Lujiazui (600663): Qiantan high gross margin project carried over office occupancy rate slightly rebounded

Lujiazui (600663): Qiantan high gross margin project carried over office occupancy rate slightly rebounded
Revenue for two years +23.86%, gross margin increased by 9 in the short term.In the first half of 2019, the company’s revenue was 81.89 billion +23.86%, net profit attributable to mother 20.47 trillion +11.34%.In terms of items, sales, leasing, finance, and property management segment growth rates were 27.48%, 8.9%, 47%, 7.62%.Overall gross profit margin 58.62%, an increase of 9 over the same period in 2018.36pc, which is mainly driven by the high 北京夜网 gross profit projects in the residential sector. Real estate sales: Tianjin project remaining support, Suzhou project gradient reasonable Reasonable contracted area in the first half of 2019 1.170,000 square meters, the contract amount is 6.1.6 billion, -22% and -12% annually.The main sales projects in the first half of the year are Tianjin Maritime Garden (East Standard Section) and the Shanghai Stock House. The main projects in the second half of the year are still Tianjin Maritime Garden (Eastern Standard Section). At the same time, the Suzhou project has a reasonable gradient layout and is expected to enter the market in the second half. Leasing: The leasing rate of office buildings has driven the gross profit margin of the leasing business to rebound, and new projects have continued to enter the market to achieve leasing income.0.5 billion, an increase of 8 per year.9%, a decrease in the growth rate in the first quarter, mainly due to the breakdown of office rent growth in the second quarter of 2019.Commercial property income + 66% per year, mainly affected by the two L + Malls in Shanghai and Tianjin (opened in the second half of 2018).In the first half of 2019, the leasing rate of Grade A office buildings increased by 1pc compared with 2018, driving the gross profit margin of leasing business to increase by 0 compared with 2018.91.In the second half of the year, Oriental Plaza Phase I and Lujiazui Riverside Center are expected to enter the market. With the expansion of the leased area, the revenue from the rental segment is expected to continue to increase. The net interest rate rose slightly, and the advantage of financing costs highlighted that the net interest rate increased by 12 in the first half of 2019.58 tablets to 118.29%, mainly due to the increase in bond issuance, and the short cash debt ratio rose by 0.07 to 0.39.The company’s shareholders have a long-term credit rating of AAA, and the coupon rate of the latest issue of corporate bonds has gradually decreased to 3.88%, financing advantages continue to highlight.Out of prudence, we will include bonds “16 Riches 01” and “15 Shin Kong 01”, “15 Shin Kong 02”, and “11 Shin Kong Bonds” in the forecast of performance. Target price of 17.12 yuan, upgrade to “Buy” rating. Considering the delivery of SN1 office building projects in the first half of the year, high-margin projects in 2019 have been carried forward. We raise the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 0.95, 1.04, 1.19 yuan (was 0.91, 1.02, 1.16 yuan), the current sustainable corresponding 2019-2021 forecast PE is 14.9, 13.6, 11.9 times.It is expected that Shenwan’s real estate industry evaluation center will move downwards. We lower the PE in 2019 to 18 times (previously 北京男士spa会所 19 times) and lower the target price to 17.12 yuan.High gross profit items were booked, and the occupancy rate rose steadily and raised to the “buy” level. Risk warning: the company may push the market less than expected; the settlement progress may be less than expected.

Chuantou Energy (600674) 2019 Interim Report Comment: Performance Meets Expected Profit Marginal Improvement

Chuantou Energy (600674) 2019 Interim Report Comment: Performance Meets Expected Profit Marginal Improvement

Event: Chuantou Energy released its 2019 semi-annual report.

The company’s 2019H1 operating income3.

200 million, a decrease of 5 every year.

7%; net profit attributable to mother 11.

500 million, a year reduction of 0.

8%; EPS 0.

26 yuan.

Reduced power generation and impact on main businesses: The company’s 2019H1 power generation decreased by 21 due to factors such as the “one stop, one policy” policy for water supply and ecological flow.

9%, of which the increase in power generation in the second quarter of 2019 decreased by 40.


Despite the increase in electricity prices, the company’s 2019H1 operating income3.

2 ‰ (5 per year reduction.

7%), gross margin of 52.

2% (reduction of 1 per year).

9 single); of which the company’s 2019Q2 operating income is 0.

98 ‰ (reduction of 18 per year.

8%), gross margin of 19.

8% (13 per year reduction)

2 averages).

Marginal profit improvement in the second quarter: The company’s main source of profit is investment income from Yalongjiang Hydropower (48% equity participation), and 2019H1 Yalongjiang Hydropower net profit replacement.


Affected by this, the company’s 2019H1 investment net income11.

9 ‰, an average of two in ten years.

5%; but net investment income for the second quarter of 20194.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.


The company’s net profit attributable to the parent in Q2 20194.

1 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.

4% (net profit attributable to mothers in the first quarter of 2019 replaces ten years).

9%), margins improved in the second quarter.

Newly-controlled hydropower assets were added, and the long-term installed capacity was extended to the first half of 2019. The company’s acquisition of 60% equity of Panzhihua China Resources Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. has been completed.

The project is located on the main stream of the middle and lower reaches of the Jinsha River. The total construction period of the project is 72 months. The company’s long-term installed installed capacity is expected to expand.

The application for convertible bonds was approved, and the middle reaches of the Yalong River deserves attention: the company intends to publicly issue convertible bonds to raise no more than 4 billion funds, and it is planned to specifically use it to increase the capital of Yalong River Hydropower.

On July 26, 2019, the company’s application for the public issuance of convertible bonds was reviewed and approved by the issuance committee of the CSRC.

The current projects under construction on the middle reaches of the Yalong River include Lianghekou Hydropower Station (3 million 都市夜网 kilowatts) and Yangfanggou Hydropower Station (1.5 million kilowatts). The first unit is expected to be commissioned in 2021.

With the successive efforts of the Yalong River Midstream Hydropower Station, the company’s long-term growth deserves attention.

Earnings forecast and investment rating: According to the company’s operating data and other conditions, the company’s net profit attributable to its mother for 2019-2021 was slightly increased to 34.

0, 35.7, 36.

1 ppm (33 before adjustment.

8, 35.

5, 35.

900 million).

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

77, 0.

81, 0.

82 yuan, the current expected PE is 13, 12, and 12 times, respectively, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk reminder: the incoming water is higher than expected, the power demand is lower than expected, the unit’s commissioning progress is slower than expected, the on-grid electricity price is reduced, and the risk of rising financing costs is raised.

Ningbo Gaofa (603788): The low point has been corrected several times in the third quarter

Ningbo Gaofa (603788): The low point has been corrected several times in the third quarter

Performance summary: The company announced the third quarter of 2019, and the first three quarters of 2019 achieved revenue6.

US $ 600 million, an average of 35% over a ten-year period, and net profit attributable to mothers1.

400 million, the previous interest rate was 32%.

In the single third quarter, it realized revenue 2.

2 ‰, an average of 21% over a ten-year period, and achieved net profit attributable to mother.

500 million US dollars, an annual growth of 2%.

Revenue declines narrowed, and performance continued to turn positive.

In terms of revenue, benefiting from GM Wuling, Geely and other major customers plus inventory, the company’s third-quarter revenue increased sequentially.

At the same time, the company’s divestiture of Sherman’s related assets is expected to affect revenue of about 20 million in a single quarter. Excluding the impact of Sherman’s divestiture, the company’s main business revenue is expected to replace about 14% in the third quarter.

The company’s gross profit margin was 33 in the first three quarters.

5%, stable compared with the same period last year.

Period expenses cost 10.

6%, an increase of 0 compared with the same period last year.

Two amounts, including sales expense ratio, management expense ratio (including R & D expenses), and financial expense ratio are 5.

5%, 6.

8% and -1.

7%, respectively, exceeded the change by +1.

2%, +0.

3% and -1.


The company’s expectation to achieve a normalized performance transition with reduced revenue is that BAIC Yinxiang’s accounts receivable accounted for bad debts in the last three quarters, and asset impairment losses in the third quarter of 2019 decreased by approximately 12 million yuan compared with last year.

It is expected to continue to pick up and make progress on a common breakthrough.

We judge that the sales volume of the industry is expected to gradually improve 佛山桑拿网 in the fourth quarter. According to industry judgment, the company’s operating situation in the fourth quarter is expected to continue to improve.

At the same time, in the fourth quarter of 2018, the company’s profit base was subdivided due to the accrual of expenses by the sale of Sherry Mann.

In terms of market development, the joint venture development made gradual progress, and the report was merged. The company passed the review of potential suppliers of Changan Mazda and became the bidding qualification of the corresponding product.

From the follow-up point of view, the penetration rate of automatic transmission products for existing customers still has room for improvement. Electronic barriers are gradually cutting into mainstream independent brands such as Geely and Great Wall. Joint venture brands are gradually 杭州夜网论坛 expanding. Future growth is still expected.

Demonstrated confidence in development and continued repurchase.

According to the company’s equity repurchase plan, the size of the repurchased shares does not exceed RMB 50 million and does not exceed RMB 10,000, and the repurchase price does not exceed RMB 22.

7 yuan / share.

As of the end of September 2019, the company had repurchased approximately 5.16 million shares, accounting for 2 of the company’s total share capital.

24%, the highest transaction price of 14.

82 yuan / share, with a minimum transaction price of 13.

07 yuan / share, with a total transaction amount of 72.5 million yuan.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

Affected by the industry in the short term, the performance improvement is under pressure, and the medium and long-term growth is still expected.

What do we expect in 2019?
The company’s net profit will be 2 in 2021.

80,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.



24 yuan, corresponding to the estimated value of 15X / 13X / 11X, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The production and sales of automobiles are lower than expected, the penetration of automatic transmission manipulators is lower than expected, and some automotive electronics products are less than expected.

Medicinal Recipes for Treating Constipation

Medicinal Recipes for Treating Constipation

What is constipation?

Constipation refers to dry stools, difficulty in excretion, and prolonged interval between defecation. Usually, there are no stools for two or three days, or there is a bowel movement, but the stool is difficult.

The causes of constipation often include hot and dry internal knots, weak transmission of qi deficiency, or low yin deficiency and blood.

下面介绍治疗便秘常用有效的偏方大全:  治疗便秘偏方[方一]  麻仁、杏仁、瓜蒌各等分,白蜜适量。The three flavors are fine, white honey is refined into pills such as jujube, and 2-3 pills are served daily.

This prescription clears heat and intestines, and is suitable for constipation caused by heat knot.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二]  香蕉1-2个,冰糖适量。Peel the bananas, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and stew them over water, 1-2 times a day, even for several days.

This prescription is suitable for constipation of Jinchang dryness.

  治疗便秘偏方[方三]  锁阳、桑椹各15克,蜂蜜30克。Fry the Suoyang slices and mulberry water into the juice, stir in the honey, and divide into 2 servings.

This prescription applies to constipation of Qi deficiency.

  治疗便秘偏方[方四]  蜜糖30克,金银花15克。First fry the honeysuckle, remove the residue and let it cool. Add honey in portions and dissolve.

Don’t fry too much when frying. Generally fry into two bowls of silver flower juice.

This prescription clears heat and defecates, and is suitable for constipation caused by heat.

  治疗便秘偏方[方五]  马铃薯不拘量。It was washed, crushed, squeezed, and gauze filtered.

Take half a cup each morning on an empty stomach and before lunch.

This prescription applies to constipation caused by various reasons.

  治疗便秘偏方[方六]  生军4克,白糖适量。Make boiling water and drink frequently on behalf of tea.

This prescription is suitable for hot constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方七]  麻仁、杏仁、芝麻各等分。The three flavors are fine, the white honey is refined into pills such as jujube, called R2-3 pills, warm water to send.

This prescription clears heat and intestines, suitable for dry stool.

  治疗便秘偏方[方八]  沙参、玉竹各50克,老雄鸭1只,调料适量。Remove the duck hair and internal organs, wash them, and add them to the casserole with ginseng and jade bamboo, add onion, ginger, water, boil, and simmer for 1 hour until the duck is overripe, salt and MSG are eaten at will.

This prescription is suitable for constipation due to lung deficiency, long cough, and stomach yin.

  治疗便秘偏方[方九]  猪脊瘦肉、粳米各100克,茴香、食盐、香油、川椒粉各少许。First cut the spine into small pieces, stir-fry in sesame oil, then add the previous rice to cook porridge, cook cooked, fennel, Sichuan pepper, salt, etc., and then boil 1-2 boiling, fasting in the morning and evening.

This prescription applies to fever and constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十]  菠菜200克,粳米30克。First cook the early rice porridge, cook it, and spinach it.

This prescription and Zhongtong defecation are suitable for frail, chronic illness and stagnation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十一]  栗子粉、玉米粉各30克,芝麻仁、大麻仁、红糖各适量。Wash the sesame kernels, drain off the water, and stir-fry; Marie Renyan as the end, add the two flavors into the pot and mix well, then add chestnut powder, corn flour, brown sugar, water and mix well, put in the cake base, and put it in the basket.Smoke for 15-20 minutes, once a day, and eat in the morning.

This formula is for kidney and intestines, suitable for qi deficiency and constipation.  治疗便秘偏方[方十二]  发菜3克,蚝豉(即牡蛎肉)。Lean pork is 60 grams each, and rice is the right amount.

Wash the lettuce, oyster ravioli, chop the lean pork into meatballs, boil in a casserole with an appropriate amount of water, add rice, add the lettuce, mutton meat, cook in the pot until the rice blooms, and cook the meatballCook and eat meat porridge.

This recipe comes from “Chinese Food” and is suitable for senile constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十三]  郁李仁15克,白米50克。Smash yu li ren, stir in water, filter the residue to remove its juice, add yu li ren with 500 ml of water to cook and boil the juice, use the medicinal juice to wash the white rice to make porridge, and take it warm morning and evening.

This formula moisturizes and smoothes the intestines and is suitable for constipation in the elderly.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十四]  芋头250克,大米50克,盐适量。Peel and dice taro and boil porridge with rice and season with oil and salt.

This party is suitable for dry and firm stools.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十五]  鲜空心菜200-250克,马蹄10个(去皮)。Take fresh water spinach and horseshoe soup, and take 2-3 times a day.

This prescription is suitable for hot knot constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十六]  松仁15克,粳米30克。Boil the porridge first, then paste the pine nuts and water into the porridge, wait for 2-3 to boil, and take it on an empty stomach.

This prescription applies to constipation caused by insufficient blood and qi.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十七]  人参9克,白术、茯苓各12克,黄芪15克,黄精、当归各10克,柏子仁10克(冲),松子仁10克(冲),甘草7克。Decoction, 1 dose a day, divided into 2 servings.

This prescription applies to qi deficiency and constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十八]  当归12克,川芎、白芍各10克,地黄、炙首乌各12克,大麻仁20克(冲),黄芪15克,檀香7克(研末后放入Decoction within the medicine), 15 grams of yam.

Decoction, 1 dose per day, divided into morning and evening.

  治疗便秘偏方[方十九]  大黄6克,槟榔10克,枳实、木香各7克,乌药9克,沉香7克(研末冲服),陈皮9克,茯神、半夏、杏仁10 grams each.

Decoction, 1 dose a day, divided into 2 servings.
This prescription applies to constipation of Qi stagnation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二十]  牛乳250毫升,蜂蜜100毫升,葱汁少许。Cook hot every morning.

This prescription smooth bowel and laxative is suitable for habitual constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二十一]  鲜桃花瓣4克,粳米100克。The first two flavors are boiled into a gruel and taken once every other day.

This side smooth bowel and laxative is suitable for constipation.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二十二]  黑芝麻25克,粳米50克。After the black sesame is fried, it is ground and prepared. The rice is washed before use. Put the black sesame with the previous rice in the pot, add water, and boil on high heat, then cook on low heat until the porridge is finished.

  This formula has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing the five internal organs, and is suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, deficiency of wind and dizziness, intestinal dryness and constipation, deficiency of diarrhea after cough, dry cough without sputum, early whitening and less postpartum milk.

  This recipe comes from “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Distinguishing Diseases and Distinguishing Diet”, etc., and the original recipe name is “sesame porridge”.

For “deficiency of the five internal organs, Yiqi strength, strong bones.

“And” the large intestine is closed, and the dry cough has no sputum.

“A formula commonly used to nourish liver and kidney.

Insufficient liver and kidney can not be filled in the brain, you will see dizziness; loss of lung nourishment, see dry cough; jin dry intestine, see constipation; hair loss and nourishment, you must see early whitening; insufficient milk source, see postpartumLess milk; the five internal organs lose their nourishment, but they are weak and lean.

Fayi will nourish the liver and kidneys and nourish the five internal organs.

Fangzhong mainly uses black sesame to nourish liver and kidney, and nourish the five internal organs; supplemented by previous rice, it nourishes the spleen and stomach, and helps to nourish the effect.The two are used together to make liver and kidney tonic and nourish the five internal organs.

This side focuses on nourishing, especially for those with insufficient yin essence and blood deficiency.

The black sesame in the formula can resist aging, so it is suitable for the elderly to replace it.

  Adding honey to the food, the power of nourishing and moisturizing is stronger.

  Except for its nourishing power, it is not suitable for those with phlegm dampness inside and diarrhea.

  治疗便秘偏方[方二十三]  狗肉、红薯各250克。1 tsp cooking wine, except fine salt.

Peel and cut the sweet potatoes and set aside.

Wash and cut the dog meat into small pieces, add 1 spoon of cooking wine to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, above the salt, boil on high heat, skim off the floating foam, and stew the sweet potatoes for about 1 hour until they are rotten.

  This formula tonifies the qi, warms the kidneys and impotences, widens bowel movements.

It is suitable for urination at night and habitual constipation.

  There are sweet potatoes in the dishes, and it is easy to vomit sour, so those with gastric ulcers and too much acid are not suitable.

Three sports are good for sex

Three sports are good for sex

When men are having sex, waist, back, limbs and arms play a very important role, because these parts of the body are the main points of force in the intercourse of men and women.

  Men want to have a smooth and handy “play” in the process of sexual behavior, and they should pay attention to the health and sports functions of the above-mentioned limbs on weekdays.

  If you want to keep the movement of these parts smooth, it is best to do more targeted exercises to help these areas. Some of the following simple recruitment soft exercises, more to help promote the support of arms and lower back, usually in bed orAs much as possible on the ground, men want to maintain “strength”, it is best to take time every night to do a few times (the number of times depends on each person’s different constitutions), in the future when you will not be unable to perform in bed activities.

  Stretch forward to stretch your weight into the ground and into the lower body, straight forward, lift slightly forward, try to tilt forward and forward with your feet, maintaining each shift for 10 to 15 seconds, and then slowlyRelax.

  Cat posture fractures, as the name suggests, this set of movements looks like a cat is broken: first, stretch forward longitudinally, palms touch the ground, and then pull the body above the back to sit on the hips to touch the feet, knees and knees,Stick your feet to the top, stretch your arms as much as possible, lengthen your head and ends, and stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. Then slowly relax and repeat the whole movement.

  The elbow palm pressing posture is similar to ordinary palm pressing, the difference is that the top is on the ground.

Support the ground slightly beyond the radial head vertically, and then perform a palm press to bend and straighten.

Pay attention to keeping the waist slightly bent, each movement lasts for 10 seconds, and then do it again, but remember to do it according to your ability.

What kind of food to supplement the spleen?

Seven kinds of food to spleen and stomach!


What kind of food to supplement the spleen?

Seven kinds of food to spleen and stomach!

Click to buy the spleen plays a very important role in the digestion and absorption of food, so almost all gastrointestinal diseases can occur or accompanied by spleen deficiency.

Severe spleen will appear vomiting, diarrhea, edema, bleeding and other symptoms, then what is good for spleen?

Is there some food to make up the spleen?

I will introduce you to the spleen food today.

  Spleen food: the previous rice was flat and sweet, and it has the power to replenish the spleen and replenish Qi.

“Food Jiancao” has recorded: “Previous rice, can replenish the spleen, benefit the five internal organs, strong strength, stop diarrhea, only the merits of rice is the first.

“The Herbal Classics” is also cloud: “The former rice is the rice that people often eat, the length of the grain, and the people who depend on each other for their lives.”

Its taste is sweet and light, its nature is flat and non-toxic, although the main spleen and stomach, and the five internal organs are angry, the essence of blood, because of the overflow, the muscles of the muscles and muscles.

  Spleen food: Chinese yam Chinese medicine believes that yam is sweet, spleen and spleen, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and qi, nourishing the kidney and solidifying the essence, nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs. It is suitable for patients with chronic diarrhea, loose sputum and spleen deficiency, but the qi stagnation is full.Those who are wet and heavy are not suitable for consumption.

  Spleen food: glutinous rice glutinous rice sweet, warm, into the spleen, stomach, lung; with Buzhong Yiqi, spleen and stomach, stop the effect of sweat.

Applicable to spleen and stomach caused by nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and qi deficiency caused by sweat, shortness of breath, weakness, pregnancy, abdominal bulge embolism, suitable for tuberculosis, neurasthenia, postpartum people eat.

The starch contained in glutinous rice is amylopectin, so it is difficult to digest and recover in the stomach. If you have gastritis, duodenal inflammation and other gastrointestinal inflammation, you should eat less.

Old people, children or patients should also be used with caution.

  Spleen food: squid squid has a good spleen and dampness effect, body edema, easy to thirst, poor appetite, easy to sleepy people can eat squid can spleen, relieve these symptoms.

  Spleen food: sweet potato sweet potato is one of the foods for tonifying the spleen and stomach. It has the effect of replenishing the spleen, wide stomach and benefiting the vital energy. It is suitable for people who are thin and easy to be weak and spleen, but eat sweet potatoes to pay attention to the right amount.It is easy to cause hypertensive swell, and there will be a phenomenon of acid reflux.

  Spleen food: beef and beef is also a food for spleen and stomach. It has high protein content, but the aunt’s content is relatively small. In addition to benefiting the spleen and stomach, it can also strengthen the bones and muscles, and qi and blood. People with weak body can eat more.

  Spleen food: Coix seed is commonly known as glutinous rice, six grains.

It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and strengthening the stomach.

Ming Li Shizhen said that it “can spleen and stomach.”

“Materia Medica” also has the record of “sweet can into the spleen and spleen”.

Spleen deficiency should be treated with glutinous rice and the previous rice porridge, which complement each other.

  If you have the symptoms of spleen deficiency, you may want to eat more of the food mentioned above. In fact, it is a good way to adjust through food.

The earliest cup to drink is the safest?

The earliest cup to drink is the safest?

Speaking of cups, weird shapes, all kinds of materials, such as plastic, glass, ceramic, then which cup is the safest and healthiest?

Listen to Xiaobian and compare them today.

  Glass: The glass is the healthiest, it excludes harmful heavy metals and organic chemicals, and you don’t need to worry about the precipitation of harmful substances in all kinds of drinks.

And the transparent material is easy to clean, and it is not easy to hide dirt and dirt.

  Enamel cup: Enamel is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The metal contained in it is relatively stable, but it may dissolve in an acidic environment. Therefore, it is best not to use an enamel cup to continuously hold acid drinks.

In addition, the surface of the enamel cup is easy to break after bumping, and harmful substances are precipitated, which should be eliminated decisively.

  Ceramic cup: The more “plain” ceramic cup is, the safer it is.

Because lead, chromium and other heavy metals are high in pigments, these harmful substances can easily be dissolved out when water or acid and alkaline drinks are contained.

When buying, you can touch the surface of the pattern. If it is smooth, it is safer. If it is uneven, it will be replaced by nails. It is best not to buy it.

  Stainless steel cup: The stainless steel cup is an alloy product. The heavy metal contained in it is released improperly, which is harmful to health.

Therefore, in daily use, do not use stainless steel cups for acid drinks, such as juice, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc.

  Plastic cups: Plastic cups should also be unpopular.

Because plasticizers are often added to plastics, which contain some toxic chemicals. When hot water or boiling water is filled with plastic cups, toxic chemicals can be easily replaced with water, and there are many alternatives to the internal microstructure of plastics.The dirt is hidden in it, and it is easy to breed bacteria if it is not cleaned.

  Disposable paper cups: From the perspective of environmental protection, it is still reasonable to use less disposable paper cups.

Some paper cup manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents to make the cup look whiter.

It is this fluorescent substance that can cause cells to mutate and become a potential carcinogen once they enter the human body. Second, those unqualified paper cups are generally soft and easily deformed when poured into water, and some paper cups have poor sealing.The bottom of the cup is prone to leaking water, which can easily cause hot water to burn your hands. As long as you put the paper cup lightly when you touch it with your hand, you can feel the thin powder on it, and the touch of your fingers will changeInto white, which is typical of poor quality paper cups.

  In summary, the most suitable cup for drinking is a glass, which not only has a smooth appearance but is also harmless!

Traditional Chinese medicine slimming prescription super effective classification

Traditional Chinese medicine slimming prescription super effective classification

Traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into the following types, namely: overeating obesity; pressure obesity; excessive edema;

Obese people can judge whether they belong to a certain type of obesity according to their symptoms, and then choose the weight loss method that suits them.

  Overeating and obese as the name suggests, this kind of person is the kind of “big eater” with a strong appetite.

This kind of person can lose weight temporarily if they can force a diet, but once they can’t control their appetite, they will rebound and may be fatter than before.

  In fact, the common problem of “overeating” is fire, so by taking Chinese medicine, you can penetrate the fire and clear the intestines.

Reduce weight and improve weight.

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Fangfeng Shengsheng powder.

This medicine can eliminate stomach fire, inhibit hyperactivity, and has the effect of improving metabolic function. It can convert the excess energy accumulated in the body into body heat and dissipate it.

  Pressure-type obesity Obesity caused by stress is also called “hepatic-stomach depression obesity”.

Excessive pressure on the liver (in addition to the liver functions of Western medicine, the functions of the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, and the motor nervous system of the liver in traditional Chinese medicine) function decline.

It may even affect the stomach, make it hot, and have an appetite.

  The main symptoms are this type of person. When they are irritable, they will have symptoms such as an appetite, headache, and eye congestion.

Some girls, when stressed and annoyed, ate sweets violently, which can be said to be typical of this type of person.

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Da Chai Hu Tang.

These drugs have the effect of suppressing excessive reactions to stress, eliminating irritability, and inhibiting abnormal excitement of the digestive organs.

  Edema obesity is also known as “excessive phlegm wetness”, and the hips and thighs are swollen, that is, the “lower body fat” person.

This is due to poor drainage function of the body and excess water accumulation in the body.

  The main symptoms are general appetite, but weak hands and feet; dislike exercise; soft and want to lie down after eating; sticky in the mouth; dysuria; easy to break stomach;

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Fangfeng Tongsheng San and Weiling Decoction.

Diuretic, weight loss effect.

  Anemia obesity is called “blood deficiency obesity”.

Due to insufficient blood in the body, the basic functions of the body are reduced, metabolic functions are abnormal, and eventually obesity is caused.

  The main symptoms are normal appetite, but full and prominent lower abdomen, thin hands and feet but fat on the body, thus “sneaking fat”.

  The appropriate remedies for symptomatic medicine are Siwu Decoction and Xiaojian Decoction, which have blood-enriching effects.

  Fatigue obesity. Typical obese people are obese due to lack of vitality (in short, life energy), which leads to a decline in digestive function, abnormal metabolism, loss of appetite, unruly eating but snacking.

  The main symptoms are easy fatigue; love sweating and asthma at the first move; fear of cold and cold; less frequent urination; swollen eyes and so on.

  Symptomatic medicine Xiangsha Liuzi Decoction.

It has the effect of restoring “vitality”, improving the function of the digestive organs, and normalizing the body’s metabolism.

The expected substance accumulated in the body can be burned and discharged to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Summer cherry fever patients do not eat

Summer cherry fever patients do not eat

From June to August every year is the season when cherries are on the market. It is very happy to eat this “red bead” in the hot summer.

Cherries are rich in nutrients, intake of protein, sugar, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C and other vitamins, especially the content of iron, twenty to thirty times higher than apples, oranges, pears, vitamin A content than apples, oranges, grapes4-5 times higher, so edible cherries have the effect of promoting hemoglobin regeneration, and even prevent anemia and cancer.

  Zhao Shiliang, director of the Beijing Sijiqing Fruit Forest Institute, told reporters that the cherries currently on the market are divided into two varieties. The red color is called “red light”; the purple color is called “Samito”; the background color isYellow and a little red is called “Hongyan”.

These three varieties have different tastes. Among them, “Hongyan” is sweet and sour, and the meat is soft and juicy; “Red Light” is slightly sour, and the flesh is slightly thicker than “Hongyan”; “Samito” is more crispy.

  When choosing, first of all, you should choose according to your preferences.

Basically, the brilliance of the cherry is the best, no matter what kind of cherries it is. Finally, the stalk should be green. If the stalk is black, it means that the cherry is not very fresh.

Zhao Shiliang experts said: “There are also wrinkles on the surface of the peel, because this indicates that the cherry is dehydrated and the water is insufficient.

Regarding the preservation of cherries, Zhao Shiliang said that cherries are usually stored for a maximum of 5-7 days, and they will rot more than a week. It is not recommended to use plastic bags or plastic boxes to store the cherries because their permeability is not good.In full bloom.

And it is best to put it in the refrigerator, because the cherries are afraid of heat, the suitable temperature is between 2 ° C and 5 ° C, so as to maintain the freshness and tenderness of the cherries.

Fruit stalks should be kept for preservation, otherwise they will easily perish.

  Tips: Cherries are delicious, but don’t be too greedy, don’t eat more than half a catty a day, eat more easily get angry, people with fever, sexually transmitted diseases and cough should avoid eating.