Skin also goes retro style to return to infancy

Skin also goes “retro style” to return to infancy

Perhaps, the development of the times allows us to enjoy more advanced, more advanced and more scientific beauty methods. However, many times, you will find that mothers who have not used any advanced skin care products have better skin than us.
In fact, there are some traditional maintenance methods that do have their hidden effects.
Therefore, do not think that mother-level skin care methods are outdated and old-fashioned, study hard, and your skin will go “retro style” and return to the smoothness of infants and young children.
  保湿养颜  取普通的蜂蜜敷脸,可以起到保湿效果,或者里面加入半只蛋黄,搅拌均匀敷脸或者敷干裂的手脚  剩下的半只蛋黄可以用来调和黑芝麻粉,涂于发梢,保湿护发  把矿泉水放在喷壶中就是自制的矿泉水化妆水  用鸡脚猪脚黄豆海带煮汤喝,可以补充胶原蛋白和植物性雌激素,从而起到美容养颜的功效  用无糖的优酪乳绿豆粉,调和成面膜敷脸,可以温和代谢角质,并且保湿美白  收缩毛孔  将一块干毛巾,完全没有水分的,放入密封的夹链袋中,再放入冰箱。Before putting on makeup in the morning, take it out and apply it on the face to shrink the pores. Towels must not have water, if there is water, it will form ice.
Scratches the skin.
  晒后修复  用西瓜皮冰镇肌肤,西瓜皮的作用类似芦荟,可以帮助镇静晒后的肌肤  口腔护理  用盐巴轻轻按摩牙床,停留约5分钟,再漱口,可以帮助消除牙床浮肿  用淡盐水漱口,可以帮助消除喉咙痛  去黑头/角质  在洗完澡后,角质层湿软的状态下,趁着浴室内蒸气未散,还带有些许热度,可以用医药纱布,但是织布的密度越密The better, slowly, in areas with blackheads and exfoliation, gently massage in a circular motion, there will be the effect of exfoliating blackheads.
  Using towels instead of hands for daily face washing will also have an exfoliating effect, but use with caution on dry and sensitive skin.
  Wet the face in advance, foam the cleanser into the palm of your hand, add sugar (the particles should not be too large, otherwise it will scratch the skin), or apply the finely ground mung bean powder to the blackheads and horny areas, slowlyMassage in circles.
The advantage of this is that it can achieve the effect of exfoliating, the sugar slowly melts, and it will also have a maintenance effect on the skin.
  把毛巾蘸湿,把食盐放在毛巾上,轻轻搓揉脚后跟,达到去脚后跟角质的作用  用刷毛柔软的小牙刷轻轻洗黑头,但是只适用于油性皮肤者  小牙刷的妙用,还可以用来刷脚趾,洗指甲缝  减肥  饭前喝水,帮助控制食量  躺平,顺时针再逆时针按摩腹部,帮助排除宿便  早晨起床和一大杯淡盐水,帮助排除宿便  将矿泉水瓶装大半瓶绿豆/米,手臂举平,向两边摇动,帮助减少拜拜肉  紧致肌肤,去水肿  排水按摩方法:以食指及中指腹,从鼻翼两侧、脸颊到耳际逐步停留轻按,各约5-10秒Put both hands on the left and right cheeks and extend to the sides of the ear for 5-10 seconds.
This is also where the traditional Chinese medicine called acupoints, cheek car points, and big welcoming points can help eliminate cellulite.
Below the ear is the location of the lymph glands that control metabolism. The palm temperature helps the lymph to metabolize water and waste.
Sliding your fists on your cheeks, smoothing the masseter muscles by massage can also lift the skin that has become loose due to age.
  In addition, you can also use a porcelain spoon to press the skin to complete the massage, but do not pull the skin. 躺在 Lie on the bed at night, put your head outside the bed, put your feet up against the wall, maintain this posture, and then rub the care products.
好处是让脸部的皮肤对抗地心引力,   达到紧致的作用,腿部也可以达到去水肿的作用   眼睛向上看,用脂腹的眼周,尤其是眼袋和黑眼圈的部位,轻轻弹按,达到去眼袋和黑眼圈的作用   可以用粗盐泡澡,达到去水肿的目的   可以用冬瓜带皮煮水喝,有利于排水   薏仁煮水可以去水,还会有美白和减肥的作用哦   薏仁粉蛋白,调和均匀后敷脸,可以紧致肌肤,美白   玉米须煮水,可以利尿,去水,捞起来还可以用来洗澡时去角质哦   用瓷汤匙按压脸部   加速身体血液循环   拍打身体数次,拍手,排空掌实掌各100下   抬脚仰头数次   用圆头的木质刺猬梳按摩头皮,加速头发生长。Massaging the whole body can speed up blood circulation and relieve itching of the elderly’s skin. Hairdressing 把 Braid the hair before going to bed, or use a clip to fix the tail around the straw. Open it in the morning for beautiful curls.

How to tease him for a good life

How to tease him for a good life

In this age, it is really difficult to find a good husband.

Even if the card is obtained, the woman should not be taken lightly. The rivers and lakes are sinister. Maybe when the husband goes out, he will meet a female hero with a stunt. The two men will be taken away by the female hero. The love slogan of this era is: Don’t care about eternity, only care for a moment!

It ‘s been a long time since I was in the rivers and lakes. Is this out of date?

The original seven-year itch has become the three-year itch, the March itch.

In fact, man is an animal that loves the new and hates the old. If you want a happy marriage, you must have fresh content to charge for love every day.

Women must learn to tease their husbands.

  1. Frequently surprise or surprise him for some birthdays. Sending flowers and buying cakes is too common. You can make delicious food with a fumes. You better dress yourself, but there are some beauties, he sees more, do n’tHow beautiful you are. You are dressed as two hundred and fifty. You have a lot of weak children on your head. One cheek is red and the other is black. Tell him that this is the custom in your hometown. Your favorite person must be dressed for birthday.Into two hundred and twenty-five.
After frightening him, you dress up like a lady again and go to a more romantic place to eat with him . 2. From time to time, you pretend to be painful and shout, “My husband, it hurts me, you giveI rub, here, here, not right, here . “” Oh, not here, you want to rub me to death?

Why are you so seduced?

Do you want to play hooligan?

“3. To improve cultural accomplishment, sometimes reading ancient poems often:” On the day of the hoe, the sweat dripped into the soil. ”

“Drilled into her husband’s arms and asked:” Are you Hehe?

Who is the lunch hour?

See you tired every day, sweat dripping down the soil . 4, often give her husband some puzzles: “What is one minus one?”

Fool, don’t know!

It ‘s equal to two. You touch it. I have it. Is n’t it just to cut your son out?

  ”Husband, what would you do if you happened to be trapped in the elevator with a beautiful lady in a big earthquake?

“” 5, to give her husband full freedom: often teach her husband how to tease female colleagues: take a coin: “I teach you a trick to tease female colleagues.

“Then pinch the coin with your finger and say,” I ask you a question, and you answer after you pull out the coin.

“First question:” How old are you this year?

“Her husband took the coin from your fingers and answered.

The second question is also equivalent.

One last question: What is the first sentence you and your husband’s cave house Yehue said to you?

“Tighten with the strength of both hands to prevent him from pulling out the coins, he will say,” You are too tight, I can’t pull it out. ”

“Hahaha . success!

Asked her husband: “Did you learn?

“6, when writing, when you encounter a word like” bit “, ask your husband:” This, how do you write this ‘bit’?

Oh, think of it, think of it, isn’t it oral sex?

(* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee . 7. Use lipstick on the stomach and breasts to draw a heart shape to surprise her husband.

  8. The husband is in a bad mood. When he is angry with you, he will pretend to be aggrieved and tell him a story: “The bull is on a business trip, do n’t worry about the cow alone at home, put it next to the friend elephant, and the bull comes back to the mother牛回去后,惊讶的说‘咦,牛B大了呀!Then he nodded his forehead and said, “It’s you!”

“9. Learn some dance: watch my husband watch TV ads on the breast, just come and give him a striptease, his posture is more humorous than on TV . 10, if you give your husband your first time: Occasionally let your husband remember your first time, learn how he looked then, the stupid the better.

If you do n’t bring it to your husband for the first time, your husband will cry with tears: “I and you will always be the first time. If you are like this, I have to hang a noodle.

“Then he cheated in his arms.

Makeup misunderstanding makeup is no longer scary_1

Makeup misunderstanding makeup is no longer scary

[Introduction]Makeup to make up for small flaws in the face, this is what every beautiful woman will do.

However, there are some misunderstandings when applying makeup, and make out misunderstandings, so that makeup is no longer scary.

  1. Misunderstanding Cosmetics Advertising Misunderstandings The recommendations on cosmetics advertising may not be suitable for you. They are all products that follow the trend, or choose cosmetics according to their own conditions and characteristics.

In the face of this type of advertising, please stay calm and think about whether you can achieve this effect if you use this product. If it is possible to try the product for a small trial, don’t rush out of your pocket.

  2. The small face makeup method in the superstition legends The small face makeup method in the superstition legends can indeed function as a small face in the body, but the small face makeup method suitable for different face shapes is also different.

You should look into the mirror, pick up your bangs, take a closer look at your face shape, and then choose a suitable makeup method based on your face shape.

  Tip: In fact, the most beautiful face modification is not magic makeup, but hairstyle.

  3, desperately brushing mascara can be curled curled desperately can be brushed mascara can be curled curling mascara only fix the eyelashes, to make the curls curled mainly depends on the correct method of clamping the eyelashes.

When you clamp your eyelashes, you should pick it up from the root, and gradually lift your hand tightly and loosely, and repeat it many times.

  Brushing methods of different mascaras: 1, thick type: Now apply the roots back and forth, and then brush up, just apply the tip of the eyelashes lightly.

  2, slender type: do not apply on the roots of the eyelashes, hold the brush upright and apply it initially.

  3. Water fluorinated type: Do not use the brush immediately after taking it out, and wait until the water has evaporated.

  Tip: Before applying eyelashes, apply a layer of eyelash primer first, the effect will be better.

  4. Apply a thick foundation on the top. Apply a thick foundation on the top. There is too much foundation on the front end. People with bright eyes can see it at a glance. It almost makes their own thick makeup and is as white as a millennium old monster.
In fact, you are still young and beautiful, you just need to put on a cream and makeup powder.

Put on a foundation cream before applying the foundation, and use the concealer to conceal the blemishes above. If you want to keep the makeup long-lasting, you need to use makeup powder to fix the makeup.

  Foundation, isolation cream selection tips: Use greenish isolation cream for shells with red blood; try purple foundation for fairer skin; of course, use pink foundation to solve the problem of no blood color on the face.

  5, smoky makeup is to exaggerate the eyeshadow. Some smoky makeup is to exaggerate the eyeshadow. Some smoky makeup is layered. It is very fragile to draw a black circle around the eyes.

You should first draw the layered sense of smoky makeup, and the black gradually goes up until it disappears.

  Specific steps: 1. Base the eye area with gold first, and then paint another layer with brown.

  2. Use the black eye shadow to draw upward from the root of the eyelashes, the range is not larger than one-half of the eyes, and then take multiple black eye shadows, and start painting from the root, a small number of times.

  3. Use eyeliner to deepen the contour of the eye, and finally brush the eyelashes.

Ten minutes before going to bed, let you lose more light.

Ten minutes before going to bed, let you lose more light.

“I want to know if there is a way to spend too much time and sleep on the bed to get rid of excess meat?

“There are so many letters and messages. For the specific situation of the sisters, this time-saving and convenient way to lose weight can be an appetite for you!”

  ● The first group of actions: Respiratory movement action essentials: deep breathing, two up and down movements should follow the rhythm of breathing, enter the ecstasy state when sitting still.


Preparation: The legs are up, the back waist is straight, and the hands are placed on top.


Inhalation: When inhaling, the body moves upward from both sides after the waist. Some of them should be lifted over the top of the head while the head is lifted up.


Exhale: When exhaling, the carbon dioxide falls and is inserted into the waist.


Rest: Rest, relax, close your eyes, straight back, hands on top.

Breathe at a constant rate and sit for 30 seconds.

  ● The second group of actions: Lifting the leg movements essentials: Try to bring the legs closer to the body when lifting the legs.


Sitting on the bed with your legs crossed, raise your left foot with both hands and slowly raise your left leg to the highest point, then fall back to the right leg and repeat the right leg.


Sitting on both legs, the body is straight and curved, the middle finger is opposite, the body slowly bends forward, trying to close the hands with the lower jaw, then get up and sit straight.

  ● The third group of actions: the essentials of the waist movement: When the upper part of the body and the head turn to the lower left and the rear, the front chest should try to be close to the leg.


Sitting on the bed, legs straight forward, parallel to each other on the back side, the upper and lower legs are relaxed, the left leg is bent over the right leg, the left arm is raised above the left leg, and the body turns backwards.Look ahead.

Retreat action, repeated on the right.


The legs are seated on the bed, the front side of the left arm, and the back side of the right arm are deployed, while the left arm is self-aligned to the waist and the right arm is hung to the left knee.

Retreat action, repeated on the right.

  ● The fourth group of actions: posture movement action essentials: When the left arm pulls the head slowly to the left and right, the head should not use force, to relax, mainly use the force of the left arm to pull the head to reduce.


The legs sit on the bed, the shoulders sink, the pair spreads to the sides, the left arm crosses the top of the head, and the left palm is placed near the right ear. After the reset action, repeat it repeatedly.


Shake the head left and right for a week, lift it up, put your hands behind your head, hold your fingers across your head, and apply force to the chest to stick to your chest.

  Edit the whisper: The student girl and OL pay attention, before going to bed every day, you just have to toss 10 minutes in bed, stick to 2 weeks or so, the surprise effect can be seen!

This set of beds is simple, easy to learn, and has low difficulty in movement. It is also suitable for housewives to exercise while playing TV at home.

Don’t forget, slim down, remember to tell us, and let our hard-working coach happy!

Steam bath

Steam bath

Steam bath refers to the heating of steam in a house with a special structure, and people bathe in the diffuse vapor.

  Classical steam bath is to heat a few special stones on the fireplace or the stove in the bathroom, then extinguish the fire, splash water on the stone to produce steam. When the temperature and humidity reach a certain standard, you can enter the bath.

Modern steam baths are heated by a thermostatically controlled electric heater.

  Standard steam bath facilities should include the following sections: waiting room, changing room, shower room, wooden structure steam bath, greenhouse with cold pool, curling, toilet, some with massage room, artificial solarium, etc.

  Among the elderly, steam baths are a long-established traditional health care therapy.

It usually uses a steam fumigant table containing the drug, which we will cover in detail in the “medication bath”.

According to the difference between the air temperature and the relative humidity of the bathroom, it can be summarized as a dry heat steam bath and a wet heat steam bath.

  Bath body method: The steam bath is performed in a different way than the general bath.

It is roughly divided into the following steps: Prepare the bather to remove the clothes and then enter the shower room, wash the whole body with warm water, soap and dry it or blow it with hot air.

  After entering the bath into the steam bath, depending on the individual’s physical fitness and tolerance, the wooden grid panels of different heights on the walls of the bathroom can be placed flat or seated, and the position can be constantly changed to evenly heat, and the body can be beaten with a brick wall to create a machine.Stimulation and circulation of the surrounding air.

Lasted 7?
15 minutes.

  After cooling down to the whole body, go out of the steam bath and enter the greenhouse. Use 14 °C?
20 ° C cold water shower or soak 2?
In 3 minutes, you can also cool down with cold air outdoors or swim in rivers and lakes.

  After repeated bathing, after a certain period of time to cool down, dry the body when there is no longer a cold feeling, rest for 10 minutes, then enter the steam bath, stay again, and then leave the steam room to cool down.

So repeatedly rise, drop 2?
5 times.

  Principle of action: Chinese medicine believes that when steam bath, people are located in the transpiration of hot and humid air, sensation, mouth and nose at the same time, outside to the skin, internal and internal organs, are all raised, can not only rise yang, excite the air, can nourish yin and moisten, diuresis and swelling.

I often bathe and reconcile the camp, calming and calming the nerves.

  Modern medical research has confirmed that the effect of steam bath on the human body is the dual effects of high temperature and air humidity and cold air or cold water stimulation.

It can promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, improve respiratory function and cardiovascular system function, help restore fatigue and repair the damaged tissue, and regulate the nervous system function.

  When applying the principle of steam bath, the appropriate temperature, humidity and residence time should be appropriate according to the individual circumstances.

Healthy people in a dry hot steam bath (temperature 80 ° C?
90 ° C, humidity 20 ° C?
40 ° C) indoor, the average tolerance time is about 17 minutes; in a hot and humid steam bath (temperature 40 ° C?
50 ° C, humidity 80 ° C?
100 ° C) indoors, can stay up to 19 minutes at a time.

  The temperature and duration of the cold water used for cooling varies from person to person, and in principle there is a recurrence of chills or discomfort.

It is best to end the bath with a warm hot water bath.

Rest for more than half an hour after bath, while drinking some light salt water or juice to replenish water and electrolytes.

  It is best not to wash the steam bath twice a week, usually no more than 1 hour each time.

  Note for steam bath: Children should not take too long to bathe in 10 minutes; athlete training and 1 before the game?
A steam bath takes place in 2 days, but should be done after exercise.

  Remove jewelry and other attachments while bathing.

  Not suitable for pregnancy or menstruation.

  Contraindications for steam baths: acute attacks, infectious diseases, angina pectoris, hypertension, severe arteriosclerosis, diabetes complicated by ketoacidosis, hyperthyroidism, chronic alcoholism, epilepsy, renal failure, malignant tumors, and the possibility of bleeding.

  Small knowledge abroad put the steam bath into the “sauna”.
The situation varies from country to country, and the specific use is different. The more famous ones are Finnish bath, Roman bath, Turkish bath, Russian bath, Iran bath and Japanese bath.

According to the difference between the air temperature and the relative humidity of the bathroom, it can be summarized as a dry heat steam bath and a wet heat steam bath.
  Dry hot steam bath, such as Finnish bath, Roman bath, the bathroom interior temperature is higher, up to 80 ° C?
110 ° C, the relative humidity can be, about 20 ° C?
40 ° C.

  Wet hot steam bath, bathroom temperature is 40 ° C?
50 ° C, the relative humidity is high, even can reach 100 ° C, Russian bath, Japanese bath is this type.

These five foods can’t be eaten during a cold!

Especially the first one

These five foods can’t be eaten during a cold!

Especially the first one

Many people think that a cold can’t eat eggs. Some experts have pointed out that eating fewer eggs can help the cold recover.

In fact, in addition to eggs, these types of food are even less touched!

Can you eat eggs with a cold?

Although some experts pointed out that eating eggs or not eating eggs during a cold can help the cold recover as soon as possible.

However, the nutritional value of eggs is high, and it is unscientific to not eat eggs.

People in the mouth of the “cold can not eat eggs”, mainly refers to the cold with a fever, it is best not to eat eggs.

Because eating eggs at this time will increase the body, and the conversion will not be able to spread, it will aggravate the condition.

Therefore, there is no big harm in eating cold eggs, but you must not eat a lot of eggs when you have a fever, especially fried poached eggs or scrambled eggs.

In addition to eggs, these kinds of foods should be avoided during a fever!

1, honey people must have a light diet when eating a cold, to avoid all over-nourished food.

Honey is beneficial to the body and is rich in nutrients. However, if it is eaten during a fever, it may affect the effective removal and elimination of the body’s heat, which may aggravate the condition and even cause other diseases.

2, pork, duck, mutton pork fatty, eat more easy to help wet oysters, duck meat is cold, too much to eat when a cold is easy to slip the tongue and convulsions, and mutton warm and warm, if the cold with fever must notEat lamb to avoid aggravating the condition.

3, persimmon persimmon cold, nourishing yin and moist, but for friends with cold and cold, a large number of edible persimmons easily astringent evil, thereby aggravating the condition and delaying the recovery of colds.

4, strong tea, especially strong tea is easy to cause brain excitement, speed up the pulse, rise high blood pressure, so friends with a cold with fever must not inhale a lot of tea, easily lead to increased body temperature, aggravating the condition.

Moreover, certain substances in tea may affect the decomposition of the drug, hinder the effective absorption of the drug by the human body, thereby reducing the efficacy of the drug, and is not conducive to rehabilitation.

5, spicy food spicy food is irritating, often eat less, more to avoid during a fever.

Spicy food is easy to suffocate, help the fire and sputum, if it is difficult to cough up in the body, it is even more serious.

And after a cold and fever, the diet should be light, pay attention to the supplement of salt, often spicy food is accompanied by too much salt, once again increased the recovery of the cold.

In addition, when you have a fever, you must drink plenty of water, add vitamins, pay attention to rest, in order to better help the body to fight the disease.

In winter, you can eat lactic acid bacteria that can prevent cold and sour yogurt. It can promote the growth of white blood cells in the blood, effectively prevent colds. Drinking yogurt every day can avoid protection and enhance resistance.

Sweet potato skin is the first barrier to the human body against bacteria, viruses and other external damage. Sweet potato is rich in beta carotene, which can effectively improve the skin’s resistance, and can reduce cellulose.

Beef beef contains zinc, which can help promote the growth of white blood cells, help the body to prevent harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria, and improve immunity.

Mushrooms can promote the production and activity of white blood cells, prevent them from disease, effectively improve the body’s immunity, and thus prevent colds.

Garlic and garlic can fight poison, and studies have shown that eating garlic can also reduce the incidence of colds by 2/3. If you chew garlic regularly, you can reduce the risk of colon cancer and stomach cancer.

Of course, in addition to proper diet, strengthen physical exercise, maintain a good mentality to be more resistant to various diseases, winter must pay attention to cold and warm!

Related recommendations: Ms. Wang Wang’s heart emergency treatment of a cold caused by a certain drug caused by acute renal failure Beijing Health Planning Commission: There are three types of high-risk groups have a cold to get the best early treatment of scallion boiled water can cure a cold?

How to eat more effectively?

Adjust the psychological rhythm to improve the weight loss

Adjust the psychological rhythm to improve the weight loss

Xiaoqian has reached the age of love, but the most annoying thing is fat.

In recent years, diet pills have been eaten one after another, but the effect is not much.

A while ago, I heard from friends that psychological behavior adjustment can also lose weight, and she can’t help but make her happy.

Under the guidance of a psychiatrist, she tried to do psychological adjustment while learning, and a treatment was really effective.

  Since people’s feeding behavior and physical activity are related to emotions, emotional factors play an important role in the occurrence of obesity.

People sometimes compensate for emotional dissatisfaction by eating more and eating more satiety. Over time, this pattern of emotional behavior is fixed and forms a dependence on food, so that only eating more can calm the mood, and moreEating leads to obesity.

  Integrate social support, behavioral therapy, emotional regulation and other methods to develop a comprehensive and comprehensive psychological behavior treatment program, which may achieve the purpose of weight loss.

When obese people have a bad emotional reaction, they must adjust to the main emotional problems.

The collective psychotherapy method is explained by the psychologist in a simple way, so that obese people realize the occurrence of obesity, and the development is related to people’s emotions.

Through the appearance of effective weight-lossers, other surrogates are inspired to eliminate doubts and enhance confidence.

On this basis, for those who are mild to moderate, it is not necessary to strictly limit eating, but physical activity should be increased.

Moderate and severe obese people must strictly control the substitution of transformation, increase the amount of physical activity, and increase the consumption of transformation.

The psychological behavioral treatment of obese people should be sustained and adhere to the end.

  Music therapy can also regulate the mood of obese people.

When obese people have a feeling of high blood pressure and want to eat, there are often emotional reactions such as anxiety and anxiety. Music therapy can reduce their appetite by regulating emotions.

The specific method is: listen to a few minutes of exciting music before you feel the drought or before eating, such as Susie’s “Stars and Stripes Never Fall”, Rossini’s “William?”

Prelude to Prelude, Verdi’s “Triumphal March”, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, or the selection of popular pop music and songs, because emotional excitement can slow down the secretion of gastric juice and suppress appetite.

In addition, play some light and happy music between the two meals, such as the guitar song “The Story of Love”, Brahms’s “Lullaby”, the Chinese famous song “Spring River Flower Moonlight Night”, etc., to eliminate the eliminater who wants to eat snacks.A kind of nervous and irritating emotions, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling eating.

  For people who are not very obese, they can be treated at home with self-controlled therapy.

This method includes two parts: control of the environment and adjustment of individual behavior.

The control of the environment is to limit the occurrence of various energy-generating scenarios, such as changing the time and place of eating; not eating for fear of waste; limiting the amount of food; avoiding the appearance of high-volume foods; chewing slowly, slowing the throat;Large, low-level foods to change the body’s feelings and hints about eating; change social cues, eat with restrained eaters; pay attention to regulating the emotional response caused by aging.

Personal behavior regulation is divided into self-monitoring and self-reward and punishment.

The self-monitoring method is to weigh the weight every night and use a diary to record the eating situation and weight of the day to form a behavior monitoring form.

Self-reward and punishment means giving you material or spiritual rewards when you lose weight or control your diet, such as watching movies, listening to music, buying an item, etc., from the heart; when overeating or gaining weight, giveSelf-awareness, such as reducing a shopping opportunity, taste a little Huanglian.

Self-control should be gradual, gradually increase the requirements, and after the weight has basically returned to normal, it should still have control over eating.

Homemade safflower alcohol anti-decubitus

Homemade safflower alcohol anti-decubitus

Long-term bedridden or seriously ill, the first should pay attention to systemic nutrition, according to the condition of high protein, high vitamin supplements, encourage patients to eat more, life can not take care of themselves should feed water in time to enhance resistance and tissue repair ability.

To help patients often change position, usually every 2?
Turn over once in 3 hours, if necessary, pad with a sponge pad or air cushion; keep the bed clean, dry, flat and free of debris.

If there is secretion in the wound, it is necessary to change the dressing in time. If there is incontinence, vomiting and sweating, it should be cleaned in time. If it is wet, it should be replaced in time. The clothes are often washed and cleaned.

Do not use a damaged potty. When using the potty, do not harden the hard pull. If necessary, put a soft paper or cloth pad on the edge of the potty to prevent skin damage.

  Regular massage can improve local blood circulation and have a certain effect on preventing acne.

Here we introduce the preparation method and massage technique of safflower alcohol for your reference: 1.

The safflower alcohol preparation safflower has the function of promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.

Go to the Chinese medicine room to buy 6 grams of safflower, immersed in 50% alcohol 500 ml in 1?
2 days, you can use it.


The full massage technique assists the patient in prone or sideways, revealing the cheekbones, scrubbing with hot water first, and then rubbing with a little safflower alcohol in both hands or one hand.

The massager stands obliquely on the right side of the patient, and both hands start from both sides of the patient and massage upwards along both sides of the spine (the palm of the hand is evenly massaged in a clockwise direction, the force is sufficient to stimulate the muscle tissue), and when the shoulder is worn, the technique is slightlyLight, turn down to the waist.

This rhythmic massage is repeated several times, and then the thumb is used to massage the spine from the tail to the seventh cervical vertebra.


Partial massage at the pressure is carried out with a small amount of safflower alcohol. The palm-sized fish area is close to the skin, and the pressure is evenly applied to the center. From light to heavy, from heavy to light, about 3?
5 minutes.

If local symptoms of ecchymosis occur locally (partial blood stasis is red), do not add pressure to the place during massage. Use your thumb to make a stepping motion, and gently massage from the near hemorrhoids.

Qigong beauty nursed back to your youth

Qigong beauty nursed back to your youth

Practicing qigong is not a form of exercise that regulates physiology and health. It is also a way of keeping people’s youthful vitality and positive movements in the future. Many people who have contacted qigong all the time are radiant and unremarkable.The eyes are not spent, the ears are not listening, and the teeth are not loose.

The mindset is very positive.

This is the health mode and beauty effect of Qigong.

  Qigong beauty is a way to achieve therapeutic or health care through qigong exercise.

Various physical rejuvenation techniques in Qigong can be used for beauty.

Because the gas function comprehensively adjusts the human physiology, it can bring a deeper beauty to the shape and temperament.

  Qigong Beauty, like ordinary Qigong, achieves the purpose of exercise through the methods of adjusting body, adjusting interest and adjusting heart.

  Tonality refers to the exercise of posture or movement.

There are many postures for practicing, each with its own form, but there is a general requirement for them to be beneficial to the operation of the blood inside the body, and the five internal organs.

After posing, you should pay attention to the adjustment of the facial features, so that you can have eyesight (that is, the inner view of the drape), the rhyme of the ear (that is, forget the sound), adjust the nose (that is, adjust the softness into the fine), and sigh the tongue))), light teeth (ie teeth bite).

Because the five senses are connected with the five internal organs, the five internal organs are connected with the five gods. Therefore, after the above postures are set, the five senses, the five internal organs, and the five gods can be combined.

Action refers to the action when practicing the power.

Because of the similarity with gymnastics, the movement is similar to the function of evacuating the meridians, running the blood, and exercising the body, making the body light and healthy, and bodybuilding.

  Adjusting interest refers to the exercise of breathing and internal gas. It is the main part of practice and an important part of Qigong beauty.

People’s breathing activities are autonomous, but through exercise, they can be artificially controlled to better play its role.

The human breath is dominated by the lungs, and the lungs are the mainstay. Therefore, the clean air sucked from the natural world not only enriches the infuriating, but also further promotes the operation of the blood in the whole body, making the whole body qi and blood, the internal organs and the limbs.骷髅 Get bred, this is the foundation of bodybuilding.

The blood is full, the talents are not easy to get sick, and the person can enjoy the beauty and the hair.

Qi plays an important role in the beauty of people.

The luster of the skin is closely related to the rise and fall of the gas. No matter whether it has a complexion or not, once it is swelled, it will have a luster and a god, so that even a blackish, yellowish complexion can give people a sense of beauty.

The qigong’s interest rate adjustment is just tempering and inflating, so Qigong exercise can make the facial color normal and achieve the beauty effect.

  Tuning refers to the exercise of mind.

The human mind activity is the function of the mind and heart, so it is tempered.

Six kinds of food taboos that you don’t know about vegetables

Six kinds of food taboos that you don’t know about vegetables

Six dietary restrictions on vegetables should be noted. Mushrooms are blended with ergosterol, which is converted to vitamin D after exposure to sunlight.

If soaked in water or over-washed, nutrients such as ergosterol will be lost.

  American food experts have found that if carrot juice rich in carotene is incorporated into the body with alcohol, it can produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease.

Long-term storage of leftovers will produce a large amount of nitrite, which can cause mild food poisoning.

  1, eating tomatoes before meals can easily increase stomach acid, consumers will have heartburn, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

  2, mushroom over-soaked mushrooms may be ergosterol, this substance will turn into vitamin D after exposure to sunlight.

If soaked in water or over-washed, nutrients such as ergosterol will be lost.
  3, fried bean sprouts under the fire, not fried soybean sprouts contain trace amounts of protease inhibitors and other harmful substances, may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other adverse reactions after consumption.

  4, fried bitter gourd does not bitter melon contains oxalic acid can prevent the absorption of calcium in food.

Therefore, the bitter gourd should be placed in boiling water first, and then oxalic acid should be removed before cooking.

  5, green leafy vegetables stored too long leftovers will store a large amount of nitrite, even if it does not look bad on the surface, it can cause mild food poisoning, especially those who are weak and sensitive.

  6, carrot juice and wine with the United States food experts found that if the carrot juice rich in carotene is implanted in the body with alcohol, it can produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease.