Forget it,Change one。

“Sniff,Lend me your little brother!”
“use?how to use?”Angel Yan has been paying attention to Xin Zhao’s actions,Now I heard him say this,Angel Yan said directly。
Xin Zhao gave her a speechless look,Then I took a look at Sniff,I found this guy didn’t understand,I was relieved。
“I want to analyze the relationship between these demons and ordinary people on this planet,Then analyze what has changed,We can also make some corresponding weapons later,of course,If you don’t want to,forget about it!”Xin Zhao will not force,In fact, after he analyzed the structure of the devil,,I already have an understanding of these guys。
Now I want to know the genetic makeup of people on this planet,Purely to satisfy one’s own knowledge needs。
“Then don’t use my little brother’s,Use my body well,I have always been the strongest fighter in the clan,If you can study something for God,That’s also my honor!”
Look at Sniff,This guy deserves to be a guy who can grow into a big man,Have a brain,Have strength,Such people are unsuccessful,That’s no reason。
think about it,The one in the south is called Enicid,Sniff of the North,Now Sniff’s people are dead.,By the time,Think carefully,Thinking carefully。
I’m afraid this demon was not sent to help Enicid to better control the continent, right?。
Could this demon be an angel’s teammate?!
When thinking like this in my heart,Xin Zhao’s gaze turned on Angel Yan’s body unconsciously,Then looked at Sniff who was already lying beside the devil,Xin Zhao directly put his hand on Snife’s.。
He did,Of course it’s for safety,Although this Sniff has no blood relationship with him,But anyhow, it was the first person I met when I came to Ferrejo,How can you be a little bit affectionate?。
Take a deep breath,Xin Zhao’s eyes turned blue and white,Originally looked like a fleshy body,now

Bai Zhiwei got angry when he heard this kid talking,Violently grabbed Chai Shao’s neckline,Angry:“Fuck you!It’s you!If not for you,I can get to where I am today?”

Shao Chai is very popular,Struggling to break away from Bai Zhiwei’s restraint,Sneered:“fart!It’s not like you want to eat tender grass,It’s not my Chai family!”
“enough!Stop making noise!”Chai Jinxiong’s face flashed with sullen anger,Shouted。
Bai Zhiwei snorted twice,Gritted teeth:“Okay!You father and son turned their faces and didn’t recognize people, right??It was you who made me stand out,You are driving me away now。
From now on,I won’t listen to you anymore!I will use my own solution!and also,Surnamed Chai!I want a sum of money to run away,You’d better call my account obediently these two days,Don’t blame me for stabbing all the bad things out!”
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty The truth is revealed
Chai and his son did not expect that Bai Zhiwei would break the jar,Simply threaten them with running away。
All these years,Bai Zhiwei and Chai’s Pictures are tied together,Lose everything,All glory,So most of Chai’s things that are not visible,He almost knows it。
Bai Zhiwei furiously left,But the Chai father and son can’t feel at ease。
“dad,How to do?This old thing is going crazy。Or I find someone to solve him?”Major General Chai is heartbroken,Bite the bullet。
Chai Jinxiong stared at the words,Furiously:“fool!Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?If Bai Zhiwei this bastard did too many wrong things,Arrogant and domineering,Where can I be caught so easily?!”

At that time,Own body strength,Should be stronger than the advanced warriors of the gods!Lu Menglin thought silently。

Under the spiritual force,A lot of spatial energy floods into the brain,Start tempering the skull。
A sharp pain hit the brain,The pain makes Lu Menglin’s eyes black,The top of the head seems to be pierced by a hundred thousand needles,Tears and nose in the eyes,Turning in the nasal cavity,Almost shed。
Fortunately, Lu Menglin’s self-control is superb,Just barely control the gaffe,The skull tempering this time is much more uncomfortable than last time。
No wonder,The space energy used last time was only one third of this time,Suddenly use such a huge space energy,Caused such a violent impact,The reaction shouldn’t be so strange。
“I go!Teacher, are you going to cry?Nothing,Cry if you want!We all understand!”Wei Xiaoxing saw Lu Menglin’s abnormal shape,Said sympathetically。
Because he wants to cry too!Compared with Shenmin,Humans are too weak,It’s not comparable,There is no hope in life!
“I go!How come these equipment has deteriorated?Must be fake!Those gods are too pitted!teacher,Don’t cry!stand up,We did it again!”Wei Xiaoxing saw that all the equipment on the ground had changed.
color,So shocked that he yelled。
Lu Menglin’s headache had eased slightly,I heard Wei Xiaoxing’s surprise again,There was another boom in my head,As if it was boiling。
He didn’t think too much,He gave Wei Xiaoxing a sharp look。
I don’t know if I stare at him,Wei Xiaoxing actually screamed,Flew straight out,Slap on the wall,The kind that can’t be pulled off。
boom!Strange,Lu Menglin after this look,The whole person is completely unblocked immediately,My mind is empty,Even the eyes, eyes, and nose touch these organs and the perception becomes very clear at this moment,Ten times sharper than before。
Mind moved slightly,An invisible torrent formed by the concentration of spiritual power emerged in Lu Menglin’s body。
“He Bu,Cut me out!”Lu Menglin suddenly shouted。
He Bu suddenly opened his eyes,Even think about it,The Shura Knife in his hand was swung out with lightning,A sword with a thick arm pierced through the air,Instantly hit Lu Menglin’s chest。

My shit!

Still unreasonable?!
Qiao Tianyu blanched his chubby face with an angry look,Motioned not to let her talk nonsense。
If investment is as simple as she said,Help whoever wants to help,There won’t be countless heroes competing!
To know,Sato Junji was able to pull up corn futures prices so quickly,At least one billion dollars worth of funds,And at least 20 times leverage。
And if you want to knock down the corn futures price,The funds needed are also at least in the order of billions of dollars,And it must be supported by market fundamentals,You think you can just move your mouth?
Qiao Tianyu explained,Completely dispel George’s hope,He suddenly stood up,Walked to the edge of the rooftop like a walking dead。
“not good!”
Qiao Tianyu knew that George was going to be serious this time。
Say it’s too late,Qiao Tianyu kicked the ground with both legs,One stride up to grab George’s arm。
Just pull back slightly,So he dragged the tall George back to life。
George didn’t stand firm,Stagger back two steps,Fell to the ground。
what the hell!
Sure enough, he is born with supernatural power!
Qiao Tianyu looked at his hands even more incredible,He really didn’t exert any strength just now,He dragged the huge George to the ground。

“Go to a place with me first。”After talking about Qiao Tianyu, he directed Michelle,The two left the KGB convoy in a Mercedes off-road vehicle alone。

I thought Qiao Tianyu was going to take her to a mysterious place,But what surprised Michelle was,Qiao Tianyu directs Michelle to turn seven turns,In the end it just came to the nearest beach。
Who knows after coming to the beach,Qiao Tianyu left Michelle in the car,And he got out of the car,Sitting on the rock by the sea, looking at the dark sea in the distance, start to daze。
And Michelle came to understand,So what Qiao Tianyu said“Do business”,Actually find a quiet place to calm down and think about something。
It seems that Qiao Tianyu just got too much information from Prince Mahmoud,He needs to digest it。
But after nearly a month“close”partner,Michelle also knows Qiao Tianyu’s habits,Never disturb him while he is thinking deeply。
So Michelle stayed in the car very interestingly,I dare not get out of the car and disturb Qiao Tianyu。
Who knows that more than an hour passed,Michelle who was waiting had a good night’s sleep。
More than an hour later,When Michelle was awakened by the sound of knocking on the car window,Michelle saw Qiao Tianyu get into the car with ease。
“I want to understand?”Michelle stretched,Rubbed his sleepy eyes and asked。
“There is one more thing I didn’t understand,Michelle,You accompany me to another place,I have a hunch there must be the answer I want!”Qiao Tianyu said seriously。
“Where?”Michelle asked quickly。
“right here!”Qiao Tianyu pointed to an ordinary residential area in Dro City on the map。
And there is exactly the address on the paper that Qiao Tianyu found out from the fake Cui Keying suitcase this afternoon。
Michelle dare not neglect,Immediately start the car and run towards Qiao Tianyu’s finger,After another round of turns,The two finally arrived in front of a small two-story building in the depths of Dro City。
seriously,The two-story building here lies quietly in an ordinary residential area in the city of Dro,No different from other small buildings around,If it wasn’t for the address,,It is estimated that no one can notice this shabby place。
In order not to stun the snake,Qiao Tianyu specifically asked Michelle to drive the car to a long alley before stopping,Then Qiao Tianyu asked Michelle to wait for him in the car,He surreptitiously returned to the small building alone。
After checking the house number repeatedly,Qiao Tianyu confirmed that the second-story building here is the address on the piece of paper found in the fake Cui Keying suitcase.!
At this time, the first floor of this small building is completely dark,Only the window on the second floor near the back balcony was lit。
To find out,Qiao Tianyu uses the moonlight to cover,Climbed gently along the second floor drainage pipe to the second floor balcony,Then he crept to the side of the lighted window。

Another male student refuted:“People can make hundreds of millions by selling one round of mobile phones,How could people be billions?At least tens of billions。”

Zhou Xiang knows that I don’t like to talk about such topics,Changed the subject immediately,Speaking of the past。
The students didn’t want to discuss this topic in depth,Just got here。
Everyone hasn’t seen each other for many years,Some have never met since graduating from elementary school。
Have been more than twenty years!
The original boy,Are now middle-aged。
Many female classmates from previous memories,Have become aunts now。
You can know what everyone looks like now,How is life going!
People who worry less will look younger,People who don’t worry will appear very vicissitudes。
Sun Xi and other female classmates look at least ten years younger,Like a young girl in her twenties,No wrinkles on my face!
So her life should be good,Even if it’s not very rich and comfortable,It’s certainly not very hard!
But his eyes are not as clear as before,Some vicissitudes of precipitation。
After all, he has reached this age,Whether married or unmarried,It is estimated that there are a lot of emotional experiences。
Sun Xi didn’t talk much with his classmates,I feel much quieter than when I was in school!
My classmates and I also had a chat,I mainly talk to you about various things。

Looking back at ourselves,What is your attitude towards this cooperation??Short-sighted,For my own little departmental interests“Argue with reason”,If a certain chief patted the table and cursed, it means“For the two or two rice,One by one, even the dog’s brain has to be typed out”。

The most serious is,If this happens,How will the reform and opening up in the future proceed??
Chen Geng came with such great sincerity,As a result, the cooperation has not been completed yet,Who would dare to believe China in the future?
and so,I must give Chen Geng an answer as soon as possible,And it is a reply that must satisfy Chen Geng。
of course,Negotiation requires a process,But before that,We must calm Chen Geng’s emotions……
“Mr. Chen,Sorry,We didn’t do some things well,Let you down,For some of our practices,I am very sorry,”Guo Wenxiang who hurried over said nothing,Bowed deeply to Chen Geng:“Please rest assured,I came from the chief,Before i come,The chief told me again and again,Let me tell you,Say:‘Xiao Chen,do not worry,The country and people will give you a satisfactory explanation’。”
Chen Geng smiled:“Minister Guo, you are polite,Actually, the main thing is to blame me。”
Guo Wenxiang didn’t quite understand what Chen Geng meant:What do you say?
Just listen to Chen Geng continue:“I always thought that as an overseas wanderer of the Chinese nation,I should do my best to help my nation,But now it seems,I’m too wishful。”
Listen to Chen Geng,A thin layer of cold sweat immediately appeared on Guo Wenxiang’s head!
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Mr. Chen,Sorry,We didn’t do some things well,Let you down,For some of our practices,I am very sorry,”Guo Wenxiang who hurried over said nothing,Bowed deeply to Chen Geng:“Please rest assured,I came from the chief,Before i come,The chief told me again and again,Let me tell you,Say:‘Xiao Chen,do not worry,The country and people will give you a satisfactory explanation’。”
Chen Geng smiled:“Minister Guo, you are polite,Actually, the main thing is to blame me。”
Guo Wenxiang didn’t quite understand what Chen Geng meant:What do you say?
Just listen to Chen Geng continue:“I always thought that as an overseas wanderer of the Chinese nation,I should do my best to help my nation,But now it seems,I’m too wishful。”
Listen to Chen Geng,A thin layer of cold sweat immediately appeared on Guo Wenxiang’s head!

Then at this moment,Another familiar face appeared,“I rub,Old man you too?”When I saw Jiang Min,Qin Feng is even more depressed。

what is this?Convene??
Wang Dao never said before that Jiang Min was on the island country side.!And it didn’t say that they retreated together?Why are they all together now?
So he looked at Jiang Min,“Old man,You better give me an explanation!”
But Jiang Min just smiled,“If I don’t explain how you can drop?You can still hit me?Don’t say you have injuries all over you now,Even your heyday is not my enemy for a turn。”
Qin Feng felt very hurt when he heard Jiang Min say this,What the other party said is right!After all, I was training with Jiang Min for so long.,I never felt Jiang Min had all his strength。
Every exercise,The other party is mainly teaching him,That’s why Qin Feng has a little chance of attacking Jiang Min。In fact, when studying with Jiang Min, Qin Feng said he was not confident.,Because he doesn’t feel the joy of victory at all except being always abused by Jiang Min。
After entering the mercenary world,Qin Feng finally understood how abnormal Jiang Min is。
but,Didn’t Jiang Min always behave like desireless??What is his situation now??Why is there such a big movement suddenly?
In Qin Feng’s opinion,Jiang Min went directly to the spider’s European headquarters to rescue people. This incident will definitely shock many people.。
But Jiang Min really did this,Still on the island side“Build”Build a team,What does he want?
“Ha ha,Just kidding!Don’t be too serious!”Jiang Min said this when he realized that Qin Feng was really angry,“You need to know,We old ghosts signed an agreement before,Can’t do it casually。In other words,I broke the rules now,It is very likely that the old ghosts in the Omi area will come to trouble me。The old Miyamoto ghost on the island country just died,So that they do not have this level of master。I stay here to advance and retreat and defend.”
“Here to return?Where can you go?”Qin Feng was depressed,Once the island nation becomes a battlefield,A bunch of god-level masters came here to encircle Jiangmin,What else can he do besides running away?
“Brat,I didn’t do this for you。You look,Is it easy to pull up a team for you now??Also broke the agreement,Let other old ghosts have the possibility to do something to me。”Jiang Min began to spoil。
After all, he is an old man,Qin Feng doesn’t respect him,It makes him feel very shameless。
“Ugh.”Qin Feng sighed,I also know that I am afraid that I can’t occupy any reason in Jiang Min.。After all, most of these people are gathered by Jiang Min,Although at first these apprentice friends had something to do with Qin Feng

This is!

Rosemary admits that what the boss said makes sense,But then the problem also comes:“But so far,Only Honda gives the best conditions……”
“I think we are in a hurry?”Chen Geng frowned suddenly:“So many things,We can come here busy?”
“impatient?”Rosemary froze,Smacking:“It really is!”
Isn’t it?,Original used car、The coverage of services such as scrap parts and auto repair is rapidly expanding,“Traditional”The rapid development of the business means that while a lot of manpower is required, it also requires a lot of energy,But in“Traditional business”While taking up a lot of time,There has been a lot of new business。
Ok,Even if Anderson is responsible for the modification,New engines and new models developed for the African and Southeast Asian markets are in charge of the newly established Technology R&D Office,I just don’t have to worry too much.,But negotiating with GM to eliminate the production line in Mexico、Honda、Ford and GM“Beast”Negotiations with more design aspects, but I have been following,Now one morex-bo……
Busy heel hits the back of the head during this time,Busy with patronizing by myself,bossNot to mention that I still reacted,Now Chen Geng said,Rosemary suddenly had a feeling:Yes,I’m really busy。
of course,As a professional manager,Having busy work in hand is the best way to prove your ability to your boss,Not to mention the previous agreement with Mr. Fernandez,I will soon own shares in the company,But Rosemary also knows,The more busy you are, the less anxious you are,If you are impatient, you can easily be exploited。
“Listen to you,I think I really need two assistants,At least an assistant and a secretary,”Rosemary says:“Otherwise I’m really too busy,In addition, the company also needs to add two deputy general managers……”
Without waiting for Rosemary to finish,Chen Geng waved his hand and said:“Choose your own secretary and assistant,The salary is the responsibility of the company。Finally, the company needs additional manpower……Make a good calculation about how many new manpower you need,Write a report back。”
“But this is not what I want to tell you,Very busy during this time,I don’t have time to give you too long a vacation,But one and a half days is not a problem,such……Let’s go buy a plane。”
“Buy a plane?”Rosemary was a little surprised。
She didn’t expect the boss to do things so neatly,Before that, she thought that Mr. Fernandez would have to wait for three or five hints before he reluctantly bought a plane.,Don’t all the bosses be like this?,To die for,but now,bossActually offered to buy a plane?
Look at Rosemary’s face,Chen Geng asked:“pretty shocked?”

“This time,We Aoki will call everyone here,Is to discuss a few things。This first,Chiyue Canyon in the future,We can’t do this!In order to avoid the loss of combat power at Bairimen,Our Aoki Club is planning to book the venue,From now on, it will be undertaken by our Aoki Club alone!”

When Zhong Yeo said this,There was an uproar at the scene,Everyone was furious,Showed an incredible expression。
“What would Aoki want to do?”
“Their appetite is too big too!Even going to swallow Chiyue Canyon?”
“What a joke!Be chartered by them,How do our other gangs mess up?”
For a time,Passionate,If it wasn’t for Aoki to be strong,Zhong Yefu and the others are powerful masters,I’m afraid someone will turn the table upside down on the spot。
“Be quiet!Please be quiet!I haven’t finished my words yet!”
Zhong Yeo settled down,Speak loudly:“Aoki will be in charge of hunting Chiyue Canyon,And the Chiyue equipment produced each time,We will hand it over to the Bairimen General Chamber of Commerce,They will trade to God City,In exchange for survival resources and weapons,Share it with everyone。”
“what?There is such a thing?”Everyone present listened,I opened my mouth wide in disbelief,Looking at Zhong Yeo blankly。
Listen to Zhong Yeo’s meaning,This is the responsibility of the Aoki Association to challenge the Chiyue Canyon,But the benefits were taken out to the whole day gate,There is no such good thing in the world?
“of course,They are not for free,We also need to exchange the corresponding resources。and,When Bairimen is in trouble,For example, the army from God City,Must obey the command,Fight the enemy together,Everyone must contribute!”Zhong Yefu said with a smile。
“If everyone has no opinion,From today,All commercial transactions in the day gate,All taxes are halved。”Zhong Yefu smiled and threw out another assassin。
At once,The people around are like boiling water,Thoroughly boiled。
According to previous rules,All merchants in Bairimen must pay taxes,The purpose is to support those gangs,Once a foreign enemy comes,All the gangs in the city will unite,Fight against foreign enemies with the military and civilians in the city。
And this biggest foreign enemy,Except for the dark race,There are also threats from the army from God City。
Once more than once,God City Army Suppresses Realm,Ask Bairimen to surrender the wanted criminals in God City。
Bairi Gate as a city of sin,Never succumbed!This is also the charm of this deserted city。