Qin Feng ignores Gao Lili,I just sat in front of the computer and took a contract template and knocked it up。

About a child,A formal contract was printed by Qin Feng。
“Come,Sign it!”
“what?this is.new contract?what.Liquidated damages of billions?”When she saw the number of liquidated damages, Gao Lili was scared to look at Qin Feng many times.。I always feel that some people want to harm me!
“That one,big boss,I heard that you once sent a female model who was already booming to prison?”Gao Lili asked timidly。
“There is such a thing!”Qin Feng remembered the model in Zhao Kuo’s company,If not that one,Qin Feng won’t even do anything to Dynasty Company。Maybe at this time the chairman of Dynasty Group is still Wang Fang!
of course,Everything is over,Don’t mention it。
“That one,big boss,I apologize to you,Don’t design to deal with me,I don’t want to go to prison。You speak,Whatever you want me,I listen to you!”Gao Lili is crying now。
Qin Feng couldn’t tell whether it was real or acting。After all, crying opera should be considered an entry-level skill for students in the acting department。
of course,There are many crying states,This will test the actor’s level。
“okay,I don’t want you to do anything extraordinary。In short,I represent the company,Will make you popular。Now you sign this contract!”Qin Feng’s business。
“but.Why is one billion liquidated damages?”
“Ok,That must be my consideration。You sign first,I’ll tell you after signing。”Talking,Qin Feng put the pistol on the table。
There is no threat in Qin Feng’s words,But everyone knows what Qin Feng meant when he put the gun on the table。
Even if Goryeo graduated from acting department,Facing Qin Feng’s method, I can only admit counsel。

Looking back at ourselves,What is your attitude towards this cooperation??Short-sighted,For my own little departmental interests“Argue with reason”,If a certain chief patted the table and cursed, it means“For the two or two rice,One by one, even the dog’s brain has to be typed out”。

The most serious is,If this happens,How will the reform and opening up in the future proceed??
Chen Geng came with such great sincerity,As a result, the cooperation has not been completed yet,Who would dare to believe China in the future?
and so,I must give Chen Geng an answer as soon as possible,And it is a reply that must satisfy Chen Geng。
of course,Negotiation requires a process,But before that,We must calm Chen Geng’s emotions……
“Mr. Chen,Sorry,We didn’t do some things well,Let you down,For some of our practices,I am very sorry,”Guo Wenxiang who hurried over said nothing,Bowed deeply to Chen Geng:“Please rest assured,I came from the chief,Before i come,The chief told me again and again,Let me tell you,Say:‘Xiao Chen,do not worry,The country and people will give you a satisfactory explanation’。”
Chen Geng smiled:“Minister Guo, you are polite,Actually, the main thing is to blame me。”
Guo Wenxiang didn’t quite understand what Chen Geng meant:What do you say?
Just listen to Chen Geng continue:“I always thought that as an overseas wanderer of the Chinese nation,I should do my best to help my nation,But now it seems,I’m too wishful。”
Listen to Chen Geng,A thin layer of cold sweat immediately appeared on Guo Wenxiang’s head!
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Mr. Chen,Sorry,We didn’t do some things well,Let you down,For some of our practices,I am very sorry,”Guo Wenxiang who hurried over said nothing,Bowed deeply to Chen Geng:“Please rest assured,I came from the chief,Before i come,The chief told me again and again,Let me tell you,Say:‘Xiao Chen,do not worry,The country and people will give you a satisfactory explanation’。”
Chen Geng smiled:“Minister Guo, you are polite,Actually, the main thing is to blame me。”
Guo Wenxiang didn’t quite understand what Chen Geng meant:What do you say?
Just listen to Chen Geng continue:“I always thought that as an overseas wanderer of the Chinese nation,I should do my best to help my nation,But now it seems,I’m too wishful。”
Listen to Chen Geng,A thin layer of cold sweat immediately appeared on Guo Wenxiang’s head!


­  俄罗斯国际文传通讯社7月30日报道称,俄罗斯副总理德米特里•罗戈津当天表示,罗马尼亚外交部长梅莱什卡努原计划在莫斯科转机前往哈萨克斯坦进行访问,却因近期罗马尼亚拒绝俄罗斯飞机进入其领空一事,为以防万一,更改行程,选择了另一条路线。­  报道称,7月27日,俄副总理罗戈津率领的俄政府代表团乘坐俄罗斯西伯利亚航空公司(S7)客机前往摩尔多瓦首都基希讷乌,参加纪念德涅斯特河沿岸维和行动25周年活动时,罗马尼亚以俄副总理罗戈津受欧盟制裁为由,拒绝客机进入罗马尼亚领空。客机随后因燃油不足被迫降落在白俄罗斯首都明斯克。­  罗戈津随后谴责罗马尼亚的行为是针对摩尔多瓦总统的不友好行动,且危及涉事客机上160名乘客的生命安全。俄罗斯外交部也在28日谴责罗马尼亚此举为蓄意挑衅,将严重损害俄罗双边关系。俄外交部呼吁,罗马尼亚政府应对彻查此事,并向俄方做出相应的解释。­  另据俄新社7月29日报道,俄公正俄罗斯党副主席奥列格•尼洛夫提议,在罗马尼亚未就罗戈津被拦一事做出合理解释之前,禁止所有罗马尼亚飞机进入俄罗斯领空。俄国家杜马议员阿列克谢•茹拉夫廖夫也认为俄罗斯必须采取回应措施。­  另据俄新社7月30日报道,罗马尼亚外交部新闻中心向俄新社解释称,罗马尼亚外交部长梅莱什卡努之所以未在莫斯科转机,是因为俄罗斯航空公司更改了航班时刻表。此外,梅莱什卡努的行程早在28日之前就已经确定,无法进行变更。【 杭州夜网论坛 记者 严翔】 责任编辑:纪玮维

ZTE (000063) 2019 Interim Report Review: Gross Margin Increases Beyond Expectations; 5G Driven Growth Accelerates in Second Half

ZTE (000063) 2019 Interim Report Review: Gross Margin Increases Beyond Expectations; 5G Driven Growth Accelerates in Second Half

Key Investment Events: ZTE’s Interim Report officially disclosed that it achieved operating income of 446 in the first half of 2019.

09 million yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

12%; comprehensive gross profit margin is 39.

21%, an increase of 8.

97 units; net profit attributable to mother 14.

710,000 yuan, always going up 118.

80%, and an increase of 58 from the second half of 2018.


At the same time, the net profit for the first nine months of 2019 is 38-46 trillion (including about 2 billion after-tax investment income).

  Among the segment services, 1 operator’s network business revenue was 324.

850,000 yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

19%, gross margin increased by 3 in the short term.

49 up to 44.


The main reason for the business growth of this segment is that the company has further strengthened cooperation with mainstream international operators, FDD system equipment at home and abroad, and optical transmission products at home and abroad have grown significantly.

2 government business revenue 47.

00 billion, a slight increase of 6 a year.

02%, gross profit margin 36.

95%, an increase of 8 per year.

33 units.

Among them, international data center products, international optical transmission products, and international FDD system equipment business have increased.

3 In the first half of the year, the terminal sales market was weak. At the same time, the company streamlined and standardized, and its consumer business revenue was 74.

24 ‰, significantly higher than expected, reaching 35.


In this way, the gross profit margin has increased by 8.

Ten averages reached 16.


  The construction of 5G network scale started, and capital expansion accelerated.

As the first year of 5G, with the issuance of commercial licenses, construction has begun in various major regions across the country.

Judging from the recent statements of operators, the construction of 5G networks is likely to accelerate.

After China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom successively stated that they will enable 50/40 cities to provide 5G services in 2019, China Mobile raised its 5G capital expansion to 24 billion (US $ 17 billion) at the press conference, confirming that we have gradually closed the cloud construction station.Forecast of volume increase.

We estimate that the total 5G construction volume of the three major operators in 2019 is 150,000 stations + (higher than the previous forecast of 100,000 stations), and the actual shipment may be higher.

In addition, 5G spending of US $ 40 billion in 2019 will be mainly released in the second half of the year. Therefore, we expect that the wireless side spending in 2019 will increase by 20% at the same time. Compared with the first half of the first half, there will be only a quarter-on-quarter increase in the second half.
  From a global 5G perspective, substrate shipments have also grown rapidly.

As of the end of June, Huawei and ZTE have received 50 and 25 5G orders, respectively.

Driven by 5G construction in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and other regions, Huawei’s 5G base stations continue to be strong, reaching 150,000 stations at the end of June, and ZTE has also achieved 50,000 stations. It is expected that global 5G base station shipments in 2019 are expected to reach 1 million stations.
All of these have provided leading support for ZTE’s 2019 performance.
  Driven by 5G investment applications, it has been carried out step by step.
In the 3G / 4G era, after the operator obtained the license, it took about two years to “get on the line” and entered the investment swap channel.

At the 5G stage, investment in communications will be a gradual process due to the effects of licensing rhythm, trade friction, and three major scenarios.

  The most important reason is the logic of the new infrastructure of application-driven communication, because at this stage, 5G applications and business models are not clearly stated, requiring the coordinated development of networks, terminals, and applications, and continuous exploration.

We believe that 5G investment will spiral upward and the boom will continue for a long time. Therefore, ZTE has brought a relatively high window of prosperity to ZTE.

  Focusing on the 5G main channel, the business capability has been rapidly improved.

At present, the company’s business level and technical strength are on the fast track of rapid development.

In terms of wireless, ZTE has launched 5G cooperation with more than 60 operators worldwide. Large-scale MIMO base stations have dispatched tens of thousands of units. NFV has more than 450 commercial and PoC cases worldwide. In the wired field, more than 30 5G bearer businesses have been completed.In the experiments of the local network and the existing network, the capacity and integration of 四川耍耍网 the flagship TITAN light receiver led the industry, and it has been applied on a large scale in China, Italy, Japan and other places. In terms of chips, all of the core communication chips have been self-developed, and more than 100 kinds have been successfully mass-produced.These include 10nm / 7nm process core communication chips, which are leading in terms of performance and have maintained a long-term leading edge; industry application areas, conducting “5G +” research exploration and demonstration in intelligent manufacturing, connected cars, new media, environmental protection, medical and other fieldsConstruction, business incubation, etc., help digital transformation of vertical industries.

  Profit forecast: In 2019, ZTE and Vanke’s commissioned development of the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base will generate an investment income of about 2 billion after tax; in 2020, the volume of domestic and global 5G investment will drive the strong growth of ZTE’s main source of operator business, so weWe have raised our profit forecast and expect ZTE’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 53.

800 million, 70.

100 million, 83.

400 million yuan, corresponding to the closing price and market value on August 27, 2019, PE was 23 times, 18 times, and 15 times, respectively, maintaining the “prudent increase” rating.

  Risk reminders: Domestic equipment vendors are hindered from expanding overseas markets, and greater internal market competition; 5G network construction expansion is stronger than expected; trade wars are intensified or technology is blocked.

Guangxin Co. (603599): Three quarterly reports are in line with expectations. Focus on new project construction progress.

Guangxin Co. (603599): Three quarterly reports are in line with expectations. Focus on new project construction progress.

Net profit in the first three quarters increased by 10% each year, in line with market expectations. Guangxin shares released the third quarter report for 2019 on October 27. The company achieved revenue of 25 in the first three quarters.

5.3 billion, an increase of 13 a year.

3%, net profit 4.

1.5 billion, an increase of 10 in ten years.

4%, performance in line with market expectations.

Follow the current 4.

6.5 billion shares of the total equity calculation, the corresponding EPS is 0.

89 yuan.

Corresponding to 2019Q3 realized revenue 8.

62 trillion, an increase of 20 in ten years.

9%, net profit 1.

5.7 billion, an increase of 9 in ten years.


We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1.



59 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

The increase in the sales volume of the herbicide segment and the increase in the average selling price of fine chemicals led to an increase in the performance of the fungicide segment. According to Zhongnong Lihua, the average price of carbendazim / methiocarbin in the first three quarters changed by -1% / 0% to 3, respectively.


20,000 yuan / ton, the company’s sales of fungicides doubled.

6% to 1.

37 average, average price increased by 0.

8% to 3.

20,000 yuan / ton, revenue increased 2% to 4.

3.8 billion.

In the herbicides sector, the average price of glyphosate / diuron-methyl changed by 7% / 6% to 2 in the first three quarters.


80,000 yuan / ton, the company’s herbicide sales volume increased by 35% to 4 per year.

03 samples, the average price dropped 5% to 2.

40,000 yuan / ton, revenue increased 29% to 9.

500 million.

The company’s fine chemical sector achieved zero sales.

29 Initially, the year fell slightly by 3%, and the average price had previously increased by 12% to 9.

40,000 yuan / ton, revenue increased by 8% to 2 in ten years.

800 million.

The company’s gross profit margin increased by an average of 0.

1pct to 32.

1%, the financial expense ratio increased by 1.5pct to -1.


The pesticide market has been trending rapidly recently. Pay attention to the progress of production in northern Jiangsu. The pesticide market is generally stable in the near future. According to Zhongnong Lihua, the company’s main products, glyphosate, diuron, and carbendazim, have been quoted at 2.




0 million yuan / ton, unchanged in early September, the latest price of methylthiocarbin was 3.

0 million yuan / ton, down 3% from the beginning of September.

At the same time, chemical companies in northern Jiangsu have been working since “3.

After the 21 ”explosion, production was suspended in a large area. According to relevant government websites, Lianyungang, Yancheng and other places have issued notices of resuming production since September. At present, some enterprises have completed the final review and are starting at the end of October.Production resumes one after another.

The projects under construction help the company to upgrade its products and further improve the industrial chain companies. In January 2018, they successfully increased their capital. 14

0 million US dollars to build 3000 tons of pyraclostrobin, 1200 tons of oxacillosporin, etc. As the relatively high-end pesticide varieties, pyraclostrobin and oxadiazon are used to help the company to upgrade its products.Production is expected to begin in early 2020.

In addition, the company’s important intermediate 武汉夜网论坛 p-nitronitrochlorobenzene Phase II 10 is expected to start production in 2019, further improving the company’s industrial chain.

Maintain “Overweight” rating We maintain the company’s EPS for 2019-2021.



The forecast of 59 yuan is based on the estimated level of comparable companies (average 13 times PE in 2019), considering that the company continues to integrate the integrated industrial chain to reduce production costs, giving the company 14-15 times PE in 2019, maintaining a target price of 15.


10 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk reminder: glyphosate’s overseas policy risks, and the new project’s commissioning is not up to the expected risk.

February 20th the daily limit board has long known: Seven major benefits are expected to ferment

February 20th the daily limit board has long known: Seven major benefits are expected to ferment

Isn’t the “Chun Mang” market simple?

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to China’s futures futures chief coach Sirius 50 Chen Hao talk “Technical 北京夜网 Analysis: Follow the main force to catch bull stocks”, understand the main force to catch bull stocks from the K line.

  Sina Finance News on February 19 news, there are seven major benefits that may affect the stock market tomorrow, specifically: Zhengbang Technology: Net profit in 201916.

$ 9.7 billion increased by 777.

53% Zhengbang Technology (002157) disclosed the performance quick report on the evening of February 19, and the company realized a total operating income of 254 in 2019.

4.2 billion, an increase of 15 every year.


Net profit 16.

9.7 billion, an annual increase of 777.

53%; basic profit income is 0.

69 yuan.

According to the number of reports, the rise in hog prices has increased the company’s hog breeding sector’s gross profit and increased profits.

  Yisheng shares: In 2019, the net profit will increase five times in ten years. It is proposed that 10 transfers, 7 pays and 10 pays.

8.4 billion yuan, an increase of 143 over the previous year.

26%; net profit 21.

7.6 billion yuan, an increase of 499 over the previous year.

73%; basic profit income 3.

79 yuan.

The company distributed a cash dividend of 10 yuan (including tax) to every 10 shares for all shareholders, and increased 7 shares for every 10 shares of the capital reserve fund.

According to the reported quantity, the average price of broiler breeder chicks of the company’s parents increased by 115 compared with the previous year.

05%, the average price of commercial broiler chickens increased by 101 over the previous year.


  China Fortis: Revised the issue price of the increase plan.

18 yuan / share China Fortis (300560) announced on the evening of February 19 to amend the plan for non-public offering of shares.

Among them, the subscription price was revised to 12.

18 yuan / share, that is, the issue price is not lower than 80% of the average trading price of the company’s shares 20 trading days before the pricing reference date; the restricted sale period is revised to 18 months.

Zhongfutong will increase the funds raised this time4.

500 million euros to supplement the liquidity, the actual controller Chen Rongjie each fully subscribed for Rongjia Technology.

  Shanghai Kaibao (300039) announced on the evening of February 19 that Tanreqing Injection combined with “New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 6)”.

Tanreqing Injection is an exclusive patent of the company, which is mainly used for the treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and upper respiratory infections caused by bacteria or viruses.

This matter is expected to have a positive impact on the marketing and sales of Tanreqing Injection, but the impact on operating performance cannot be estimated for the time being.

  Xiangtan Dianhua: Amendment to the plan for controlling the increase of shareholders and other participants in the subscription of Xiangtan Dianhua (002125) announced on the evening of February 19 to amend the plan for non-public issuance of A shares.

After the amendment, the company intends to raise funds to no more than 35 objects and no more than five.

28 trillion US dollars, for the annual production of advanced lithium manganate battery 2 and other projects.

The company’s controlling shareholder, Dianhua Group, and the indirect controlling shareholder, Zhenxiang SDIC, intend to subscribe for 100 million yuan and 1, respectively.

500 million yuan.

The issue price will not be lower than 80% of the average trading price of the company’s stocks in the 20 trading days before the pricing reference date.

  Yu Nong Commercial Bank: Approved to build a wealth management subsidiary Yu Nong Commercial Bank (601077) announced on the evening of February 19 that the company plans to invest 2 billion yuan to initiate the establishment of a wealth management subsidiary.Recently, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a reply and agreed to the company’s preparation for the establishment of Chongqing Agricultural, 青岛夜网 Commercial and Financial Management Co., Ltd.

  Longma Sanitation: Winning the bid for a 3 trillion sanitation service project Longma Sanitation (603686) announced on the evening of February 19 that the company recently won a bid for a market-based service project for sanitation in Dinghai City, Zhoushan City, with a contract value of 300 million yuan.

As of now, the company has won 6 bids for environmental sanitation service projects in 2020, and the total amount of service fees in the first year is 3.

$ 1.5 billion with a contract budget of 10.

900 million yuan.

Insomnia and drowsiness in autumn The Yellow Emperor’s Canon reminds you to pay attention to gastrointestinal health

Insomnia and drowsiness in autumn “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” reminds you to pay attention to gastrointestinal health
From late autumn, the climate is cool, the summer heat has passed, and the winter cold has not yet arrived.This climate is good 南京桑拿网 for sleep, but many people don’t sleep properly, drowsy during the day, shaking at night, counting sheep until dawn.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that insomnia in the autumn is mostly hot and hot in the summer and exhausts one’s heart. In the autumn, it becomes depleted and uneasy.In addition, since ancient times, autumn has been sad and lonely, and everything has been depressed in autumn. People are prone to depression, which leads to insomnia.Text: All-media reporter Zhong Kui Insomnia—the stubborn disease that transcends time and space. In fact, abnormal sleep will not only appear in autumn, but also in other seasons.As the saying goes, spring is sleepy and summer is scarce, and autumn is hibernating.People will appear “sleepy”, “tired”, and “depleted” all year round, dozing off during the day and not sleeping at night.Insomnia caused by seasonal changes is only one of the causes of insomnia.Any physical discomfort, stress in life and work, and mental and psychological changes may cause insomnia.Moreover, insomnia is a persistent disease that spans time and space. It not only bothers modern people, but also ancient people.China’s first collection of poetry “The Book of Songs”, the first volume of the book “Guan Yu” is a “insomnia poem”: “Sir lady, please ask.”poo.Long and careless, tossing and turning.The young man did not succeed in pursuing a lady for a while, he missed it day and night, and turned up pancakes in bed at night.Look at the “Moon Yue He Jiao Jiao” in “19 Ancient Poems” of the Han Dynasty: “He Jiao Jiao in the bright moon, according to my Luo bed.Sorrow can’t be distressed, lingering around.Although the passenger line is Yunle, it is better to return early.Who is alone when you leave home?Led back into the room, tears shed clothes.A wanderer who had never thought of Shu, but woke up with the worries of homesickness because of a bright moon, could not sleep at night, rose up in a cloak and wandered alone.Take another look at the first poem in “Wing Huai” by Ruan Ji, one of “The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest”: “Don’t be awake at night.The thin curtain reads the bright moon, and the breeze blows me.Guhong outfield, birding song north forest.What will you wander about?Worrying alone is sad.”Ruan Ji, who lost sleep over worries, simply sat up and played the piano.There are a lot of poets suffering from insomnia in history, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are only a handful of people who never suffer from insomnia.Stomach discord is a common phenomenon because of insomnia. The earliest medical classics in China, the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, paid much attention to this problem, and spent a lot of time exploring the causes and treatment of insomnia.Regarding the normal physiological clock of sleep, the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic believes that the body’s “protective energy” operation is closely related to the generation of sleep.”Lingshu · Dachaolun” points out: “A man who protects qi travels day by day in the sun and night travels in the yin. Therefore, the yang qi lays down while the yin qi runs down.The so-called “protective qi” is metabolized by the essence of water valley that is transported by the spleen and stomach. It flows very quickly and runs between the skin and muscles.The role of invasion.The flow of Weiqi is divided into day and night, Yin and Yang, and the day “walking in the Yang” is the Sanyang meridian of the hands and feet, circulating for 25 weeks.At night “walking in the yin” is traveling in the five internal organs, and it is also circulating for 25 weeks.Normally, Wei Qi “walks in Yang” is awake, and “walks in Yin” sleeps.When Wei Qi has performed the five internal organs, people will wake up.According to this theory, The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine believes that when the body’s yin and yang are exuberant or weak or imbalanced, insomnia or sleepiness will occur.”Lingshu · Cold-Fever Disease” states: “Yang Qi Sheng is stunned, and Yin Qi Sheng is stunned.”Yang Qi Sheng” means “Wei Qi must not enter the yin and often stay in the Yang”, that is, Wei Qi is still stranded in the Sanyang meridians of the hands and feet at night, and does not enter the five internal organs.In the same way, when Weiqi stays in the internal organs during the day and cannot walk on the body surface, he will be lethargic.”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” noticed that the “doorway” of Weiqi from the Yangjing to the five internal organs was the hand, the footyangming classic, namely the stomach and the large intestine.The “gateway” of Weiqi from yin to yang is the foot-taiyin meridian, that is, the spleen, such as spleen dysfunction, will affect Weiqi to yang, causing drowsiness.This shows that the normal function of the spleen, stomach, and large intestine is the key factor affecting sleep.Therefore, “Su Wen · Inverse Tune Theory” states: “Stomach discord is uneasy.”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” also explains the reason why fat people are drowsy and thin and insomnia: “Therefore, the stomach is large . then (weiqi) stays in the yin for a long time, and if it is not fine, it is craving, so it is more prone to sleep.”.Its stomach is small, the skin is smooth and slow, the meat is divided into benefits, and the qi stays in the yang for 西湖阁体验网 a long time, so it is less stingy.”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” believes that the quality of sleep is related to the human spirit. Divine anxiety can conceal energy, and distress can cause sleep disturbances such as dreams, nightmares, and sleepwalking.How to prevent insomnia and drowsiness?The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” points out that daily routine is the key to obeying the laws of nature.Lung Qi Qing. “In addition, attention must be paid to gastrointestinal health.In this way, you can effectively prevent the “maintaining yang” or “maintaining yin” in Weiqi.

Orchid Science and Technology (600123) Company In-depth Report: High-quality Anthracite Enterprises Estimated Recovery

Orchid Science and Technology (600123) Company In-depth Report: High-quality Anthracite Enterprises Estimated Recovery

Company profile: High-quality anthracite enterprises with industrial integration advantages.

The company is a high-quality anthracite enterprise. The “Orchid Brand” anthracite produced is an important coal chemical raw material and is a scarce variety.

The original company reorganized the development ideas of strong coal, weight loss, and expansion. Since the coal was mined as anthracite, the coal used in 青岛夜网 the coal chemical industry was basically supplied by the coal business, and the company gradually formed an industrial integration advantage.

With the rise in coal prices since 2017, the company’s revenue, net profit attributable to mothers, ROE, sales gross margin and net profit and other important data have shown a good upward momentum.

Coal business: The gas production is expected to continue to grow, and there is great room for growth in production and sales.

In terms of production capacity, Yongsheng Coal Mine has entered into joint trial operation on July 16, 2018, with a deadline of 6 months, and officially put into production in 2019; the Yuxi Coal Mine under construction is likely to achieve joint trial operation at the first mining face in 2019;The resource integration mines being built are also under orderly construction, and the company’s coal production and production progress will continue to increase in the next few years.

In terms of production and sales, according to our analysis, there is still room for 30 incremental increments in the currently producing Dayang Coal Mine and 20 additional increments for Baoxin Mine. In addition, Yongsheng Coal Mine, which has entered the joint trial operation, is expected to gradually contribute to production.In the future, there is room for further growth in the company’s coal production and sales.

Coal business: The gross profit per ton of coal has increased significantly and the profitability industry leads.

By comparison, the overall output of the company’s gross coal per ton of coal rose by 102 in 2017 when coal prices rose.

5%, the first three quarters of 2018 continued to increase 11.


In the future, coal prices are expected to continue to run at medium and high levels, and the company ‘s coal mines in production in 2016 currently have a gross profit per ton of coal of -0.

42 yuan / ton, there is still much room for improvement, so the high profitability of the company’s coal business is expected to continue, and there is even room for further increase.

Horizontal contrast, high refractive index + normative health model makes the company profitable, leading other companies in the industry.

Gross profit per ton of coal in the first three quarters of 2018 (396.

96 yuan / ton) Haohua Energy (204.)

99 yuan / ton) higher than 191.

98 yuan / ton, high profitability has aggravated the company’s complementary advantages in the industry.

Chemical business: The terminal covers many industries and is expected to continue to contribute to performance.

The company’s chemical products are dimethyl ether + caprolactam, and the terminal covers many industries such as textiles and fuel.

Dimethyl ether is currently in an over-production state, and subsequent production is expected to decline due to environmental protection and production restrictions.

The profitability of the product has gradually increased since 2016. The dual logical forecast that the price of methanol will remain high + the increase in LPG prices will increase the demand for dimethyl ether will ensure the sustainability of dimethyl ether’s profitability.

Caprolactam, production is not affected by environmental restrictions, “10 to 14” is expected to be put into production in 19 years.

In the medium and long term, the company’s caprolactam project has a planned production capacity of 20 inches, with the remaining 10 inches of incremental space.

In the future, the supply and demand of the caprolactam industry is expected to increase, and more capacity will be added to gradually expand the market. Intensified competition among enterprises is expected to cause product prices to decline.

Considering that there is less room for product cost reduction, the profitability of caprolactam products of the company is expected to fluctuate slightly in the future.

Generally speaking, although the absolute value of the company’s chemical products’ contribution to profits is not large, the sustainability of its contribution to performance can be guaranteed.

Fertilizer business: Environmental protection and limited production have suppressed production and sales, and the product has substantially reduced losses in the past two years.

The company’s fertilizer industry currently has 4 urea companies with an annual urea production capacity of 120 microns.

In the end, the company ‘s urea production and sales changed due to factors such as the closure of the fertilizer plant and the suppression of the urea industry by environmental protection in 2017.

In the past two years, due to the changes in the industry’s supply and demand pattern and environmental protection and production constraints, the company’s recoverable growth in urea prices has led to a significant increase in product profitability, but from the branch profit growth data, it has also achieved a substantial reduction in losses and profitability remainsWeakness weighed on company performance.

In the future, the profitability of urea products is expected to have limited growth space. After the fertilizer business has obviously reduced losses, it will still have certain shortcomings in turning losses into profits.

Investment strategy: “Buy” rating.

We expect that the coal price will continue to be high in the future. The company’s new mines will increase production and sales. The caprolactam “10 to 14” project will be put into operation. The company’s future performance is expected to further improve.

We estimate that the company’s EPS for 2018-2020 will be 1.



25 yuan, the current corresponding PE is 6 respectively.9X / 6.

6X / 6.

2X, give the company a “Buy” rating.

Risks: Economic growth is slower than expected; policy adjustments are too great; renewable energy alternatives.

Chinese gentleman’s sign and flaw

Chinese gentleman’s sign and flaw

The following can provide you with ten details of the gentleman-Chinese gentleman who found few and few gentlemen in the red dust around you.

  One, some clean and slender hands, and enlarged neat nails.

  Second, although not smoking, carry a lighter with you to make it easy for the ladies around to light up for this.

  Third, change the shirt every day, keep the neckline and cuffs flat and clean, and some will use cufflinks.

  Fourth, there are no items hanging around the waist, such as mobile phones, pagers and so on.

  Fifth, when getting along with the lady, do not miss every detail to take good care of the lady, and operate in a state of almost complete subconsciousness.

  Six, never make a sound while eating.

  Seventh, it is more repetitive than ordinary people use polite language.

  Eight, prefer loneliness, seek for a quiet heart, quiet body and passionate meditation.

Gentlemen therefore have good thoughts, good dance essays, good classics in literature and art, and rarely read the flashy and noisy works, including film and television.

If you look at it once or twice, if you think it is vulgar, you will never pick it up, including discussion.

  Nine, mood and anger are invisible, silent in the crowd alone.

  Ten, thinking too much about the attitude towards love, often indecisive by accident.

  The next step is to provide you with a way to see through the sugar-coated man in a “gentleman”. Of these ten methods, although not to recruit blood-seal throats, you can always have a knowing smile-Ten flaws of Chinese gentlemenFirst, the hand shape is clean and beautiful, but once you enter the room where you need to take off your shoes, a strange smell will be generated in the air.

  Second, although you carry a lighter with you, it is a disposable plastic lighter.

  Third, when wearing brand-name watches, his wrists are soaring.

  Fourth, although I change my shirt every day, I always wear the same tie.

  Fifth, although there is no mobile phone and pager hanging around the waist, they often speak loudly to the mobile phone in public, and let their mobile phone ring in the theater.

  Sixth, even abiding by the lady, but the contrast is too big when dealing with same-sex friends, betray two people.

  Seven, there is no sound when eating, but it is noticeable when drinking soup.

  Eight, although polite terms are used more often than usual, they are replaced to a shocking degree of suspicion.

  Nine, I prefer to be lonely to the point of fear of seeing a living person.

  Ten, thinking too much about the attitude towards love is not an indecisive choice, but it is not intended to believe at all.

  In fact, those who drift around in this world are just bubbles of life. Among us, who really understands how sad and helpless those women who are obsessed with gentlemen but cannot find it, yeah,Everyone knows that his “gentleman style” is just a beautiful icing, but what can be done-when you are addicted to this unsustainable sweetness.

Job seekers are most afraid of failing

Job seekers are most afraid of failing

On July 6, fresh graduate of China University of Mining and Technology Chen Jialing boarded the train to Baotou and was ready to report to a local joint venture coal mine.

This is not the only employment opportunity for Xiao Chen. Three months ago, he also accepted an “admission notice” from a research institution in Beijing, but after repeated comparisons, Xiao Chen finally gave up Beijing and chose Baotou.

  ”Baotou was chosen because of its high budget and great development potential.

Chen Jialing told reporters.

Beijing research institutions have low wages. Although they pay “three insurances and one fund” on behalf of social endowment insurance and medical insurance, they cannot solve the problem of Beijing Hukou.

The Baotou company’s salary during the probation period can reach 5,000 yuan, and the “three insurances and one gold” are all up.

“The most important thing is that the position is in line with the majors studied. As a student of applied disciplines, I can apply what I have learned, which makes me feel more able to realize my self-worth.

The reporter asked: “Are college students looking for work?”

Chen Jialing said: “This depends not only on each person’s ability, but also on each person’s attitude.

“He told reporters that most of his classmates, like him, have found a job:” The ones who choose ease will find employment in Xuzhou or return to their hometown; development.

The most fear of finding a job is that you can’t achieve high or low. You can’t bear hardships, and you don’t want to remain anonymous in ordinary positions. Some classmates still have no job yet, mostly because of this.

“Experts explain whether young people should choose first-tier cities or second- and third-tier cities?

Ren Yuan suggested that young people, regardless of whether they “escape from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,” or adhere to “North, Shanghai, Guangzhou,” should “based on the rational choice of urban environment and their own development.

  He said that Chen Jialing’s choice reflects the rationality and pluralism of contemporary young people’s career choices.

In the past, the “thousands of people crowded the canopy bridge”, the concept of job hunting that focused on going to the first-tier cities began to loosen, and development opportunities, income levels, social welfare, and other factors have become comprehensive considerations when youths choose jobs.

A rational and pluralistic view of job selection enhances young people’s self-realization.

Entrepreneurial star Jack Ma did not insist on the development of the first-tier city Shanghai, but chose the location of entrepreneurship and development in the second-tier city of Hangzhou because of his rational judgment of his own development.

  Ren Yuan believes that in the process of informatization and gradual development, competition between cities is increasing, which is conducive to creating a more fair development environment for the growth of youth in different regions.

The decision to go or stay is a choice made by young people after rational thinking, and all must be respected. All the city has to do is respect their decision.

For immigrants, the city resets temporary rules, and for those who expect to move out, there are also obstacles to moving out.

Whether it is “escaping from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou”, “running towards Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou”, “holding on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou”, all promote the flow of talents between cities, which is conducive to the rational distribution of talents.