The earliest cup to drink is the safest?

The earliest cup to drink is the safest?

Speaking of cups, weird shapes, all kinds of materials, such as plastic, glass, ceramic, then which cup is the safest and healthiest?

Listen to Xiaobian and compare them today.

  Glass: The glass is the healthiest, it excludes harmful heavy metals and organic chemicals, and you don’t need to worry about the precipitation of harmful substances in all kinds of drinks.

And the transparent material is easy to clean, and it is not easy to hide dirt and dirt.

  Enamel cup: Enamel is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The metal contained in it is relatively stable, but it may dissolve in an acidic environment. Therefore, it is best not to use an enamel cup to continuously hold acid drinks.

In addition, the surface of the enamel cup is easy to break after bumping, and harmful substances are precipitated, which should be eliminated decisively.

  Ceramic cup: The more “plain” ceramic cup is, the safer it is.

Because lead, chromium and other heavy metals are high in pigments, these harmful substances can easily be dissolved out when water or acid and alkaline drinks are contained.

When buying, you can touch the surface of the pattern. If it is smooth, it is safer. If it is uneven, it will be replaced by nails. It is best not to buy it.

  Stainless steel cup: The stainless steel cup is an alloy product. The heavy metal contained in it is released improperly, which is harmful to health.

Therefore, in daily use, do not use stainless steel cups for acid drinks, such as juice, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc.

  Plastic cups: Plastic cups should also be unpopular.

Because plasticizers are often added to plastics, which contain some toxic chemicals. When hot water or boiling water is filled with plastic cups, toxic chemicals can be easily replaced with water, and there are many alternatives to the internal microstructure of plastics.The dirt is hidden in it, and it is easy to breed bacteria if it is not cleaned.

  Disposable paper cups: From the perspective of environmental protection, it is still reasonable to use less disposable paper cups.

Some paper cup manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents to make the cup look whiter.

It is this fluorescent substance that can cause cells to mutate and become a potential carcinogen once they enter the human body. Second, those unqualified paper cups are generally soft and easily deformed when poured into water, and some paper cups have poor sealing.The bottom of the cup is prone to leaking water, which can easily cause hot water to burn your hands. As long as you put the paper cup lightly when you touch it with your hand, you can feel the thin powder on it, and the touch of your fingers will changeInto white, which is typical of poor quality paper cups.

  In summary, the most suitable cup for drinking is a glass, which not only has a smooth appearance but is also harmless!

Men are more vulnerable to stress from work than women

Men are more vulnerable to stress from work than women

The British “Daily Telegraph” reported on the 12th, this research report by the British business psychologist Lucy?

Written by researchers from the public sector and private companies, including police and government employees.

  Studies have found that men are more susceptible to work stress than women, work-life balance, and problems with career control.

  How to find a balance between home and work also affects men and women in ways that are “significantly” different.

  However, research has found that women are more likely to get sick from work stress.

This implies that men can “buffer” themselves when facing stress.

  The British “Daily Telegraph” reported on the 12th, this research report by the British business psychologist Lucy?

Written by researchers from the public sector and private companies, including police and government employees.

  Studies have found that men are more susceptible to work stress than women, work-life balance, and problems with career control.

  How to find a balance between home and work also affects men and women in ways that are “significantly” different.

  However, research has found that women are more likely to get sick from work stress.
This implies that men can “buffer” themselves when facing stress.

Who stole the security of old people

Who stole the security of old people

On the morning of June 29, I went to Xiaxudian Village, Zhiying Town, Yongkang City to interview the fire accident. The owner of the house was an old man named Ye Xiaomei.

When the scene arrived, the fire had been extinguished. Before the heavy smoke collapsed, Ye Xiaomei frowned, squatted on the ground without a word, and cut out the quilts that had already been burned with scissors.There are no melting coins.

For a long while, she suddenly stood up and said, “There is still a stack of banknotes in the iron box upstairs”, and she was about to rush into the house.

The neighbor next to her quickly stopped her and said, “It’s useless. Such a big fire, the banknotes are left in the iron box, and they must be gone.

“No, no, the savings of a lifetime burned to ashes.

“When the 64-year-old was holding a pile of burnt banknotes in tears, and whispered and desperately called the word” lost, “the people present were all sad.

  The villagers said that Ye Xiaomei usually cleans the garbage in the village and pays 1200 yuan per month. She also collects waste.

She is very frugal. She is reluctant to buy 5 cents of popsicles in summer and does not turn on the lights of home appliances at night.

The burnt money was pulled from her teeth by a cent.

  ”It is estimated that there are 40,000 to 50,000, put in millet and tucked under the bed.

No one knows how much, she never tells us.

“Ye Xiaomei’s son said helplessly,” she was asked to deposit money in the bank long ago, she said she could not read, could not remember the password, and was unwilling to save it.

I told her to remember the password, and she refused.

I also said that I opened the password and told a few children separately, so that no one could take it, and she was still unwilling.

The point is not to believe us.

“After listening to this passage, the fire itself seems to have become somewhat small.

Why is the old man reluctant to deposit money in the bank?

Why doesn’t she trust her children?

What is reflected in this is still the old-fashioned talk about old people’s consciousness of worrying about “the old has nothing to support”?

During the interview, the reporter found that, like Ye Xiaomei, it is still not a minority to hide money at home.

Why do older people feel insecure?

How to improve the sense of security of the elderly?

  Depositing the bank, afraid that after death, Chen Wangfu, who lives in the eastern part of Yongkang City, is 78 years old this year. His 72-year-old wife has a paralysis of the lower limbs and a slight stroke, which is very inconvenient.

Chen Wangfu’s physical condition is also not good, and his heart disease is serious. According to himself, the doctor said that he could give up at any time.

“In case I leave, the most reassuring thing is my wife.

“When talking, Chen Wangfu’s face weighed.

  Chen Wangfu opened a store in his early years and had a savings in his hand. Since the doctor gave him a critical illness notice, Chen Wangfu took all the money originally stored in the bank and locked it in the opening in his home.The insurance money is also stored together.

He said that the money was reserved for his wife’s retirement.

  Chen Wangfu explained that the money was no longer stored in the bank: “I have seen similar reports in the media before. An old man died suddenly and his family wanted to get back the money in the bank. The bank knew that it needed a marriage certificate.The procedure for death certificate and notarization of property is very complicated.

She couldn’t remember the old woman’s password.

It would be better to leave it at home and save her from going out to pick it up.

“I brought 3000 yuan with me and I lost it all.” I was afraid of being stolen at home, and I lost it on my body. I really don’t know what to do.

Speaking of a loss of money last year, Yu Apo from Jiangnan Street in Yongkang City still can’t help but pat her thighs.

  Yu Apo’s village is a remote small village. Young people are heading to the city. Only some elderly people are left in the village.

Last summer, the number of people who went to the village for summer heat increased. Seeing that the village was lively, the elderly were very happy.

However, the family lost money too.

This time, Yu Apo was unavoidably a little flustered.

  ”At that time, my daughter in foreign business came back to see me, and gave me 3,000 yuan. What if it was stolen?So, Mrs. Yu carefully wrapped the money with a handkerchief, no matter where she went up or planting land, where she went, where she slept under the pillow at night, and touched it by hand at midnight.

  One time when the market was crowded, Yu Apo bought two bags full of things, one bag in one hand.

When I got home, wiped my sweat, and touched the bag of money, I couldn’t find it anymore.

“I don’t know if it was dropped or stolen by a pickpocket.

“Grandma Yu sighed.

  More than half of the elderly’s desire for security survey data shows that continuously, under the influence of multiple factors such as physical, psychological and social factors, more than 50% of the elderly lack security.

In interviews with more than 20 elderly people, more than half of them expressed a desire for security, of which rural elderly accounted for a very large proportion.

  Physiologically, the elderly are afraid of getting sick; in life, the elderly are afraid of spending money; psychologically, the elderly are afraid of being fooled . According to the survey, the long-term psychological problems mainly involve child education, intergenerational education, relationship between mother-in-law, and remarriage.

  Aunt Zhang lived in her son’s house in the city, and a babysitter was hired in the house.

In Aunty Zhang’s own words, after struggling to hit, she couldn’t take it easy, so she quit her nanny to cook and cook for herself, but her daughter-in-law thought her food was unpalatable and complained.

The son was tired of fighting with his mother-in-law and blamed her for dismissing the nanny.

Aunt Zhang suddenly felt like she was a superfluous person. She could not help but she was disgusted. She was very frustrated and chilling.

  In this regard, psychologists suggest that the elderly should adjust their cognition and behavior, make a reasonable assessment and positioning of their own value, and have a good grasp of even their favorite things.

The elderly have the right to change their attitudes to life, establish a correct outlook on health, treat aging objectively, actively communicate with others, and live a full, happy, and happy old age.

  Children should be more secure in Yongkang Welfare Home. The 82-year-old Li Yinzheng said that after she lived in the home last November, she took back all the money on the bank card and placed it in her children’s custody.

“I didn’t want to come. I was worried that my savings were not enough to spend here, but they all advised me that living in the country is inconvenient. They can come to see me at any time in the city. I don’t have to worry about money.

Li Yinzhang said with a smile, her children were very busy, but she took a day a week and came to see her with fruits, biscuits and nutrition products, which made her feel very happy and comforted.

Li Yinxun, who is good at investing, still has some money to borrow, and she also gives it to her children.

  If the children are filial, and they can allow parents to hand over the pension money to their hands, then Chen Wangfu will not have to take out the money in the bank after he left, and Yu Apo’s thousands of dollars will not be lost.

Through many of the above cases, it is not difficult to find that the most important thing about the elderly’s lack of security comes from their children.

Do my duty to support, communicate with my parents, and listen to their demands.

Caring for the elderly does not give them the greatest satisfaction in material terms. As long as one more phone call, one more greeting, and one more smiley face will not cause parents to have unnecessary or unnecessary negative psychology, the spiritual comfort can be exerted to the maximum extent.It adds to the sense of security of the elderly.

Lichun health care and liver protection are inherently cold and still need to pay attention to keep warm

Lichun health care and liver protection are inherently cold and still need to pay attention to keep warm

Lichun is the first of the twenty-four solar terms and the beginning of spring. Because spring belongs to the wood and corresponds to the liver, spring health is mainly to protect the liver and regulate the mood.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that being in a good mood can not only prevent the liver from becoming hot, but also be conducive to the growth of yang.

Therefore, the citizens should be vigilant against anger, even more depressed, and open-minded, optimistic, and maintain a good state of mind.

  Cold protection: It is still necessary to wear cotton fabrics to keep warm. From the perspective of solar terms, although the beginning of spring is the beginning of spring, in Guangdong, this season is still very cold, and health care should be carried out in accordance with the actual conditions of the region and climate.

From the perspective of climate change in previous years, during the stay after the beginning of spring, the weather was still warm and cold, and climate change still occurred.

At this time, the spring of the human body also begins to become loose, and the ability to resist cold evil is weakened. Therefore, it is not appropriate to reduce cotton fabrics early in the early spring season. The elderly and infirm should be cautious when dressing, not sudden reduction.

“Spring cover autumn freeze” is a folk health proverb. In March, withered plants and frozen worms, the human body’s metabolism slows down, resistance decreases, it is easy to get sick, it is easy to damage yang, it is affected by wind and cold, and it is prone to sickness.

If you sweat at this time, you should wipe it off in time, don’t open your mind and let the wind blow.

Proper coverage in spring can reduce the incidence of diseases, especially common respiratory infections.

  In addition, Li Chun health must also pay attention to health care and disease prevention.

Because the climate after the beginning of the spring is dominated by wind and atmosphere, wind evil can be a pathogenic factor alone, and it is often combined with other evil gases. Especially in early spring, the weather changes from cold to warm. When the human body is born of yang,Warm-heat poisonous evils are also active, and various pathogenic bacteria and viruses grow and reproduce.

As modern medicine says, flu, meningococcal, measles, scarlet fever, pneumonia also occur and spread.

In addition, due to the wide range of distortions, the number of wind and good deeds varies, the changes are uncertain, and up and down disturbances can be reached directly to the forehead, and the invasion can invade the waist and knees, plus “wind wins move”, where abnormal movement of limbs, such as convulsions, Fractures, tremors, angled bow retension, neck rigidity, etc. are often blamed on the wind to cause disease.

  In order to avoid the occurrence of diseases in the spring, preventive measures must first be taken to change or change clothes in response to climate change; secondly, windows must be constantly opened to allow indoor air to circulate and keep the air fresh; thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention to rest and strengthen exercise to improve the body’s defense ability.
In addition, pay attention to mouth and nose health.

In terms of living, we must also conform to nature, go to bed early and get up early, and increase local activities appropriately, so that the body ‘s winter Tibetan state begins to adapt to the arrival of spring, so that its mental and emotional consciousness is compatible with nature, and strive to be physiologically harmonious and full.

  Diet: Eat less hot and sour foods. When the spring machine is full, the functions of human tissues and organs are active, and a large number of nutrients are needed for the activities of the body and for growth and development.

However, the climate started to warm in spring, the air was dry, and the human body diverged.

Therefore, you should eat more juicy fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and radishes, to supplement your body’s moisture.

However, it is also necessary to consider the birth of yang in the spring. It is advisable to eat the products of Xingan divergence, and not to eat foods that are sour, such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, apricots, papaya, coriander, hawthorn, olives, lemons, pomegranates, black plums, etc.In the relationship between the five internal organs and the five flavors, the sour taste enters the liver and has astringent properties, which is not conducive to the development of yang and liver evacuation.

  In winter, most citizens like to eat dog meat and mutton to warm their bodies, but after the beginning of spring, the weather is warmer, the climate is dry, and it is easy to get angry. Dog meat and mutton are warm foods. If you eat more in spring, it is easy to “crash” with the climate.

The explanation of traditional Chinese medicine is that in the spring, the yang qi rises, the weather changes from cold to warm, everything sprouts, the human yang qi recovers, the liver recovers to evacuate, qi and blood tend to the body surface, and the human body’s metabolism is most active.

The human stomach and intestines experience long-term tonic in the winter and the fat and sweet food of the first month, and the accumulation is heavy. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat greasy and spicy things to prevent Yang from leaking.

  Chinese medicine believes that special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the liver in the spring to adapt to the time of day.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account that spring is the characteristic of rising yang in the diet, and it is suitable to eat more foods with Xingan divergent properties.

Such as rapeseed, coriander, leek, onion, mustard, white radish, artemisia, kohlrabi, fennel, cabbage, celery, spinach, etc. have the characteristics of Xingan divergence.

  Sports: After the beginning of the spring, which is dominated by “slow” sports, people should gradually increase the time of outdoor activities to accelerate blood circulation and promote qi and blood movement after a brief rise.

However, since the weather is warm and cold after the beginning of spring, it is more suitable for rhythmic and gentle sports, such as spring outing, kite flying, walking, jogging, Tai Chi and ball games instead.

  While strolling, citizens can do lung exercises.

Since the pores of the human body gradually open after the beginning of spring, the wind and the cold are the easiest to cause colds and colds, and regular exercise of the lung meridians can improve the skin’s ability to resist cold and wind.

The lung meridian is in the part of our arm, it passes through the shoulder socket and starts to extend down to the thumb, so it will be very effective to massage the acupuncture points above and below, and these two points are easier to find, one is in the shoulder socketIn the middle of the location, the other is the Shao Shang acupoint of the thumb. Every morning, I get up every morning with half a fist and knock a hundred times.

  It should be noted that during this season, exercise should not be decompression, sweating and panting, otherwise it may consume Yang Qi and be detrimental to health.

And because the climate is still dry after the beginning of spring, it is necessary to replenish water during exercise.

Wonderful food recommendations

Wonderful food recommendations

■ Papaya Sturgeon Soup Ingredients: 1 papaya, 100g catfish tail.

  Method: Peel the papaya and cut into pieces. Stir-fry the fishtail into the oil and fry for a while, add the papaya and ginger slices, put in an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about 1 hour.

  Function: nourish, digestion.

Does not reduce the food product, chest and abdomen fullness have auxiliary effects.

  Food efficacy: Papaya’s papain helps digestion and absorption of food, and has effects on indigestion, ulcers, stomach pain, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and so on.

Papaya’s lipase can break down fat into fatty acids, which is good for digestion and absorption of fat in food.

Papain can also promote and regulate the secretion of pancreatic juice, and has a therapeutic effect on indigestion caused by pancreatic insufficiency.

  Anchovy, sweet and warm.

Function warm stomach and middle, digestion and stagnation.

  ■ Shenqi Monkey Head Stewed Chicken Ingredients: 100g of Hericium erinaceus, 1 hen (about 750g), 10g each of Astragalus, Codonopsis and Jujube, ginger slices, shallot knot, Shao wine, clear soup, starch.
  Method: Wash the cephalic fungus and remove the pedicle. After the swelling, squeeze the residual water in the fungus to remove the bitter taste, then cut into 2 mm thick pieces for use.

Remove the head and feet of the hen, chop the cubes, and put it in the stew pot. Add ginger slices, shallots, wine, clear soup, put the Hericium edodes tablets and soft-washed astragalus, codonopsis, jujube.Slowly cook until the meat is cooked and seasoned.

  Function: qi and spleen and stomach.

  Food effect: Hericium erinaceus, also known as Hericium erinaceus, can help digestion and benefit the five internal organs.

Suitable for indigestion, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, gastritis, stomach pain, bloating and neurasthenia.

  Hens nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach, treat deficiencies, and supplement the internal organs.

  Astragalus can replenish qi and solid surface, astringent sore muscles, promote hematopoietic, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and so on.

  The party participation supplements Qi and promotes blood circulation.

  Jujube can nourish the stomach and nourish the blood.

  ■ Amomum villosum pork belly ingredients: 6 grams of Amomum villosum, 20 grams of Astragalus membranaceus, and 1 pork belly.

  Method: Wash the pork belly, mix Amomum vulgaris and Astragalus into pork belly, add water to simmer, season and eat.

  Function: Yiqi Jianpi, Xiaoshi appetizer.

Applicable to weak spleen and stomach, loose stools, stomach pain.

Can be used for patients with gastric ptosis and chronic gastritis.

  Food effect: Amomum villosum can refresh the qi and stomach, soothe the spleen, and be used for stagnation of stomach and food.

Taking an appropriate amount of Amomum villosum clinically can promote the secretion of digestive juice and enhance the peristalsis in the body.

  Pork belly can strengthen the spleen and stomach and tonic.

  ■ Ingredients for Astragalus membranaceus: 12 grams of raw astragalus, raw barley, 10 grams each of red bean, 7 grams of golden powder in chicken, 1 kumquat cake, 80 grams of sticky rice

  Method: Boil raw astragalus for 20 minutes, take the juice, add indica rice, red beans, glutinous rice to cook porridge, add chicken powder.

  Function: digestion and stomach.

For spleen deficiency, dampness, and stasis due to diarrhea due to abdominal distension, loss of appetite, sleepy stools and so on.

  Food effect: Astragalus can replenish Qi and solid surface, and astringent sore muscles.

Jianmi Jianpi soaks, removes diarrhea.

Chixiaodou can dampen yellow, clear heat and detoxify.

Chicken Neijin digestion and spleen can increase gastric secretion and acidity, increase gastric motility, and accelerate emptying.

Glutinous rice can replenish Zhongqi.

  ■ Huaishan Honey Fried Ingredients: Huaishan 30g, chicken inner gold 9g, honey 15g.

  Method: Huaishan, decoction of golden water in chicken, add honey, stir well.Take 1 dose daily and take it in two warm doses.

  Function: Jianpi Xiaoshi.

It is used for spleen and stomach weakness, unhealthy food, and loss of appetite.

  Food effect: Huaishan can strengthen the spleen and lungs, and strengthen the kidney and improve the essence.

For indigestion, anorexia in children.

The digestive enzymes contained in Huaishan can promote the breakdown of protein and starch, so it has the effect of increasing appetite.

Honey can replenish qi and nourish intestines, purify the bowels, have astringent effects on wounds, nourish and promote healing.

Traditional Chinese medicine slimming prescription super effective classification

Traditional Chinese medicine slimming prescription super effective classification

Traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into the following types, namely: overeating obesity; pressure obesity; excessive edema;

Obese people can judge whether they belong to a certain type of obesity according to their symptoms, and then choose the weight loss method that suits them.

  Overeating and obese as the name suggests, this kind of person is the kind of “big eater” with a strong appetite.

This kind of person can lose weight temporarily if they can force a diet, but once they can’t control their appetite, they will rebound and may be fatter than before.

  In fact, the common problem of “overeating” is fire, so by taking Chinese medicine, you can penetrate the fire and clear the intestines.

Reduce weight and improve weight.

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Fangfeng Shengsheng powder.

This medicine can eliminate stomach fire, inhibit hyperactivity, and has the effect of improving metabolic function. It can convert the excess energy accumulated in the body into body heat and dissipate it.

  Pressure-type obesity Obesity caused by stress is also called “hepatic-stomach depression obesity”.

Excessive pressure on the liver (in addition to the liver functions of Western medicine, the functions of the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, and the motor nervous system of the liver in traditional Chinese medicine) function decline.

It may even affect the stomach, make it hot, and have an appetite.

  The main symptoms are this type of person. When they are irritable, they will have symptoms such as an appetite, headache, and eye congestion.

Some girls, when stressed and annoyed, ate sweets violently, which can be said to be typical of this type of person.

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Da Chai Hu Tang.

These drugs have the effect of suppressing excessive reactions to stress, eliminating irritability, and inhibiting abnormal excitement of the digestive organs.

  Edema obesity is also known as “excessive phlegm wetness”, and the hips and thighs are swollen, that is, the “lower body fat” person.

This is due to poor drainage function of the body and excess water accumulation in the body.

  The main symptoms are general appetite, but weak hands and feet; dislike exercise; soft and want to lie down after eating; sticky in the mouth; dysuria; easy to break stomach;

  Symptomatic medicine typical obese people can take Fangfeng Tongsheng San and Weiling Decoction.

Diuretic, weight loss effect.

  Anemia obesity is called “blood deficiency obesity”.

Due to insufficient blood in the body, the basic functions of the body are reduced, metabolic functions are abnormal, and eventually obesity is caused.

  The main symptoms are normal appetite, but full and prominent lower abdomen, thin hands and feet but fat on the body, thus “sneaking fat”.

  The appropriate remedies for symptomatic medicine are Siwu Decoction and Xiaojian Decoction, which have blood-enriching effects.

  Fatigue obesity. Typical obese people are obese due to lack of vitality (in short, life energy), which leads to a decline in digestive function, abnormal metabolism, loss of appetite, unruly eating but snacking.

  The main symptoms are easy fatigue; love sweating and asthma at the first move; fear of cold and cold; less frequent urination; swollen eyes and so on.

  Symptomatic medicine Xiangsha Liuzi Decoction.

It has the effect of restoring “vitality”, improving the function of the digestive organs, and normalizing the body’s metabolism.

The expected substance accumulated in the body can be burned and discharged to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Elderly health proper foot massage

Elderly health proper foot massage

As the saying goes, “If you want the elderly to rest, Yongquan is always warm.” Pushing and rubbing the Yongquan point is commonly known as “foot rubbing”, and you need to rub out the heat. It has obvious effects on senile obesity, soft legs and constipation.

  The foot, Shaoyin, and kidney meridians start at the foot of the little toe, pass through the center of the foot diagonally, and then rearward along the inside, enter the heel, and then step on the calf belly, continue upward, and follow the trailing edge of the thigh, Leading to the spine.

The meridians running straight in the kidney also go up into the lungs and throat.

This meridian mainly treats the symptoms of gynecology, anterior yin, kidney, lungs, and throat, such as irregular menstruation, missed sperm, unfavourable urination, edema, constipation, and diarrhea.

Among them, Yongquan and Taixi are good for daily health.

  Yongquan: Yongquan is located at the bottom of the foot, at the first third of the line connecting the toe seam of the 2nd to 3rd toe with the heel.

As the saying goes, “If you want the elderly to rest, Yongquan is always warm.” Pushing and rubbing the Yongquan point is commonly known as “foot rubbing”, and you need to rub out the heat. It has obvious effects on senile obesity, soft legs and constipation.

The specific method is to use the thumb to repeatedly rub back and forth from the heel to the Yongquan point, or gently pat with the palm of your hand, and it is advisable to have a heat at the bottom of the foot.

In addition, you can use hot saline to soak your feet to warm Yongquan. The temperature of the water can be adjusted to your own level. Soak 15 minutes before going to bed every day.
30 minutes.

  Taixi: In the foot fracture, the depression between the inset tip and the Achilles tendon.

Take a sitting position with your feet apart naturally, or take a cross-legged sitting position.

Then use both thumbs to tap or rub the Taixi acupoint. It is appropriate to feel soreness, to warm the kidney and tonify the yang. For the fear of cold caused by yang deficiency, cold limbs have a better effect.

Workplace women’s unique decompression method

Workplace women’s unique decompression method

The difference between men and women is a topic that people have been discussing for a long time. Men and women have different ways of thinking, different ways of behavior and different emotional needs. These differences are reflected in both life and the workplace.

So when faced with work stress, professional women will be treated in some way?

Beijing Zero Survey Company has conducted research recently.

  Women are more prone to mood swings and fatigue. When work is stressful, professional women are prone to emotional changes, and serious and irritable emotions are determined by the physiological characteristics of women.

  In the workplace, emotional performance is not promoted, and emotional reactions in the face of stress will also have an effect on an individual’s career, which makes women’s physiology more susceptible to fatigue.

  Therefore, women must improve their professional qualities and rationally control their emotions.

At the same time, corporate managers and male colleagues should be more tolerant and understanding of women.

  Women are more inclined to talk about stress is necessary, but the way to deal with stress is to be able to choose and change.

When faced with stress or frustration, men are more likely than women to “attempt to seek hobbies and actively participate in cultural and sports activities”, “to insist on their own position to work hard for what they want”, “to take a variety of different solutions to problems”, and”Try to restrain your disappointment, remorse, sadness and anger.”

Professional women take “talking with people, telling inner troubles”, “trying to forget the whole thing”, and “sitting yourself.”

  The survey shows that women have a better understanding of communication and sharing in assessments, which can make up for their inner satisfaction.

Therefore, when women are under pressure, finding someone they trust can become a very effective way to relieve stress.

  In the modern workplace, the scope of professional women’s work is getting bigger and bigger. For the topic that stress can’t be avoided by modern people, through the comparison of gender differences, the characteristics of stress response are clear, and the coping style of stress of the opposite sex is completely beneficial to their own physical health.It is also conducive to promoting more harmonious work efficiency.

The best anti-aging 4 types of vegetables to help you retain 10 years of youth

The best anti-aging 4 types of vegetables to help you retain 10 years of youth

We have made great progress in our diet concept today. It is not just big fish or meat that is a good diet. Nowadays, we want to eat healthier.

In the era of temporary food, these fruits and vegetables were foods that resisted hunger. Today, when you attach great importance to health, eating these foods often can make you ten years younger!


The bitter gourd The bitter gourd is particularly popular for its bitter taste.

  The nutritional health features of bitter gourd are: first, it contains a variety of vitamin C, vitamin B1, and alkaloids; second, it contains galacturonic acid and pectin.

The bitter taste in bitter gourd is embedded in quinine in alkaloids.

These nutrients have the effect of promoting appetite, diuretic, activating blood, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and refreshing.

Modern scientific research has found that the “doped-P” substance in bitter gourd is an insulin-like substance that has the effect of lowering blood sugar.

  Although bitter gourd is bitter, it tastes bitter and cold when eating, refreshing and not greasy. It is refreshing and comfortable in summer, and has the effect of refreshing and appetizing.

And it will not pass on the bitterness to “others”, such as using bitter gourd to burn fish, catfish, and the fish pieces will never be bitter.

Therefore, bitter gourd has another name of “gentleman in vegetables”.

If bitter gourd is made into herbal tea and combined in summer, people can feel refreshed and relieve their anxiety.

In some areas, bitter gourd is cut open, salted slightly to reduce some bitterness, and eaten as a vegetable; in some areas, bitter gourd is cut into circles, stewed with minced meat, garlic, and tempeh, and cooked for food.

Hakka Shoushan sang: “People talk about bitter gourd, I say bitter gourd is sweet, and you can choose whatever you want. If there is no bitterness, how can it be sweet?

That is to say, bitter gourd is bitter, but it brings sweet-health and happiness to people.


Tomatoes are said to have been unknown for hundreds of years.

Later, there was a girl in Peru who suffered from anemia and the pain of being broken in love. She wanted to eat a poisonous plant from her heart. Who knew that she swallowed the tomato fruit, her face turned red, and then she ate more ruddy.Instead of dying, she recovered and became more beautiful.

What is the reason?

It turns out that tomato fruits are very rich in protein, traces, residues, agaric acid, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and C. Among them, the content of vitamin C that can be beauty is equivalent to 10 times that of watermelon, which is simply a warehouse of vitamins.

The body contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals that promote growth hormone growth, as well as lycopene that inhibits bacterial growth.

  In recent years, scientists have found that tomato also contains an anti-cancer, anti-aging substance-glutathione.

Clinical measurement shows that when the concentration of glutathione in the human body rises, the incidence of cancer decreases significantly, so eating more tomatoes can prevent uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, etc.The aging of these cells can lower blood pressure, prevent night blindness, and gum bleeding.

  Because there are so many benefits to eating tomatoes, Europe and the United States are gradually eating tomatoes in every family. The purpose is to prevent cancer, disease, and beauty.

  When eating tomatoes, pay attention to how to eat.

Raw food is not anti-cancer or disease-resistant, because tomato contains lycopene, which is combined with protein, and is surrounded by cellulose. It is difficult to come out. It must be warmed to a certain degree before it is released.

So tomato scrambled eggs, tomato egg soup, tomato tofu, tomato fried meat, fried tomatoes are delicious and nutritious dishes.


Pumpkins In the era of food shortages, pumpkins used to be good at rice, but even today’s well-off society, why are pumpkins so good?

There are three reasons: one is that pumpkin is sweet and delicious; the other is that pumpkin is rich in extremely rich vitamin A, which can strengthen the mucous membranes, prevent colds, and prevent rough skin at the same time. It has cosmetic and fitness effects, and can prevent corneal desiccation and night blindness.Modern medicine has found that pumpkin contains trace elements such as cobalt, zinc, copper, and pectin, which can promote the normal secretion of human insulin, so that pumpkin can effectively prevent diabetes, hypertension, and some complications of the liver and kidneys, and can increase resistanceAnemia, ability to fight cancer, can eliminate bacterial toxicity in the body, reduce the risk of colon cancer, prevent and treat atherosclerosis.

In the era of temporary food, pumpkins once showed their skills as meals, but why are pumpkins so popular nowadays?

  There are three reasons: one is that pumpkin is sweet and delicious; the other is that pumpkin is rich in extremely rich vitamin A, which can strengthen the mucous membranes, prevent colds, and prevent rough skin at the same time. It has cosmetic and fitness effects and can prevent corneal desiccation and night blindness.Modern medicine has found that pumpkin contains trace elements such as cobalt, zinc, copper, and pectin, which can promote the normal secretion of human insulin, so that pumpkin can effectively prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, and some complications of the liver and kidneys.Anemia, ability to fight cancer, can eliminate bacterial toxicity in the body, reduce the risk of colon cancer, prevent and treat atherosclerosis.

Carrot, also known as yellow radish, is a kind of good vegetable with rich nutrition, suitable for young and old, known as “little ginseng”.

The most prestigious of carrots is carotene-a yellow pigment that was first discovered in carrots more than a hundred years ago.

It is now known that carrots contain 1 per 100 grams.


25 mg of carotene, far more than other vegetables, is 360 times that of potatoes and 36 times that of celery.After carotene enters the body and is absorbed, it can be converted into vitamin A, so carotene is also called provitamin A.

It is valuable that although the carrots are boiled and exposed to sunlight, the loss of carotene in them is very small.

  Regular consumption of carrots has many benefits to the body: First, it enhances immunity, anti-cancer and anti-glass, such as the lack of vitamin A in the human body, which has a large impact on the eyes and skin, and has poor resistance, which is prone to respiratory and urinary diseases.If you eat carrots often to meet the body’s needs for vitamin A, in addition to seductive eyes and mucous membranes, it is not easy to get night blindness and colds, and can enhance the disease resistance of the human body. In addition, carrots are rich in lignin, which also improves the body’s resistance.The role of disease capacity can reduce and prevent the occurrence of cancer.

  According to the British and American cancer research institutes, after more than two decades of observations, people who eat carrots and other vitamin A regularly have a 40% less chance of developing diabetes than people who do n’t eat such foods.

The second is beauty and fitness.

Vitamin A’s other function is to maintain the normal function of the human epithelial tissue, to transform and secrete glycoproteins, to keep the skin moist and delicate, so regular consumption of carrots can maintain a radiant young image.

In addition, carrots contain mustard oil and amylase, which can promote a slight metabolism, prevent excessive slight accumulation under the skin and gain weight, and maintain a healthy body.

Therefore, Americans believe that carrots are beauty dishes that can raise hair, skin, and mucous membranes.

Europeans now eat carrot cakes, and even Russia eats carrot dumplings.

There are both carrot drinks and carrot apple beauty juices, but they are generally fried, roasted, stewed, and cooked for cooking.

How to tease him for a good life

How to tease him for a good life

In this age, it is really difficult to find a good husband.

Even if the card is obtained, the woman should not be taken lightly. The rivers and lakes are sinister. Maybe when the husband goes out, he will meet a female hero with a stunt. The two men will be taken away by the female hero. The love slogan of this era is: Don’t care about eternity, only care for a moment!

It ‘s been a long time since I was in the rivers and lakes. Is this out of date?

The original seven-year itch has become the three-year itch, the March itch.

In fact, man is an animal that loves the new and hates the old. If you want a happy marriage, you must have fresh content to charge for love every day.

Women must learn to tease their husbands.

  1. Frequently surprise or surprise him for some birthdays. Sending flowers and buying cakes is too common. You can make delicious food with a fumes. You better dress yourself, but there are some beauties, he sees more, do n’tHow beautiful you are. You are dressed as two hundred and fifty. You have a lot of weak children on your head. One cheek is red and the other is black. Tell him that this is the custom in your hometown. Your favorite person must be dressed for birthday.Into two hundred and twenty-five.
After frightening him, you dress up like a lady again and go to a more romantic place to eat with him . 2. From time to time, you pretend to be painful and shout, “My husband, it hurts me, you giveI rub, here, here, not right, here . “” Oh, not here, you want to rub me to death?

Why are you so seduced?

Do you want to play hooligan?

“3. To improve cultural accomplishment, sometimes reading ancient poems often:” On the day of the hoe, the sweat dripped into the soil. ”

“Drilled into her husband’s arms and asked:” Are you Hehe?

Who is the lunch hour?

See you tired every day, sweat dripping down the soil . 4, often give her husband some puzzles: “What is one minus one?”

Fool, don’t know!

It ‘s equal to two. You touch it. I have it. Is n’t it just to cut your son out?

  ”Husband, what would you do if you happened to be trapped in the elevator with a beautiful lady in a big earthquake?

“” 5, to give her husband full freedom: often teach her husband how to tease female colleagues: take a coin: “I teach you a trick to tease female colleagues.

“Then pinch the coin with your finger and say,” I ask you a question, and you answer after you pull out the coin.

“First question:” How old are you this year?

“Her husband took the coin from your fingers and answered.

The second question is also equivalent.

One last question: What is the first sentence you and your husband’s cave house Yehue said to you?

“Tighten with the strength of both hands to prevent him from pulling out the coins, he will say,” You are too tight, I can’t pull it out. ”

“Hahaha . success!

Asked her husband: “Did you learn?

“6, when writing, when you encounter a word like” bit “, ask your husband:” This, how do you write this ‘bit’?

Oh, think of it, think of it, isn’t it oral sex?

(* ^ __ ^ *) Hee hee . 7. Use lipstick on the stomach and breasts to draw a heart shape to surprise her husband.

  8. The husband is in a bad mood. When he is angry with you, he will pretend to be aggrieved and tell him a story: “The bull is on a business trip, do n’t worry about the cow alone at home, put it next to the friend elephant, and the bull comes back to the mother牛回去后,惊讶的说‘咦,牛B大了呀!Then he nodded his forehead and said, “It’s you!”

“9. Learn some dance: watch my husband watch TV ads on the breast, just come and give him a striptease, his posture is more humorous than on TV . 10, if you give your husband your first time: Occasionally let your husband remember your first time, learn how he looked then, the stupid the better.

If you do n’t bring it to your husband for the first time, your husband will cry with tears: “I and you will always be the first time. If you are like this, I have to hang a noodle.

“Then he cheated in his arms.