Goldman Sachs: Continue to Overweight China’s New Economy Science and Technology Innovation Board Is a New Starting Point

Goldman Sachs: Continue to Overweight China’s New Economy Science and Technology Innovation Board Is a New Starting Point
独家专访高盛: 继续加码中国新经济,科创板是新起点  周艾琳  [早前国内主板、中小板公司的发行估值固定,券商所做的更多是做文件、跑批文,而在科创板After the launch, brokers will play a role in pricing enterprises, telling stories for enterprises, and exploring domestic and foreign investors.]  目前,科创板已进入开板的冲刺阶段,外资券商也在积极争取市场份额.Although it is not as good as domestic securities firms in terms of customer network, it has a local advantage, but under the market-oriented “armor training field” of science and technology board, rich securities firms that are accustomed to overseas market-based pricing may play a huge advantage.  During the recent antique Asia’s first Dream + Transformation | Goldman Sachs Innovation Summit, Zhu Hansong, CEO of Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities, and Cai Wei, Co-Head of Goldman Sachs China’s investment banking business, accepted an exclusive interview with China Business News.They said that the current issuance method and rules of the science and technology board are relatively close to overseas, and may become China’s “Little Nasdaq.”  Earlier domestic motherboards and small and medium-sized board companies had fixed issuances. Brokers traded more in documents and running approvals. After the launch of the science and technology board, the brokers will set prices for companies, tell stories for companies, and explore domestic and foreign investors.Play a role.  Foreign brokers will date overseas experience. Too many restrictions on IPO pricing have been one of the drawbacks of the A-share listing system.The guidance on pricing is too strong, so the IPO pricing of A-share listed companies is generally low, and there is even a strange appearance of “making new” and almost making no money.  According to developed market experience, IPO pricing is a two-way inquiry and communication process. One party is the issuer and the intermediary, including the company to be listed, investment bank, accounting firm, and legal adviser. The other party is an institutional investor, including various funds.With the assistance of an intermediary, especially an investment bank, the issuer understands the needs of institutional investors for listed stocks at different issue prices, and summarizes the issue price based on the situation of the listed company.  At present, the market pricing pilot conditions implemented 南京夜网 on the Shanghai Stock Exchange are basically met, and there are enough domestic and different types of institutional investors to participate in the inquiry process, including various public offerings, private equity funds, overseas QFIIs, etc.But at the same time, considering that for most technology companies in emerging industries, it is difficult to find enough similar companies from the listed companies as a benchmark for pricing.  Zhu Hansong told reporters that foreign brokers have extensive experience in inquiries, pricing and contacting investors at home and abroad.  ”We will combine the experience of issuing shares overseas with China.Investment banks should focus on discovering the highlights of the company’s story. In terms of market recommendations, help companies lock in investors who know the industry at an early stage. These investors collectively point to domestic funds, including foreign institutional investors. They can pass QFII.Participate in science and technology board.”Zhan Hansong mentioned that one of the advantages of foreign investment banks is cross-border business.” It will assist companies in conducting global roadshows, reaching out, and educating investors on both sides.At present, companies listed on the science and technology board are companies that do not have a high profit level at this stage and do not even make money, but have great growth prospects in the future.There are several sets of very mature estimation methods in the world. I hope that they can be introduced to communicate with domestic institutional investors and allow domestic and foreign investors to form a more consistent fundamental valuation.Generally speaking, investors at home and abroad are likely to have different estimates of the same company. This is different from their own perceptions and different comparison benchmarks. For example, liquor, white electricity, etc. are scarce in Hong Kong stocks and European and American markets.Therefore, earlier the foreign countries called the pricing of the relevant A-share companies far higher than domestic investment.For science and technology board companies, overseas has more mature valuation models. “I hope that international and domestic investors can form a benign relationship, which will help companies find fair and reasonable valuations.Zhu Hansong said.  The role of intermediary agencies. Earlier, when preparing securities IPOs, securities firms may prepare documents, run approvals, etc. may be the main tasks. In the future, under the market-based pricing mechanism of the science and technology board, intermediaries will have to take responsibility.  Cai Wei specifically explained to reporters the overseas inquiry and pricing process.他称,“当投行为目标公司准备材料(财务预测、公司定位等)后,海外有一个‘试水机制’,即投行要带着公司高管见一些有影响力的投资人,投资人对公司进行Make a statement. At this time, the investment bank will have an approximate conceptual interval for the estimation.At the same time, analysts will also communicate with many institutional investors, and use the mode of intermediary financial advisers to communicate with investors (rather than the company directly communicating with investors), which helps investors to provide objective pricing, and the process is transparent。”” During the roadshow, the company may have to meet more than one hundred investors, and then the sales staff will follow up and communicate with the investors.After months of exchanges, the investment bank will continue to find the reasonable pricing point based on the initial estimation model, continue to narrow the range of changes, and find reasonable pricing for the boots.Cai Wei said that investment banks can perceive the market demand situation in this process, and finally decide how to allocate based on this, and find a balance between supply and demand.  For a long time, the stocks listed on the A-share market were considered by the market as “scarce resources”. This is an unusually enthusiastic purchase in the primary market.The short-term premium level of the A-share IPO market is much higher than that of other markets. Almost few short-term trading prices will fall below the issue price after the stock is listed. The “market support mechanism” seems difficult to be useful.On the science and technology main board of market-based pricing, this mechanism may play a role.  According to the distribution after the issuance, Cai Wei said: “This is completely determined by the company and investment bank in the US stock market, plus the proportion of retail investors in the European and American markets.However, in the Hong Kong market, certain restrictions have been placed on the proportion of retail investors, and the science and technology board is closer to the Hong Kong model.”Relevant methods of the science and technology board quoted that the initial public offering of shares on the science and technology board, the reasonable ratio of off-line issuance is not less than 50% of the number of shares issued offline this time, priority to public offering products (includingPublic offerings set up by investors in accordance with the requirements of investor suitability), social security funds, pensions, etc.  Basically, in the European and American markets, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has specified the follow-up investment system of the relevant subsidiaries of the sponsor, that is, the scale of the subscription with its own funds is 2% of the issuer’s initial public offering?5% of the shares, the specific proportion of which is determined based on the issuer’s initial public offering scale.The lock-up period for explicitly following-in investment shares is 24 months, which is longer than the shares held by shareholders before issuance other than the controlling shareholder and the actual controller.  Powering private enterprises in the new economy Goldman Sachs’ positive statement on participating in the science and technology board is also part of its own “power in the new economy” strategy.  In the early years, Goldman Sachs’ strategic focus was on large Chinese state-owned enterprises, the reorganization of state-owned enterprises and initial public offerings, and almost participated in the reorganization and listing of the first state-owned state-owned enterprises in various industries at the time, including PetroChina, China Mobile, and Bank of China.With the transformation of China’s economic structure, “while assisting large-scale customers, focusing on the new economy and the private economy” has become a new strategy for Goldman Sachs in the past two years. Goldman Sachs is the only company that has participated in all BAT (Baidu, AlibabaGoldman Sachs also said that it will continue to serve the Chinese private economy in the future.  Although the global secondary market experienced short-term fluctuations in 2018, the primary market is flourishing, and many science and technology companies hope to seize the tail of the expansion cycle to sprint IPOs.Cai Wei also said that Goldman Sachs is expected to enter the secondary market sentiment this year, and the momentum of the primary market will return to a more stable and reasonable state.  “In 2017, the global economy expanded synchronously, and the enthusiasm for the listing of technology companies reached its peak. This enthusiasm continued until mid-2018. Many companies decided to seize the window period to sprint to the market. In 2018, there were many IPOs.There are some issues, such as some companies rushing to IPO before meeting the listing requirements, and some companies IPO when they are estimated to be close to the highest point, which caused the listing to break. The global stock market sell-off in the second half of last year exacerbated this situation.Zhu Hansong told reporters.  In Zhu Hansong’s view, this year’s secondary market transactions will be in a healthy upward trend. The number of IPOs may be lower than last year, but the positive side is that “every company that can conduct an overseas IPO this year is of better quality.The company is mature and has met the conditions for listing. This year ‘s estimate will also be more reasonable than last year. This is a good thing for investors and also good for the company ‘s market outlook.There is no doubt that the refinancing activities of listed companies have a strong momentum.Zhu Hansong said.  Obviously, through the continuous advancement of China’s financial opening up process, Goldman Sachs also seeks a suitable time to increase its stake in its joint venture securities firm in China (Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs). Like many joint venture securities firms, Goldman Sachs does not rule out future appreciation to 100%.  Although there are currently joint venture brokerage companies in China that are not able to make huge profits, and even have huge early expansion, the overweight layout in advance is still the common statement of many joint venture brokerage companies.”Goldman Sachs always regards China as the second largest economy as one of its long-term destinations. The developed markets such as the United States already have limited existing growth space, but China is a huge incremental market, so the need to expand in advanceit goes without saying.Cai Wei told reporters.

Infrastructure “Spring Busy” Multi-site Project Starts Centrally

Infrastructure “Spring Busy” Multi-site Project Starts Centrally

Infrastructure “Spring Busy” Multi-region Project Starts Centrally ⊙ Reporter Yu Xiangming ○ Editor Qiu Jiang Since the end of January, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and other places have started the project intensively.

According to statistics, from January to February, a total of 32 regions across the country issued US $ 696.1 billion of new local government bonds, accounting for 50 new replacements issued in advance.


Wu Yaping, the director of the Investment Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, said to the Shanghai Securities Journal on the 8th that a reasonable expansion of effective investment this year will make the short-term 南京龙凤网 project faster.

The reporter learned that this year the National Development and Reform Commission will focus on areas to promote effective investment and formulate an implementation plan for the gradual development of infrastructure.

  This week, the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission announced a list of major construction projects in 2019, which are divided into five major areas, namely industrial technology, social and people’s livelihood, ecological civilization, urban infrastructure, urban-rural integration and rural revitalization, with a total of 138 items.

Among them, Tesla Super Factory Phase I, ABB Robot Super Factory, Shanghai Grand Opera House, Pudong Airport Phase III Expansion Project, Rail Transit Chongming Line and other major projects are listed.

  According to rough statistics from reporters, since the end of January, at least 50 urban areas have released news of concentrated project start-up, with project investment amounting to hundreds of billions, at least billions.

  Taking March as an example, in less than 10 days, projects in nearly 10 cities have started intensively.

Among them, on the 6th, 20 projects in Luancheng District, Shanxi Province started construction with a total investment of 7 billion yuan. On the 5th, 20 projects in Tieshan Port, Beihai, Guangxi Province started construction with a total investment of 130.

5.0 billion; On the 4th, 56 projects in Chencang District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province were started intensively, with a total investment of 108.

On the 4th, 20 projects in Guangzhou Tianhe District were started in a concentrated manner with a total investment of 18 billion yuan. On the 2nd, 19 major projects in Jinxiang, Jining, Shandong were started in a concentrated manner, with a total investment of 6.5 billion.Through increasing efforts to supplement shortcomings in infrastructure construction, the growth rate of investment in infrastructure projects declared nationwide has gradually picked up since August 2018.

Judging by the inception cycle of infrastructure projects for about one year, infrastructure investment attempts to maintain a medium-speed growth trend in 2019.

Zhefu Holdings (002266) Coverage Report for the First Time: Leading Private Hydropower Equipment Vendors Key Nuclear Power Equipment

Zhefu Holdings (002266) Coverage Report for the First Time: Leading Private Hydropower Equipment Vendors Key Nuclear Power Equipment

This report reads: Zhefu Holdings is a long-term private hydropower equipment supplier, and it has achieved a position in the nuclear power control rod drive mechanism. The company is expected to fully benefit from the accelerated construction of the hydropower and nuclear power industries in the future.

Covered for the first time and given a “Neutral” rating.

Investment Highlights: Cover for the first time and give a “Neutral” rating.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

07, 0.

08, 0.

08 yuan, because the company’s profit performance comes from the joint-stock company 2345, and 2345 is an asset-light Internet company, so Zhejiang Rich Holdings PB exceeded the average level of comparable companies, giving 2019 2

78 times PB is reasonable, and the target price is 4.

61 yuan.

Leading private hydropower equipment supplier.

Hydropower equipment started business for Zhejiang Rich Holdings. For many years, it has worked hard on internal skills, increased research and development, and consolidated its business foundation. In-depth cooperation 天津夜网 with industry-leading company RAINPOWER in design and manufacturing, is expected to greatly promote domestic impact water turbine technology andPromotion.

As the country ‘s “One Belt, One Road” initiative progressed, the company expanded its overseas hydropower business, especially the Southeast Asian market. In the first half of this year, the Uganda Isimba Hydropower Station Units 1 and 2 developed by Zhefu Hydropower passed the 72-hour test.Run smoothly and connected to the grid for power generation.

At the same time, the company actively explored a new model of hydropower business, and promoted the export of hydropower equipment through investment in hydropower projects.

High barriers to nuclear power business are good.

The company controls Huadu Company, which is engaged in nuclear power business. It is one of 成都桑拿网 the major design manufacturers of domestic first-level control rod drive mechanism for nuclear power components.

Huadu Company has formed the comprehensive capacity of the control rod drive mechanism required for the annual production of 6 million kilowatt-class pressurized water reactors. It has undertaken and mass-produced “Hualong No. 1” Fujian Fuqing 5 # / 6 # and exported to Pakistan K2 / K3The contract of CRDM equipment for Zhangzhou 1 # / 2 # and Hainan Changjiang 3 # / 4 # units has become a pioneer in leading the development and production of “Hualong No. 1” control rod drive mechanism.

In the first half of the year, the MLB-type control rod drive mechanism of the “Hualong No. 1” Fuqing Unit 6 made by Huadu Company passed the factory acceptance and was successfully delivered.

At this point, the control rod drive mechanism of the first batch of four Hualong No. 1 units produced by Huadu has been successfully delivered.


The construction of nuclear power is accelerating, and the construction of pumped storage energy is accelerating.

risk warning.

The performance of participating Internet companies fluctuates, and nuclear power security risks.

Eat black beans to make you more eye-catching

Eat black beans to make you more eye-catching

Vision loss and dizziness are the biggest pain for desk workers. Eating black beans can help alleviate these discomforts.

  The efficacy of black beans has been highly evaluated.

Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty recorded in “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Eating black beans often can prevent all diseases.

“Professor Zhang Guoxi of Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences said.

hzh {display: none; }  1、黑豆能够滋补肝肾,而肝肾的健康对改善视力有很大的帮助。  2. Black beans can alleviate eye fatigue and help prevent vision loss.

  Because black beans are oxidized and antioxidants-anthocyanins and vitamin A which is good for the eyes.

Among them, vinegar can promote the dissolution of nutrients in black beans and help to efficiently convert nutrients.

  The method of soaking black beans in vinegar is very simple. First prepare a pan, add black beans, but do not put oil, and fry over medium heat for about 5 minutes. After the black bean skin is broken, change to low heat and fry for another 5 minutes.paste.

Dry the fried black beans for 15 minutes, put them in a clean container with parcels, add vinegar, and soak for about two hours. After the vinegar is absorbed by the black beans, you can eat it.

  In addition to helping to suppress vision loss, vinegar black beans are also effective in treating chronic fatigue, chills, retinal soreness, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, etc. These are the most common diseases for people working in the office.

  Vinegar soaked black beans can be eaten on the same day after being prepared, and can be stored in the refrigerator for half a year, so you can make more.

The black bean itself has a natural sweetness, and the vinegar soaks in the black bean.

If you don’t like the sour taste of vinegar, you can also add a small amount of honey.

Sitting quietly after a meal can prolong life

Sitting quietly after a meal can prolong life

“A hundred steps after a meal, live to ninety-nine”, but in fact, according to the theory of Chinese medicine, it is not a walk after every meal.

Adhere to “sit after lunch, go slowly after dinner” can regulate immunity and prolong life.

  After lunch, you need to sit still and raise your spirits.

Chinese medicine believes that people’s qi and blood in the morning are all yang, and it is time to raise their hearts when they start to yin at noon.

Sitting in the afternoon for a moment is good for raising the heart, transforming the afternoon and even the evening and evening, and promoting the blood to run, transforming into the role of raising the spirit, nourishing the gas and nourishing the tendons.

If the amount of activity is too large at this time, the oxygen consumption of the lower limbs will increase, the blood flow into the digestive system will decrease, and the lack of oxygen in the head will be aggravated, resulting in stomach pain, indigestion, dizziness, headache, and the like.

Therefore, sit quietly after lunch and close your eyes for 10-30 minutes.

It is not suitable for lying down immediately after lunch. Old people who have a habit of lunch can take a nap after sitting still, and the time should not be too long.

  Walk after dinner.

Chinese people are used to dinner is relatively rich, high-nutrition and high-conversion food into the stomach, if you are sure to digest enough before going to sleep, easy to eat, gain weight.

Walking for 20 minutes to 1 hour after dinner can promote recovery and creep, help digestion of digestive juice and digestion and absorption of food, which is good for your health.

Do not hurry to go, slow and comfortable.

  The habit of putting down chopsticks after dinner is not desirable.

Because the food you eat needs to stay in your stomach for a while, and stand up and walk immediately after eating, it will inevitably add a lot of tension to the stomach.

After taking a break for 10 minutes after a meal, take a walk to play a health care role.

  After the meal, in addition to sitting still and slow walking, proper massage and music adjustment are also beneficial.

Massage the abdomen after a meal to promote gastrointestinal motility and blood circulation in the abdominal cavity.

Appreciate some soothing, wonderful music after a meal, which is also good for promoting digestion.

Questions about botox


Questions about botox

Most beauty lovers know that botulinum toxin can be used for beauty, and its wrinkle removal effect is also very good.

So, what do you know about botulinum toxin?

Below, I have compiled five questions about botulinum toxin for everyone. I believe these five questions are also many people want to know.


What is botulinum toxin?

  The full name of botulinum toxin is botulinum toxin, which is a type A toxin secreted by botulinum during reproduction.

Because it has an interference effect on excitatory nerve mediators, it was originally a drug for treating muscle and nerve hyperfunction.

Clinically, it is mainly used to treat muscle paralysis, angulation, cerebral palsy, and strabismus.

In addition, during the war years, botulinum toxins used biological and chemical weapons.


How is botox used in beauty?

  In 1986, a Canadian ophthalmologist named Joan Carrasso discovered that the drug, which used paralytic muscles and nerves, could make the wrinkles in the eyes of patients disappear.

So she told her husband, a professor of dermatology, about the unexpected surprise.

Later, the couple began to cooperate in researching this stage, which will eventually become the field of type A botulinum toxins for skin and wrinkle removal, and published the first report in 1990, which triggered the so-called “BoTox revolution” in the history of beauty.

And these are the third countries after the United Kingdom and the United States to be able to produce this kind of beauty products themselves, and began using them in 1999.

  Q: How does Botox remove wrinkles?

  A: Botox has the effect of removing wrinkles because it can inhibit the release of acetylcholine from the presynaptic membrane of peripheral motor nerve endings, thereby eliminating the metabolism of information between nerves and muscles, and causing muscles to relax and paralyze.

To be more straightforward, botulinum toxins eliminate wrinkles by paralyzing muscles without muscles’ ability to beat.


What are the characteristics of botulinum toxin wrinkle removal?

  Botulinum injection wrinkle removal has the characteristics of less damage, no damage, quick effect, convenient operation, cheap price, and does not affect work.

Compared with the traditional chemical peeling, peeling, collagen injection, a small amount of charging or small cracks and wrinkles removal, it just injects a certain dose of botulinum toxin into the forehead or between the eyebrows. The whole process is only a few minutes without pain.

Its advantages are undeniable.


The effectiveness and limitations of botulinum toxin wrinkle removal?

  A single injection of botulinum toxin in the wrinkles will gradually flatten out after 3 to 14 days.

The effect of maintaining wrinkles is usually 3 months to 6 months.

For long-term effectiveness, 3 to 4 injections per year are required.

It is understood that the use of botox to remove wrinkles, general crow’s feet, forehead lines, eyebrow lines, nose lines and wrinkles can be removed.

But best for early, less noticeable wrinkles.

If the recipient has deep wrinkles and loose skin, the effect will be greatly reduced.

So it won’t be 100% effective.

In addition, pregnant women, lactating women, patients with myasthenia gravis, allergies, ptosis and heart, liver, lung, kidney and other visceral diseases can not be used to remove wrinkles.


Botox is toxic, is it metabolized?


Botox has been prescribed as a highly toxic drug, and a certain dose can cause death.

Of course, when it is used to remove wrinkles, the dosage is very small and safe, but its toxicity and substitution are objective after all.
According to data records, when injecting botulinum to the crow’s feet or nose lines, the eyelid muscles are often paralyzed because they are close to the eyes, and many people’s eyes will become smaller (but recoverable).
In addition, due to the toxicity and impurities of botulinum toxin, there are many cases of fever, fatigue, and poor appetite after injection.

In severe cases, there will be diplopia, swallowing and breathing difficulties.

Skin also goes retro style to return to infancy

Skin also goes “retro style” to return to infancy

Perhaps, the development of the times allows us to enjoy more advanced, more advanced and more scientific beauty methods. However, many times, you will find that mothers who have not used any advanced skin care products have better skin than us.
In fact, there are some traditional maintenance methods that do have their hidden effects.
Therefore, do not think that mother-level skin care methods are outdated and old-fashioned, study hard, and your skin will go “retro style” and return to the smoothness of infants and young children.
  保湿养颜  取普通的蜂蜜敷脸,可以起到保湿效果,或者里面加入半只蛋黄,搅拌均匀敷脸或者敷干裂的手脚  剩下的半只蛋黄可以用来调和黑芝麻粉,涂于发梢,保湿护发  把矿泉水放在喷壶中就是自制的矿泉水化妆水  用鸡脚猪脚黄豆海带煮汤喝,可以补充胶原蛋白和植物性雌激素,从而起到美容养颜的功效  用无糖的优酪乳绿豆粉,调和成面膜敷脸,可以温和代谢角质,并且保湿美白  收缩毛孔  将一块干毛巾,完全没有水分的,放入密封的夹链袋中,再放入冰箱。Before putting on makeup in the morning, take it out and apply it on the face to shrink the pores. Towels must not have water, if there is water, it will form ice.
Scratches the skin.
  晒后修复  用西瓜皮冰镇肌肤,西瓜皮的作用类似芦荟,可以帮助镇静晒后的肌肤  口腔护理  用盐巴轻轻按摩牙床,停留约5分钟,再漱口,可以帮助消除牙床浮肿  用淡盐水漱口,可以帮助消除喉咙痛  去黑头/角质  在洗完澡后,角质层湿软的状态下,趁着浴室内蒸气未散,还带有些许热度,可以用医药纱布,但是织布的密度越密The better, slowly, in areas with blackheads and exfoliation, gently massage in a circular motion, there will be the effect of exfoliating blackheads.
  Using towels instead of hands for daily face washing will also have an exfoliating effect, but use with caution on dry and sensitive skin.
  Wet the face in advance, foam the cleanser into the palm of your hand, add sugar (the particles should not be too large, otherwise it will scratch the skin), or apply the finely ground mung bean powder to the blackheads and horny areas, slowlyMassage in circles.
The advantage of this is that it can achieve the effect of exfoliating, the sugar slowly melts, and it will also have a maintenance effect on the skin.
  把毛巾蘸湿,把食盐放在毛巾上,轻轻搓揉脚后跟,达到去脚后跟角质的作用  用刷毛柔软的小牙刷轻轻洗黑头,但是只适用于油性皮肤者  小牙刷的妙用,还可以用来刷脚趾,洗指甲缝  减肥  饭前喝水,帮助控制食量  躺平,顺时针再逆时针按摩腹部,帮助排除宿便  早晨起床和一大杯淡盐水,帮助排除宿便  将矿泉水瓶装大半瓶绿豆/米,手臂举平,向两边摇动,帮助减少拜拜肉  紧致肌肤,去水肿  排水按摩方法:以食指及中指腹,从鼻翼两侧、脸颊到耳际逐步停留轻按,各约5-10秒Put both hands on the left and right cheeks and extend to the sides of the ear for 5-10 seconds.
This is also where the traditional Chinese medicine called acupoints, cheek car points, and big welcoming points can help eliminate cellulite.
Below the ear is the location of the lymph glands that control metabolism. The palm temperature helps the lymph to metabolize water and waste.
Sliding your fists on your cheeks, smoothing the masseter muscles by massage can also lift the skin that has become loose due to age.
  In addition, you can also use a porcelain spoon to press the skin to complete the massage, but do not pull the skin. 躺在 Lie on the bed at night, put your head outside the bed, put your feet up against the wall, maintain this posture, and then rub the care products.
好处是让脸部的皮肤对抗地心引力,   达到紧致的作用,腿部也可以达到去水肿的作用   眼睛向上看,用脂腹的眼周,尤其是眼袋和黑眼圈的部位,轻轻弹按,达到去眼袋和黑眼圈的作用   可以用粗盐泡澡,达到去水肿的目的   可以用冬瓜带皮煮水喝,有利于排水   薏仁煮水可以去水,还会有美白和减肥的作用哦   薏仁粉蛋白,调和均匀后敷脸,可以紧致肌肤,美白   玉米须煮水,可以利尿,去水,捞起来还可以用来洗澡时去角质哦   用瓷汤匙按压脸部   加速身体血液循环   拍打身体数次,拍手,排空掌实掌各100下   抬脚仰头数次   用圆头的木质刺猬梳按摩头皮,加速头发生长。Massaging the whole body can speed up blood circulation and relieve itching of the elderly’s skin. Hairdressing 把 Braid the hair before going to bed, or use a clip to fix the tail around the straw. Open it in the morning for beautiful curls.

How to tease him for a good life

How to tease him for a good life

In this age, it is really difficult to find a good husband.

Even if the card is obtained, the woman should not be taken lightly. The rivers and lakes are sinister. Maybe when the husband goes out, he will meet a female hero with a stunt. The two men will be taken away by the female hero. The love slogan of this era is: Don’t care about eternity, only care for a moment!

It ‘s been a long time since I was in the rivers and lakes. Is this out of date?

The original seven-year itch has become the three-year itch, the March itch.

In fact, man is an animal that loves the new and hates the old. If you want a happy marriage, you must have fresh content to charge for love every day.

Women must learn to tease their husbands.

  1. Frequently surprise or surprise him for some birthdays. Sending flowers and buying cakes is too common. You can make delicious food with a fumes. You better dress yourself, but there are some beauties, he sees more, do n’tHow beautiful you are. You are dressed as two hundred and fifty. You have a lot of weak children on your head. One cheek is red and the other is black. Tell him that this is the custom in your hometown. Your favorite person must be dressed for birthday.Into two hundred and twenty-five.
After frightening him, you dress up like a lady again and go to a more romantic place to eat with him . 2. From time to time, you pretend to be painful and shout, “My husband, it hurts me, you giveI rub, here, here, not right, here . “” Oh, not here, you want to rub me to death?

Why are you so seduced?

Do you want to play hooligan?

“3. To improve cultural accomplishment, sometimes reading ancient poems often:” On the day of the hoe, the sweat dripped into the soil. ”

“Drilled into her husband’s arms and asked:” Are you Hehe?

Who is the lunch hour?

See you tired every day, sweat dripping down the soil . 4, often give her husband some puzzles: “What is one minus one?”

Fool, don’t know!

It ‘s equal to two. You touch it. I have it. Is n’t it just to cut your son out?

  ”Husband, what would you do if you happened to be trapped in the elevator with a beautiful lady in a big earthquake?

“” 5, to give her husband full freedom: often teach her husband how to tease female colleagues: take a coin: “I teach you a trick to tease female colleagues.

“Then pinch the coin with your finger and say,” I ask you a question, and you answer after you pull out the coin.

“First question:” How old are you this year?

“Her husband took the coin from your fingers and answered.

The second question is also equivalent.

One last question: What is the first sentence you and your husband’s cave house Yehue said to you?

“Tighten with the strength of both hands to prevent him from pulling out the coins, he will say,” You are too tight, I can’t pull it out. ”

“Hahaha . success!

Asked her husband: “Did you learn?

“6, when writing, when you encounter a word like” bit “, ask your husband:” This, how do you write this ‘bit’?

Oh, think of it, think of it, isn’t it oral sex?

(* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee . 7. Use lipstick on the stomach and breasts to draw a heart shape to surprise her husband.

  8. The husband is in a bad mood. When he is angry with you, he will pretend to be aggrieved and tell him a story: “The bull is on a business trip, do n’t worry about the cow alone at home, put it next to the friend elephant, and the bull comes back to the mother牛回去后,惊讶的说‘咦,牛B大了呀!Then he nodded his forehead and said, “It’s you!”

“9. Learn some dance: watch my husband watch TV ads on the breast, just come and give him a striptease, his posture is more humorous than on TV . 10, if you give your husband your first time: Occasionally let your husband remember your first time, learn how he looked then, the stupid the better.

If you do n’t bring it to your husband for the first time, your husband will cry with tears: “I and you will always be the first time. If you are like this, I have to hang a noodle.

“Then he cheated in his arms.

Makeup misunderstanding makeup is no longer scary_1

Makeup misunderstanding makeup is no longer scary

[Introduction]Makeup to make up for small flaws in the face, this is what every beautiful woman will do.

However, there are some misunderstandings when applying makeup, and make out misunderstandings, so that makeup is no longer scary.

  1. Misunderstanding Cosmetics Advertising Misunderstandings The recommendations on cosmetics advertising may not be suitable for you. They are all products that follow the trend, or choose cosmetics according to their own conditions and characteristics.

In the face of this type of advertising, please stay calm and think about whether you can achieve this effect if you use this product. If it is possible to try the product for a small trial, don’t rush out of your pocket.

  2. The small face makeup method in the superstition legends The small face makeup method in the superstition legends can indeed function as a small face in the body, but the small face makeup method suitable for different face shapes is also different.

You should look into the mirror, pick up your bangs, take a closer look at your face shape, and then choose a suitable makeup method based on your face shape.

  Tip: In fact, the most beautiful face modification is not magic makeup, but hairstyle.

  3, desperately brushing mascara can be curled curled desperately can be brushed mascara can be curled curling mascara only fix the eyelashes, to make the curls curled mainly depends on the correct method of clamping the eyelashes.

When you clamp your eyelashes, you should pick it up from the root, and gradually lift your hand tightly and loosely, and repeat it many times.

  Brushing methods of different mascaras: 1, thick type: Now apply the roots back and forth, and then brush up, just apply the tip of the eyelashes lightly.

  2, slender type: do not apply on the roots of the eyelashes, hold the brush upright and apply it initially.

  3. Water fluorinated type: Do not use the brush immediately after taking it out, and wait until the water has evaporated.

  Tip: Before applying eyelashes, apply a layer of eyelash primer first, the effect will be better.

  4. Apply a thick foundation on the top. Apply a thick foundation on the top. There is too much foundation on the front end. People with bright eyes can see it at a glance. It almost makes their own thick makeup and is as white as a millennium old monster.
In fact, you are still young and beautiful, you just need to put on a cream and makeup powder.

Put on a foundation cream before applying the foundation, and use the concealer to conceal the blemishes above. If you want to keep the makeup long-lasting, you need to use makeup powder to fix the makeup.

  Foundation, isolation cream selection tips: Use greenish isolation cream for shells with red blood; try purple foundation for fairer skin; of course, use pink foundation to solve the problem of no blood color on the face.

  5, smoky makeup is to exaggerate the eyeshadow. Some smoky makeup is to exaggerate the eyeshadow. Some smoky makeup is layered. It is very fragile to draw a black circle around the eyes.

You should first draw the layered sense of smoky makeup, and the black gradually goes up until it disappears.

  Specific steps: 1. Base the eye area with gold first, and then paint another layer with brown.

  2. Use the black eye shadow to draw upward from the root of the eyelashes, the range is not larger than one-half of the eyes, and then take multiple black eye shadows, and start painting from the root, a small number of times.

  3. Use eyeliner to deepen the contour of the eye, and finally brush the eyelashes.

Ten minutes before going to bed, let you lose more light.

Ten minutes before going to bed, let you lose more light.

“I want to know if there is a way to spend too much time and sleep on the bed to get rid of excess meat?

“There are so many letters and messages. For the specific situation of the sisters, this time-saving and convenient way to lose weight can be an appetite for you!”

  ● The first group of actions: Respiratory movement action essentials: deep breathing, two up and down movements should follow the rhythm of breathing, enter the ecstasy state when sitting still.


Preparation: The legs are up, the back waist is straight, and the hands are placed on top.


Inhalation: When inhaling, the body moves upward from both sides after the waist. Some of them should be lifted over the top of the head while the head is lifted up.


Exhale: When exhaling, the carbon dioxide falls and is inserted into the waist.


Rest: Rest, relax, close your eyes, straight back, hands on top.

Breathe at a constant rate and sit for 30 seconds.

  ● The second group of actions: Lifting the leg movements essentials: Try to bring the legs closer to the body when lifting the legs.


Sitting on the bed with your legs crossed, raise your left foot with both hands and slowly raise your left leg to the highest point, then fall back to the right leg and repeat the right leg.


Sitting on both legs, the body is straight and curved, the middle finger is opposite, the body slowly bends forward, trying to close the hands with the lower jaw, then get up and sit straight.

  ● The third group of actions: the essentials of the waist movement: When the upper part of the body and the head turn to the lower left and the rear, the front chest should try to be close to the leg.


Sitting on the bed, legs straight forward, parallel to each other on the back side, the upper and lower legs are relaxed, the left leg is bent over the right leg, the left arm is raised above the left leg, and the body turns backwards.Look ahead.

Retreat action, repeated on the right.


The legs are seated on the bed, the front side of the left arm, and the back side of the right arm are deployed, while the left arm is self-aligned to the waist and the right arm is hung to the left knee.

Retreat action, repeated on the right.

  ● The fourth group of actions: posture movement action essentials: When the left arm pulls the head slowly to the left and right, the head should not use force, to relax, mainly use the force of the left arm to pull the head to reduce.


The legs sit on the bed, the shoulders sink, the pair spreads to the sides, the left arm crosses the top of the head, and the left palm is placed near the right ear. After the reset action, repeat it repeatedly.


Shake the head left and right for a week, lift it up, put your hands behind your head, hold your fingers across your head, and apply force to the chest to stick to your chest.

  Edit the whisper: The student girl and OL pay attention, before going to bed every day, you just have to toss 10 minutes in bed, stick to 2 weeks or so, the surprise effect can be seen!

This set of beds is simple, easy to learn, and has low difficulty in movement. It is also suitable for housewives to exercise while playing TV at home.

Don’t forget, slim down, remember to tell us, and let our hard-working coach happy!