

  ● The fourth group of actions: posture movement action essentials: When the left arm pulls the head slowly to the left and right, the head should not use force, to relax, mainly use the force of the left arm to pull the head to reduce.


The legs sit on the bed, the shoulders sink, the pair spreads to the sides, the left arm crosses the top of the head, and the left palm is placed near the right ear. After the reset action, repeat it repeatedly.


Shake the head left and right for a week, lift it up, put your hands behind your head, hold your fingers across your head, and apply force to the chest to stick to your chest.

  Edit the whisper: The student girl and OL pay attention, before going to bed every day, you just have to toss 10 minutes in bed, stick to 2 weeks or so, the surprise effect can be seen!

This set of beds is simple, easy to learn, and has low difficulty in movement. It is also suitable for housewives to exercise while playing TV at home.

Don’t forget, slim down, remember to tell us, and let our hard-working coach happy!

The temperature rises quickly, pay attention to the spring fire

The temperature rises quickly, pay attention to the “spring fire”

Li Yanling, director of the Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that in the spring, the body’s liver gas is ordered, and the yang in the winter accumulates in the body with the warmth of spring and upwards. If there is too much yang, it will turn into a heat evil and attack.Nasal cavity, gums, respiratory tract, skin and other bleeding, as well as headache dizziness, red eyes and other diseases, and even produce breath and long acne, this is the so-called “spring fire”, folks commonly known as “get angry.”
  Li Yanling said that unsuitable dressing, unreasonable diet, coupled with a tight work rhythm, lack of regularity in life, and excessive mental stress are the main causes of people getting angry.
The various symptoms caused by “getting angry” have also seriously affected people’s daily work, life and study.
  In order to curb the “spring fire”, Li Yanling hinted that many people know the truth of “spring, autumn and autumn”, but during the rainy season, the temperature rises faster, and sometimes even gives the feeling of summer coming. At this time, “Spring Festival” will beThere is a stress.
15 ° C is the critical temperature of spring sorghum, more than 15 ° C will be reduced clothing, do not smash, and then squat down it is easy to induce the “spring fire”.
  In addition, the diet should pay attention to the regulation of liver gas to “spring fire.”
Eat less hot pot and other spicy foods, eat more sweet foods, such as black rice, beans and their products; vegetables include celery, rape, carrots, lettuce, eggplant, lily, etc.; fruit has chestnuts, red dates, hazelnuts, pineapples and so on.
By mixing these foods scientifically, you can get rich nutrition, especially the multivitamins in vegetables can fully meet the needs of the liver.
  In addition, its own adjustment is also very important.
In addition to developing a regular work and rest system, drink plenty of water, quit smoking and alcohol, but also pay attention to mental health, should quit anger, and more sympathetic and melancholy, to be open-minded, positive and optimistic, to maintain a quiet state of mind, these areIt is an important “fire extinguishing agent” for people to resist “spring fire.”