Parenting supplies to save money coup

Parenting supplies to save money coup

Some items that are not used for a long time or are not frequent, such as bottle sterilizers, baby thermometers, baby scales, baby wipes, etc., microwave ovens, adult thermometers, daily weight weighing (weight yourselfWeight), absorbent cotton or gauze, etc. instead.

  The seductiveness of maternity dresses The maternity dresses have a great temptation to us. They are a reward for ourselves, a declaration to the outside, and a disguised release of shopping desire.

However, this is very unnecessary, especially when you put on your husband’s clothes and find yourself in the mirror.

In addition, it’s best not to cross seasons when buying maternity clothes, because you don’t know how spectacular your stomach will be in the next season.

  Don’t buy too many things before having a child. After you have a child, there will be many people who will give gifts, and now it is customary that people will ask you what you need before you buy.

So don’t buy enough beforehand, it is necessary to share some of them with others.

Of course, for people who have a closer relationship, it is still recommended that they send diapers, and milk powder is more affordable.

  Durable goods can choose dual-use or multi-use. My child’s car seat from 0 to 6 months is a detachable cradle seat, which has helped me a lot.

For example, when taking a child to a place such as a hospital or a restaurant, where the environmental conditions are not ideal, it simply places a palace, which does save a lot of trouble.

In addition, it may be a crib that can be turned into a crib after removing the fence, and a stroller that can be turned into a stroller after removing the bib is a good 2-in-1 choice.

  Properly dispose of the gifts you receive. If gifts from others are unsatisfactory, if you have a sales voucher, you may wish to return it to the store and give it to you, because it is hoped to be useful to you, not to waste it.

But be sure to pay attention to the sales date and don’t expire.

If you don’t have a sales certificate, you can sell it on the parenting forum, not to make money for yourself, or even give other mothers a chance to buy at a low price while avoiding waste.

  It is not recommended to buy baby pillows and bed perimeters. Some things may seem very useful, but they are just new concepts or forms that are more useful than use.

For example, baby pillows and bed perimeters are actually not used when the child is very young. When the child is older, it may cause the child to suffocate.

  General supplies should not be purchased in large quantities. Children’s preferences are strange and change at any time, so if you buy too much of a brand or model, once the child does not like it or loses interest quickly, the waste is relatively large.

I used to buy a dozen rubber spoons according to the suggestions of other mothers, but my child couldn’t adapt at all. As soon as I put it in my mouth, I spit it out. Finally I put it in the kitchen for seasoning.

  Anyone with a child who purchases toys carefully knows that children’s favorite toys are all things that are not toys-pots and pans, shoes, socks, cigarette cases, etc.

  Consumables buy as many diapers as possible.

Although the one-time use of diapers in a box can be huge, you should face the reality that your child may need nearly 2,000 diapers in the first year.

So choosing the right quantity, getting the corresponding preferential price and giving a gift is still very cost-effective, and the shelf life of diapers is usually two to three years.

  Use adult items instead of items that are not used for a long time or are not frequent, such as bottle sterilizers, baby thermometers, baby scales, baby wipes, etc., you can use microwave ovens, adult thermometers, daily weightWeigh (give your child the weight of your own weight), absorbent cotton or gauze, etc. instead.

Wonderful food recommendations

Wonderful food recommendations

■ Papaya Sturgeon Soup Ingredients: 1 papaya, 100g catfish tail.

  Method: Peel the papaya and cut into pieces. Stir-fry the fishtail into the oil and fry for a while, add the papaya and ginger slices, put in an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about 1 hour.

  Function: nourish, digestion.

Does not reduce the food product, chest and abdomen fullness have auxiliary effects.

  Food efficacy: Papaya’s papain helps digestion and absorption of food, and has effects on indigestion, ulcers, stomach pain, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and so on.

Papaya’s lipase can break down fat into fatty acids, which is good for digestion and absorption of fat in food.

Papain can also promote and regulate the secretion of pancreatic juice, and has a therapeutic effect on indigestion caused by pancreatic insufficiency.

  Anchovy, sweet and warm.

Function warm stomach and middle, digestion and stagnation.

  ■ Shenqi Monkey Head Stewed Chicken Ingredients: 100g of Hericium erinaceus, 1 hen (about 750g), 10g each of Astragalus, Codonopsis and Jujube, ginger slices, shallot knot, Shao wine, clear soup, starch.
  Method: Wash the cephalic fungus and remove the pedicle. After the swelling, squeeze the residual water in the fungus to remove the bitter taste, then cut into 2 mm thick pieces for use.

Remove the head and feet of the hen, chop the cubes, and put it in the stew pot. Add ginger slices, shallots, wine, clear soup, put the Hericium edodes tablets and soft-washed astragalus, codonopsis, jujube.Slowly cook until the meat is cooked and seasoned.

  Function: qi and spleen and stomach.

  Food effect: Hericium erinaceus, also known as Hericium erinaceus, can help digestion and benefit the five internal organs.

Suitable for indigestion, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, gastritis, stomach pain, bloating and neurasthenia.

  Hens nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach, treat deficiencies, and supplement the internal organs.

  Astragalus can replenish qi and solid surface, astringent sore muscles, promote hematopoietic, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and so on.

  The party participation supplements Qi and promotes blood circulation.

  Jujube can nourish the stomach and nourish the blood.

  ■ Amomum villosum pork belly ingredients: 6 grams of Amomum villosum, 20 grams of Astragalus membranaceus, and 1 pork belly.

  Method: Wash the pork belly, mix Amomum vulgaris and Astragalus into pork belly, add water to simmer, season and eat.

  Function: Yiqi Jianpi, Xiaoshi appetizer.

Applicable to weak spleen and stomach, loose stools, stomach pain.

Can be used for patients with gastric ptosis and chronic gastritis.

  Food effect: Amomum villosum can refresh the qi and stomach, soothe the spleen, and be used for stagnation of stomach and food.

Taking an appropriate amount of Amomum villosum clinically can promote the secretion of digestive juice and enhance the peristalsis in the body.

  Pork belly can strengthen the spleen and stomach and tonic.

  ■ Ingredients for Astragalus membranaceus: 12 grams of raw astragalus, raw barley, 10 grams each of red bean, 7 grams of golden powder in chicken, 1 kumquat cake, 80 grams of sticky rice

  Method: Boil raw astragalus for 20 minutes, take the juice, add indica rice, red beans, glutinous rice to cook porridge, add chicken powder.

  Function: digestion and stomach.

For spleen deficiency, dampness, and stasis due to diarrhea due to abdominal distension, loss of appetite, sleepy stools and so on.

  Food effect: Astragalus can replenish Qi and solid surface, and astringent sore muscles.

Jianmi Jianpi soaks, removes diarrhea.

Chixiaodou can dampen yellow, clear heat and detoxify.

Chicken Neijin digestion and spleen can increase gastric secretion and acidity, increase gastric motility, and accelerate emptying.

Glutinous rice can replenish Zhongqi.

  ■ Huaishan Honey Fried Ingredients: Huaishan 30g, chicken inner gold 9g, honey 15g.

  Method: Huaishan, decoction of golden water in chicken, add honey, stir well.Take 1 dose daily and take it in two warm doses.

  Function: Jianpi Xiaoshi.

It is used for spleen and stomach weakness, unhealthy food, and loss of appetite.

  Food effect: Huaishan can strengthen the spleen and lungs, and strengthen the kidney and improve the essence.

For indigestion, anorexia in children.

The digestive enzymes contained in Huaishan can promote the breakdown of protein and starch, so it has the effect of increasing appetite.

Honey can replenish qi and nourish intestines, purify the bowels, have astringent effects on wounds, nourish and promote healing.

Fashion and Embarrassment for Belly Dance Men

Fashion and Embarrassment for Belly Dance Men

Sometimes twisting her waist like a snake, and sometimes exaggerating and crazy swinging, these dynamic dances full of feminine charm are performed by a group of men, which is unique and interesting.

  ”Significant curative effect” on beer belly In the Luna Dance Studio in Tianhe, Guangzhou, more than 20 men got together to spend an unforgettable “belly dance night”.

The average age of men participating in the event on the day was around 25, including sales managers, business owners, software engineers and other industry elites.

Everyone took off their jackets and followed the teacher’s earnest practice. Some people even wore only one vest for better results, and the beads around the waist were fun.

  It is interesting that whenever some twisting and hip lifting is done, some men’s clothes slide over the abdomen, revealing a faintly visible belly.

With the upgrading of urban men’s self-cultivation concept, weight loss is increasingly on the agenda of white-collar men.

  According to the event organizer, the main object of this event is the male crowd, the purpose is to help them relax and get fit.

In addition, many people lack fitness because they work hard, and their bodies start to gain weight. Beer belly appears. Belly dancing can help you build your body and reduce your waistline.

Beijing belly dance male coach Zhong Hui said: “Belly dance is better than other methods in slimming and shaping, and can see the effect in the shortest time. I have taught a male scholar and lost nearly 20 pounds in 3 months.

Many male white-collar workers have also tried equipment exercise, but it is boring.

Belly dancing is more popular than lifting dumbbells and push-ups.

“Performing strong and romantic belly dancing for men is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. It originated in the Middle East and slowly spread to North Africa, Rome, Spain and India.

There is no doubt that the woman’s coquettishness, sexy, mystery and style are vividly displayed.

  Because of the seductive movements such as twisting the waist and shaking the hips when dancing, in some traditional concepts, belly dance was once considered to be a less elegant, even provocative dance art.

But now, the belly dance from the ancient times has entered a stage of full revival.

More and more countries in the world have accepted the view that belly dance is an effective method of bodybuilding and fitness. It is suitable for women of all ages and sizes, and even for men.

  Many gyms in big cities such as the United States, New York and Los Angeles offer training courses for belly dancing.

There are a considerable number of male participants, most of whom use it for entertainment and fitness, and have gradually become a “Male Belly Dance”.

The American “Time” magazine has written a special article to analyze this cultural phenomenon.

Some belly dance instructors in Europe and the United States have made some distinctive interpretations of female and male dancers in choreography, costumes, and body language (such as eyes and expressions) of the dancers.He is charming, sexy, soft, bold, shy, and full of female allure, while male dancers should perform the strong, powerful, controllable and romantic side of males.

  Fashionable but not acceptable for everyone. Even in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, many male white-collar workers have joined the belly dance army, but most men still feel embarrassed and even cover up in order to avoid others’ criticism.

  Zhong Hui believes: “Maybe many people will find this funny.

I don’t think it will always be the subject of being laughed at, and sooner or later everyone will accept the increasing number of male dancers around.

Dance instructor Lenna believes that in addition to reducing waist circumference, belly dance is also good for shoulders, chests, hips, knees, etc. of male white-collar workers sitting in the office. In addition, dancing is very helpful for improving mood, and people will be much happier.

Boys don’t need to be as soft and charming as women, they just need to be physically active for exercise.

However, there are quite a few people who don’t understand the men who are doing belly dancing.

Mr. Li, a software engineer in Guangzhou, believes that belly dancing is not too close to male characteristics, and dancing this dance may bring more embarrassment.