Reminder: 5 Worst Fitness Habits

Reminder: 5 Worst Fitness Habits

Exercise while reading a book If you are concentrating on reading a fashion magazine, it also means that you cannot focus on the sport you are doing at the same time.

Experts say reading while exercising is the worst thing.

“If you are going to exercise, you have to focus on your body.

“she says.

If you need to do something else at the same time to make the exercise less boring, experts suggest that it is better to wear headphones and watch TV, it is not as focused as reading.

  Sports to sweatingSports to sweating may make someone feel more fully exercised, but in reality this only costs you a few pounds of water.

Except that it is not good for your health, nothing will work.

Excessive sweating can also cause cramps and other sports injuries.

When you exercise, make sure you have a bottle of water on hand to keep you hydrated.

  Riding a stationary bike or simply riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill has no effect on strength training.

“You can burn 100 calories a mile walk; but in the same 20 minutes, you can burn 300 to 400 calories if you do weight-bearing exercise on the device.

Experts say.

Strength training can help you maintain muscle shape and delay muscle relaxation due to age.

  Bypassing weightlifting exercises Ladies are often afraid to practice weightlifting and increase their looks to look like bodybuilders.

Don’t be afraid.

It is a common misconception that weight lifting or strength exercises for proper women to grow large muscles.

In general, the appetite will increase after exercise.

If you can’t keep it up, once the amount of exercise drops sharply, your appetite will not decrease, but you will become fatter.

If you decrease and repeatedly increase or decrease exercise, your weight will fluctuate, it may become heavier, or it may be increased-decreased-increased, which is more harmful to your health.

  Hungry for exercise is hungry for exercise is tantamount to driving a tank without oil on your body, your body needs energy to ensure its operation.

Some healthy snacks, such as oatmeal or bananas, can be digested on the way to the gym and provide the extra energy you need for your next exercise.

This is especially important during morning exercise, because after one night your stomach is empty and the transfer has been consumed.

You need to fuel it and let it restart.

Workplace women’s unique decompression method

Workplace women’s unique decompression method

The difference between men and women is a topic that people have been discussing for a long time. Men and women have different ways of thinking, different ways of behavior and different emotional needs. These differences are reflected in both life and the workplace.

So when faced with work stress, professional women will be treated in some way?

Beijing Zero Survey Company has conducted research recently.

  Women are more prone to mood swings and fatigue. When work is stressful, professional women are prone to emotional changes, and serious and irritable emotions are determined by the physiological characteristics of women.

  In the workplace, emotional performance is not promoted, and emotional reactions in the face of stress will also have an effect on an individual’s career, which makes women’s physiology more susceptible to fatigue.

  Therefore, women must improve their professional qualities and rationally control their emotions.

At the same time, corporate managers and male colleagues should be more tolerant and understanding of women.

  Women are more inclined to talk about stress is necessary, but the way to deal with stress is to be able to choose and change.

When faced with stress or frustration, men are more likely than women to “attempt to seek hobbies and actively participate in cultural and sports activities”, “to insist on their own position to work hard for what they want”, “to take a variety of different solutions to problems”, and”Try to restrain your disappointment, remorse, sadness and anger.”

Professional women take “talking with people, telling inner troubles”, “trying to forget the whole thing”, and “sitting yourself.”

  The survey shows that women have a better understanding of communication and sharing in assessments, which can make up for their inner satisfaction.

Therefore, when women are under pressure, finding someone they trust can become a very effective way to relieve stress.

  In the modern workplace, the scope of professional women’s work is getting bigger and bigger. For the topic that stress can’t be avoided by modern people, through the comparison of gender differences, the characteristics of stress response are clear, and the coping style of stress of the opposite sex is completely beneficial to their own physical health.It is also conducive to promoting more harmonious work efficiency.

Blind acupuncture to lose weight may be infected

Blind acupuncture to lose weight may be infected

In the long season of “Autumn Festival”, the enthusiasm for people to lose weight did not decline due to the arrival of autumn.

According to statistics from the Beijing Hospital Acupuncture Department, there are now more than 50 outpatients who lose weight every day.

Although acupuncture weight loss is called “green weight loss”, because it relies on traditional Chinese medicine physical therapy, there is no complication, but experts say that the current acupuncture weight loss market is confusing. If you choose an incorrect acupuncture site and method, patients are very susceptible to infectious diseases.

  The reporter investigated 50 hospital acupuncture weight loss reporters every day and went to the third clinic of acupuncture and moxibustion in Beijing Hospital. The clinic of ten square meters has been filled with people, and the six beds are lying on the needles.

“Now there are nearly 20 people who lose weight every day with acupuncture and moxibustion, and there are more than 30 people who have lost weight.

“Acupuncture and moxibustion Dr. Liu Shukun said that the number of outpatients in this department has increased significantly this year.

  A civilian and a lady with a needle on her leg told reporters that this was the eleventh time she had come to the needle, and she had already lost more than 7 pounds.

There is some pain in the needle, but it is still not possible to control the diet.

  The beauty salon acupuncture weight-loss high reporter also found that in the life beauty salon, the cost of acupuncture weight loss is about 500 yuan, and in the hospital, only 120 yuan.

“The cost of accepting patients in these beauty salons is unreasonable. They use the psychology of patients who don’t understand the situation and are eager to lose weight to make up for the expenses.

Relatively speaking, for an unsuspecting patient, it is not expensive to think that 500 yuan can lose weight, but in fact, it only needs more than 100 yuan.

Expert opinion Autumn is the best time to lose weight. The reporter found that in the outpatient population, some people have been losing weight since the beginning of the summer, and have continued until now.

And some people are only starting the first course of treatment now.

Liu Shukun said that in fact, in the summer and in the summer, autumn is a season more suitable for weight loss.

Because this is the season of “Changqiu”.

After entering the fall, people’s appetite begins to flourish, and the metabolism is significantly reduced. The excess metabolism in the diet will be converted into a small amount of accumulated in the human body in case of winter consumption.

So many people find themselves gaining weight in the winter, and think that it is winter to make people fat, but in fact the season of gaining weight is autumn.

  Judging from the current outpatient volume, there are still many people who choose to lose weight just after entering the autumn season.

Liu Shukun explained that this shows that many people choose to use acupuncture to lose weight.

Everyone’s eating habits, life patterns, weight loss history, etc. will affect the effect of any product.

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Unscientific use, lack of perseverance, and failure to find the most suitable weight loss method for your body will cause unsuccessful weight loss.

  Authoritative statement Life beauty salon has no right to acupuncture weight loss Liu Shukun said that although compared to taking medicine, liposuction and weight loss, acupuncture has little harm to the human body and adapts to a wide range of people, but blindly performing acupuncture to lose weight will have serious adverse effects.

Since acupuncture belongs to the Chinese medicine method, it must be inserted into the skin when applying the needle.

According to the law, this invasive behavior, which is implanted into the human body, is a medical act. The person who has the needle must hold the Physician Qualification Certificate and the Physician’s Practice Certificate. The location must be within the medical institution; if in the hospitalExternal medical treatment must be approved and filed by the health administrative department.

Therefore, choosing the correct and distance mechanism to pin the needle is the safest way to ensure acupuncture weight loss.

Therefore, people who choose acupuncture to lose weight must go to the distance of the institution.

  Improper acupuncture may harm internal organs. According to the Health Supervision Office of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, there are many acupuncture and moxibustion programs in many life and beauty salons in the city. They often use the advertisement of “fast weight loss” and “one shot effective”.To attract customers, in fact, it is completely illegal to carry out such acupuncture and weight loss in a beauty salon.

Because of improper acupuncture, it causes the consequences of internal organs such as heart, lung and liver.

In addition, after the silver needle is inserted into the acupuncture point of the human body, the capillary may be broken. Therefore, if the silver needle is not fully autoclaved during repeated use, it is easy for patients to spread blood, hepatitis B and other diseases.

  Related tips Acupuncture weight loss considerations?

Don’t over-diet: It is not advisable to over-control diet during weight loss, especially if you don’t use obesity.

Because excessive dieting, it may lead to anorexia, resulting in dysfunction of the digestive organs, causing serious consequences, but the metabolic function of the human body is reduced, and the reduction of metabolic function is a potential factor for getting fatten.

Once the normal diet is restored, the patient can continue to gain weight, and may even be fatter than before eating.

However, proper control of sweets and greasy foods, reducing trace and sugar intake.


Appropriate increase in activity: Increasing adult consumption is a necessary condition for weight loss treatment.

But do not advocate baseline exercise, promote endurance and lasting exercise.For patients with abdominal obesity, doing abdominal breathing and abdominal activities for about 20 minutes before going to bed is good for reducing abdominal abdomen and laxation.


Specifications for ear pressure treatment: The acupuncture points should be accurate during treatment, and the patient should press the ears on time.

Generally, it is 5-6 minutes before the meal, and it can be heated to both ears.

Pressing 3 times a day is the key to achieving weight loss goals.


The most suitable age for weight loss: young and middle-aged people between the ages of 25 and 50, because of physiological changes, the process of moving from a good to a bad, the daily energy consumption is also reduced, so it is easy to produce obesity.
However, the functions of the human body in this stage are relatively sound, and it is easy to adjust the internal function through acupuncture treatment, and promote the decomposition of trace amounts to achieve the purpose of fat-reducing and weight-reducing.

  Related knowledge Acupuncture weight loss principle Acupuncture weight loss is through the adjustment of excessive nerve and endocrine function, can inhibit the appetite of obese people, reduce food intake; inhibit the digestion and absorption function of obesity, thereby reducing the absorption and storage of body energy;Metabolism, increase energy consumption, promote slight decomposition, and ultimately achieve weight loss.

  Advantages and disadvantages of acupuncture weight loss: Compared with other weight loss methods, acupuncture weight loss is called “green weight loss”. The biggest advantage is that there is no other substitute. It is the combination of ear needle and body needle to achieve weight loss by stimulating the corresponding acupoints.The effect can also prevent and treat a variety of diseases.

  Disadvantages: Acupuncture mainly relies on body conditioning to lose weight, and the effect is relatively slow. People with more serious obesity must adhere to acupuncture for two or three months to have obvious effects.

In addition, do not blindly acupuncture to lose weight.