Out of the summer health misunderstanding

Out of the summer health misunderstanding

Out of the summer health misunderstanding 1, drinking more beer can help the summer heat, drinking beer does have a cool feeling.

Experts suggest that more people feel dry mouth and dry skin, body heat.

Because beer contains alcohol, if you drink too much at a time, the alcohol content entering the body will be too high.

If you continue to drink beer, the “hot” feeling caused by alcohol will continue, thirst, and sweating symptoms will increase.

2, the sooner the morning exercise, the better. Many people think that the sooner the summer morning exercise, the better.

Experts said that before dawn or when the sky is bright, the air is not fresh, which is not conducive to fitness.

According to research, before 6 o’clock in the summer, the impurities in the air are the least likely to spread, which is the peak of pollution.

In addition, before sunrise, there was not much fresh oxygen around the green plants because there was no photosynthesis.

And too much morning training is prone to colds, causing joint pain, stomach pain and other complications.

Therefore, the morning exercise time in summer should not be earlier than 6 o’clock.

3, the air conditioner should be kept at a constant temperature Many people use the air conditioner in the summer, it is customary to set the temperature to a value of someone.

Experts suggest that constant adjustment of the temperature of the living room can make people’s physiological temperature regulation mechanism often in a “tension state”, thereby improving people’s ability to adapt and self-protection, so as not to often have a cold or other room layout.

Of course, when the air conditioner is used for adjustment, the temperature change range should be controlled between 3 seconds and 5 seconds; after half a month, the amplitude can be gradually increased to 6 seconds to 10 seconds.

Do not change the temperature too suddenly, and adjust it to 1 degree Celsius to 2 months.

4, the deeper the color of the glasses can protect the eyes, many people think that the darker the glasses, the more they can protect the eyes, this view is wrong.

If the lens is too dark, it will seriously affect visibility and cause eye injuries.

Experts suggest that it is best to replace spectacle lenses that can penetrate 15% to 30% of visible light, preferably light gray, brown, and green.


Vegetarian benefit

Vegetarian benefit

The history of vegetarianism begins with the history of human writing. We have found that vegetarian food has always been regarded as a natural food for human beings.

Early Greece, Egypt and Hebrew historically described human beings to eat fruits for a living.

The wise priests of ancient Egypt never eat meat.

Many great Greek wise men—including Plato, Socrates, and Pythagoras—have strongly advocated vegetarianism.

The great Inca civilization is also based on vegetarianism.

In India, the Buddha encouraged disciples not to eat meat.

Taoist real people are vegetarians.

Early Christianity and Judaism were also recognized as vegetarians, and the Bible clearly stated: “God said: ‘Attention!

I have given you the seeds of various plants, they grow on the ground; give you all kinds of trees, the fruits that grow on them, you can eat them as meat.”

Further, the Bible prohibits eating meat: “But you must not eat live flesh and blood.”

Sao Paulo, a disciple of Jesus, said in his letter to the Romans: “It is good not to eat meat.”.

Modern historians have found that the ancient books of the New Testament record the life and words and deeds of Jesus.

In one of the books, Jesus once said: “The meat of the slaughtered animal is left in the human body as in the coffin.

I tell you the truth, killers, that is, kill themselves.

Those who eat the meat of the slaughtered animals are no different from eating dead bodies.

Early Indians often banned meat.

The Islamic scriptures of the Koran are forbidden to eat “dead animals, blood and flesh.”.

Muhammad’s nephew, the first prophet after his death, warned his high-ranking people: “Don’t make your own stomach a cemetery for animals.

“So historically, we can find that many wise men are adopting vegetarianism and eagerly encouraging others to do the same.”

  What is the danger of meat?

  The Eskimos are mainly in the inner class, mainly adults, with an average age of only 27.5 years.

The Gilles, a tribal ethnic group in East Russia, eats meat mainly, matures early, and few people are over forty years old.

In contrast, anthropologists have observed and recorded, such as Hangrui in Pakistan, Otto in Mexico, and indigenous people in the southwestern United States are non-meat-eaters, but they have health, vitality and longevity.

These tribes have a healthy and lively body with a life expectancy of over one hundred and eleven.

And world health statistics continue to show that countries with excessive meat consumption have a high rate of disease (such as high blood pressure and cancer), while vegetarians in different countries tend to have a much lower rate of disease.

  Why meat eaters are more susceptible to disease and death poisoning Because of the fear before the animal is killed, and the pain in being killed, the biochemical effects in the body have changed dramatically.

The toxins are all over the body, and the entire body is poisoned.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, toxins in the body, including uric acid and other toxic excretions, appear in the blood and body tissues: “If compared with 56% of the unclean water contained in the beefThe protein obtained from the grains of nuts and beans seems to be much more pure.

“It is presupposed that our body will get sick in the tension of fear or anger. Animals are tantamount to human beings, and there are also great chemical changes in dangerous situations.

The hormones in the blood of animals, especially the adrenaline jujube, when they see other animals lying around them, and struggled in vain for life and freedom, their secretion will change completely.

Such a large amount of hormones remain in the flesh and then poison the human body tissue.

The US nutrition agency pointed out: “The meat of animal corpses contains toxic blood and other excretions.

“The cancer has recently reported a study of 50,000 vegetarians, which has caused great shock in cancer research.

The report pointed out that this group of people with a low proportion of cancer is quite shocking.

The proportion of various types of cancer occurring in this group of people is significantly reduced compared to people of the same age and gender.

The research report shows that they are clearly able to get involved.

A recent report on Mormons in California pointed out that the proportion of cancer in this group is 50% less than that of the average person.

Mormons are characterized by less meat.  Why are meat eateres more likely to get cancer?

One of the reasons may be that when the animal’s meat is released for a few days, it becomes a sick blue-gray.

In order not to discolor them, the meat merchants added nitrates, nitrite nitrates and other preservatives.

These things make the meat look bright red.

But there are persistent reports that these things contain carcinogens.

  Dr. William Likinsk, who specializes in cancer at the Tulna National O’Cary Laboratory, said: “Is nitrate-containing things, even feeding cats.

“The British and American Academy of Sciences have compared the microbes in the intestines of carnivores and vegetarians and found significant differences.

When the microorganisms contained in the intestines of the meat eaters interact with the digestive juice, the chemicals produced are considered to cause cancer.

This may explain why bowel cancer is common in carnivorous areas such as North America and Western Europe, while in vegetable-based areas such as India.

Perhaps, for example, in the United States, bowel cancer is the second (after dialysis); Scots, who eat 20% more beef than the British, have the highest proportion of bowel cancer in the world.

  Chemical food eating meat is often referred to as “the end of the food chain.”

In nature, eating food has a long chain of links: plants eat sunlight, air, water; zoos eat plants.

Large animals or humans eat small animals.

Planting around the world is now treated with toxic chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides).

These poisons stay on animals that eat plants and grass.

Perhaps, for example, spraying DDT in food as a pesticide, this is a strong poison, the Academy of Sciences believes that it causes cancer, infertility or severe liver disease.

DDT and other similar insecticides are kept in light animals and fish, and once stored, they are difficult to destroy.

Therefore, when cows graze or feed, they actually eat some pesticides, and most of them are kept in them, so when you eat meat, you accumulate the essence of DDT and others in the animal.The chemicals are eaten into your body.

Since it eats food at the end of the food chain, humans become the ultimate absorber of highly crystalline pesticides.

In fact, the DDT included in meat is 13 times higher than that included in vegetables, fruits, and grass.

Experiments conducted at Iowa State University show that DDT in most human bodies is meat.

  But the toxins in meat don’t stop there.

In order to accelerate their growth, obesity, improve the color of the meat, animals for meat often eat more chemicals.

In order to obtain the most profitable meat, the animals were forced to feed, and the hormones were stimulated to grow, giving them appetizers, antibiotics, tranquilizers and chemical mixed feeds.

The New York Times once reported: “The hidden pollution poison is a considerable potential crisis for meat absorbers.

Among the remaining pesticides, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals are all.”

Many of these chemicals are thought to cause cancer, and in fact, many animals have died of these drugs before they are slaughtered.

  When the implant was changed to an animal farm, many animals had never seen the sun. Their life was spent in a cramped and cold environment, and the final outcome was a miserable death.

The Chicago Forum has reported on the fact that efficient chicken farms have been reported.

On the top layer is hatching eggs; then the chicks are stimulated to grow, take medicine, and force feeding; they gorge in small cages and never move or absorb fresh air.

As they grow older, they move to the next level of the cage, so they go down and when they reach the bottom, they are slaughtered.

Such an unnatural approach not only destroys the balance of chemicals in the body, but also destroys the natural habits, and unfortunately, the emergence of malignant tumors and deformities is inevitable.

  Animal Diseases Another danger faced by carnivores is that animals often infect certain diseases that are often not detected or ignored by the meat dealer or inspector.

It is often the case that some parts of the animal’s body grow cancer or tumors, and after the diseased part is cut off, the rest is still sold.

To make matters worse, some concretes with some long tumors contain food such as “hot dogs” in the meat.

In one area of the United States, 25,000 animal carcinos are used to sell beef.

Scientists have found in experiments that if the liver of a sick animal is used to feed fish, the fish will also get cancer.

Zilog, a famous vegetarian doctor, said when he sat down to eat a vegetarian dinner: “When eating, don’t worry that the food you eat is dying of illness. It is a good thing.

“The ethical perhaps the most competitive argument of non-meat eater is the relationship between meat and cardiovascular.

In the United States, one in every two people dies from cardiovascular disease, which is rarely heard in countries with low meat consumption.The Journal of the American Medical Association reported in 1971 that “vegetables can prevent at least 90 to 97 percent of heart disease.”

  What is in the meat that causes so much damage to the circulatory system?

Aunts in animal meat, such as cholesterol, do not break down in the human body. These aunts are attached to the blood vessel wall of the meat eater.

As a result of constant accumulation, the internal pressure of the blood vessels will become narrower and narrower, and the amount of blood that can pass will become less and less.

This dangerous situation is called heart disease.

It puts a great burden on the heart, shrinking it to force the blood to clog and tighten blood vessels.

Results Hypertension, cerebral congestion, palpitations and other problems have occurred.

Recently, Harvard’s academy found that vegetarians generally have lower blood pressure than non-vegetarians.

During the Korean War, two hundred American military bodies with an average age of 22 years were examined. About 80% of the people showed arteriosclerosis due to the entanglement of meat waste.

Korean soldiers of the same age do not have this phenomenon.

Koreans are basically based on vegetables.

  Now we can understand that the nation’s number one killer and crime is already quite extensive.

More and more doctors are strictly limiting the amount of meat their patients can supplement.

They even ask the patient not to eat meat at all.

The Academy of Sciences now recognizes that the roughness and fiber quality of vegetarian foods can actually lower cholesterol.

Dr. Regist, director of the Department of Nutrition at Loma Linda University in California, has done experiments to confirm that even if you eat a lot of cream, the substances contained in beans can reduce cholesterol.

  Corruption When an animal is killed, the protein in the body will condense and produce a self-decomposing enzyme.

Soon, a denatured substance called “corpse poison” was formed.

Since the corpse is released immediately after death, the meat, fish and eggs of the animal have a common property. The jujube quickly breaks down the corruption.

At the same time, when the animals are slaughtered, they are refrigerated, then transported to the butcher’s shop, then bought home, frozen, boiled and eaten. We can imagine how much the dinner has been spoiled.

  As we know, in humans, the digestive system of humans is not intended to use meat, so it passes very slowly in the body.

It takes about five days for the meat to pass through the human body.

During this period, the rickets produced by carrion are constantly in contact with the digestive organs.

The colon part produces a toxic condition, and the intermediate is quickly ground.

Raw meat, because it is often in a corrupt situation, pollutes the chef and anything it touches.

After a poisoning incident at a slaughterhouse, the British Public Health Bureau warned housewives: “It is unsanitary to treat raw meat as if it were cow dung.

“Normally, toxic microbes will not be destroyed even by cooking.

Especially if the meat is not cooked, or just a slight barbecue, as it is, it will become a source of infection.

  The most obvious wastes of kidney disease, gout, and arthritis are urea and uric acid.

Perhaps as per pound of beef contains about four grams of uric acid.

An American doctor once analyzed the urine dialysis of carnivores and vegetarians and found that in order to expel nitrogen compounds, the meat burden of carnivores is three times that of vegetarians.

When a person is still young, they can still bear the burden, so there is no harm or illness.

However, when the age is getting longer and the kidneys are prematurely depleted, they can no longer function effectively, so kidney disease will follow.

When the kidney can no longer handle the excessive burden caused by meat, the uric acid that cannot be eliminated is stored in the body, and the muscle absorbs and absorbs like a sponge; when the water is dried, it hardens to form a crystal.

When it stays in the joints, symptoms such as gout, rheumatism, and arthritis are produced.

When uric acid accumulates in the nerves, it develops neuritis and sciatica.

There are many doctors who do not want to stop eating meat completely, or strictly limit their meat intake.

  Difficulties in excretion Since our digestive system is not necessarily suitable for eating meat, it is inevitable that meat eaters will have difficulty in excreting.

Meat, because of its shortcomings of fiberiness, moves very slowly in the body’s digestive tract, so chronic constipation is almost a common distress in our society.

  Many modern research reports show that the fiber that is gradually excreted by healthy parties is only obtained from the right vegetarian food.In contrast to meat, vegetables, cereals and fruits retain dissolved water and are easily passed through the digestive tract.

Vegetables have a large amount of natural dietary fiber, which is preventing disease.

According to modern research, natural fiber can effectively prevent appendicitis, colitis, hypertension and obesity.

  Vegetarians are far more healthy than meat eaters. Meat is not a natural or healthy food for humans.

Of course, we can still rely on it to survive, but it causes our body to suffer in advance and produce many diseases.

“A gasoline engine can also be used with kerosene, but it quickly becomes a pair and wears out. It is easier to break down than using gasoline.

“Our body is not just a machine. It is a complex and wonderful creation that serves us throughout our lives.”

Therefore, they must follow the natural structure and supply them with the fruits of their natural dates, cereals, nuts, beans, vegetables and daily products.

Undoubtedly, countless studies have confirmed that vegetarians all over the world are far healthier than meat eaters.

  When the world economic crisis occurred, people were forced to eat vegetarian food, and their health turned out to be dramatic.

During the Great War, food waste was apparently caused by Denmark due to the British blockade.

The Danish government divided the president of the National Vegetarian Society as a food ration.

During the blockade, Denmark was forced to live on cereals, vegetables, fruits and produce.

In the first year of rations, the mortality rate was reduced by 17%.

During the Great War, Norwegians were vegetarian because of too much food, and the proportion of deaths from circulatory diseases was immediately reduced.

After the war, after the Norwegian and the Danes resumed eating meat, the ratio of mortality to heart disease immediately rose to the pre-war figures.

  Harris, a tribe in India and Pakistan, is world famous for not being sick and longevity.

Except for the curious scientists from all over the country, I want to explore why the disease is almost extinct and the life expectancy of the residents is over 115 years old.

Their diet is dominated by whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and goat’s milk.

A British general practitioner, McGrison, worked with the Harris, and had: “I have never seen cases of appendicitis, colitis or cancer here.

Recently, a group of Harvard physicians and research scientists traveled to the Ikod Mountains and lived in the remote villages of 400 inhabitants. They found that many local residents had reached an unusual age.

One person is one hundred and twenty-one years old, and several people are over one hundred years old.

They thoroughly examined people over the age of 75, and only two of them had high blood pressure!

These villagers are pure vegetarians.

Doctors called the discovery “very unusual” and said: “If you do the same thing in the United States, I am afraid that 95% of them have heart disease.

“Statistically, vegetarians in the United States are mainly thinner and healthier.

Fifty percent of Americans are overweight, and on average, vegetarians are twenty pounds lighter than meat eaters.

The National Institutes of Health recently studied 50,000 vegetarians and found that they lived a substitute and suffered from heart disease, which was much lower than that of carnivores.

  In the UK, vegetarians are insured for three years less than carnivores.

Because they are less likely to have heart disease, insurance companies take less risk.

The premium for food poisoning insurance in vegetarian restaurants is also shortened because customers may be less likely to be food poisoned than the leeks.

  At Harvard University, a doctor confirmed that vegetarians have fewer colds and allergies.

  Therefore, it has been scientifically proven that meat is harmful to human health.

The carefully calibrated vegetarian diet not only conforms to the laws of nature, but also helps us to achieve a healthy and resilient body.

Hot feet before going to bed help sleep

Hot feet before going to bed help sleep

The human feet have the function of running blood, communicating with the organs, communicating inside and outside, and continuously up and down. Each person has more than 60 acupuncture points on both feet, which have a corresponding relationship with the whole body organs.

Chinese medicine experts recommend using 43 seconds of hot water to soak your feet for 15 minutes every night before going to bed, then keep warm for 30 minutes, which can significantly improve sleep.

  Experts from Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that in general, body temperature is closely related to blood circulation, blood temperature is low, and blood circulation is also strong.

When the human body is tired, the blood circulation of the foot is even worse, and sediments are more likely to occur.

Soaking the feet with water of 43 glucose for 30 minutes can reduce the lactic acid in the blood.

Moreover, the foot is rich in nerve endings and capillaries, and it has a mild and good stimulating effect on the nerves and capillaries with hot water.

This warming stimulus is reflected to the cerebral cortex, which inhibits the cerebral cortex, thereby improving sleep and eliminating insomnia.

  Hot foot bath also increases blood secretion and flow in the foot, which improves heart function, reduces heart load and promotes metabolism.

Through the hot foot bath, you can also adjust the meridians and blood.

At the same time, the blood vessels of the foot are dilated and the blood volume is increased, so that the blood flow in the head is accelerated, and the oxygen and nutrients required by the brain are supplemented in time.

Orange diet to eat thin beauty

Orange diet to eat thin beauty

Eating oranges also makes you have a good body and be a skinny beauty!

Orange diet to help you lose weight quickly, healthy weight loss!

If you want to be a thin beauty, take a look at this simple quick-acting orange weight loss method!

Let’s lose weight together!

  The orange color is bright, the skin is thin and juicy, sweet and sour, and nutritious. It is a fruit with high vitamin C content.

It is currently the most popular fruit on the market. It mainly has navel orange, rock sugar orange, blood orange and American Sunkist orange. The weight loss effect is the same, we can choose freely.

The ripening period of the oranges is from March to November every year, and immediately after the orange is in full bloom, let us eat enough at once, and then lose weight at the end!

  Orange’s principle of weight loss: Orange is called “healthy fruit”, rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, beta-carotene, citric acid, orange peel compounds and aldehydes, alcohols, alkenes and other substances.

Orange multi-fiber and low-calorie, containing natural sugar, is the best choice to replace the desserts such as dinner or candy, cakes, cookies, etc. Those who are sweet and want to lose weight can eat oranges to satisfy the desire for sweets.

In addition, the orange is higher in fiber, and more food helps to defecate, which can reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body.


1 Orange daily diet method After getting up, drink 1 cup of warm water with a small amount of salt, then eat 1 egg + 1 bowl of porridge.

  1 bowl of vegetable soup for lunch + +1 fish + 1 bowl of rice.

You can eat 1 orange or 1 cup of juice when you are hungry in the afternoon.

  1 plate of vegetarian dishes + 1 bowl of rice in the evening.

Eat 1 orange after 1 hour.

  The above methods can be eaten for a long time, whether you are trying to lose weight or stay in shape!

Vegetables can be matched according to their own preferences, but try not to eat more oily foods, usually stretch and stretch the legs, so that you can keep your slim body!

  Suitable for the crowd: MM especially suitable for cellulite-type obesity.

  Personal experience: A reader and sister “have eaten” for two weeks and found that they are not just thin, and the skin is still shiny enough!

If you want to be thin and beautiful, it’s a pity that you don’t try it!


2 orange quick-acting weight loss single breakfast tomato, one cooked egg, a cup of freshly squeezed juice.

  A bowl of steamed egg for lunch, a bowl of tomato soup, and a fresh orange.

  A cup of freshly squeezed juice in the afternoon tea.

  One tomato for dinner, one cooked egg, one orange.

  When using this diet, it is best not to eat other foods, drink water.

Add a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a vegetable salad between meals.

In addition, this menu can only be used for four days and then stopped for two weeks.

You can use green vegetables and fruits for the time you stop using it.

  Suitable for the crowd: Sisters who want to lose weight quickly are suitable.

  Personal experience: The editorial department used a white vinegar plus this method. It lost 20 pounds in two months. The amazing slimming speed made us not believe, so we recommend it to the sisters now.

Remember to keep your mouth shut and the fat is lost.


3 orange healthy weight loss soup ingredients: orange l000 grams, 50 grams of ginger, sandalwood 25 grams, 20 grams of salt, 50 grams of licorice.

  Practice: Cut the oranges into slices, slice the ginger, and then fry the water together. Add the above seasoning after 30 minutes.

  This soup can be tempered and eliminated.

Take 1 bowl each time, three times a day.When taking this soup, it is best to maintain a happy mood, exercise more, and feel sweaty throughout the body.

  Suitable for the crowd: MM for medium-sized obesity.

  Personal experience: I introduced this formula to a company’s beauty, so-called, there are five MM together.

In two months, three of them lost 15 pounds, one 12 pounds and one 8 pounds.

It seems that the weight loss effect of this side is still quite good!

  Tips: The cause of obesity and the digestive system disorder accumulate fat, and the waste is related to toxins.

Acid-base balance can improve the body’s digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion system, but must be aware that the food is acidic, alkaline or neutral before eating.

Oranges should not be eaten before meals or on an empty stomach, otherwise the organic acids contained in the oranges will irritate the gastric mucosa and are not good for the stomach.

Do not drink milk for 1 hour before and after eating oranges, because the protein in milk will coagulate when it encounters fruit acid, which will affect digestion and absorption.

The rule that the workplace must know

The rule that the workplace must know

◆ Washington Cooperation Regulations The Washington Cooperation Regulations say that one person is perfunctory, two people push each other, and three people never have a day.

  How much is the story of our “three monks”.

  The cooperation between people is not a simple addition of manpower, but a complex and subtle one.

In the cooperation between people, the ability of each person in the past is one, then the cooperation results of ten people are sometimes larger than the top ten, and sometimes even smaller than one.

Because people are not static animals, but more like energy in different directions, they naturally do more with less. When they resist each other, they can’t do anything.

In our traditional management theory, there is not much research on cooperation. The most intuitive reflection is that most of the current management systems and industries are committed to reducing the unnecessary consumption of human resources, rather than using organizations to improve human effectiveness.

  In fact, it may be said that the main purpose of management is not to make everyone do their best, but to avoid excessive internal consumption.

The 21st century will be an era of cooperation. Fortunately, more and more people have realized the importance of sincere cooperation and are working hard to learn cooperation.

  Bonnie’s Law of Manpower: A person can dig a hole in a minute, and sixty people can’t dig a hole in a second.

Cooperation is a problem, and how to cooperate is also a problem.

  Peter Principle The Peter principle is an indicator of the American scholar Lawrence Peter’s research on the related phenomena of the promotion of personnel in the organization; in various organizations, due to the habit of promoting and promoting people at a certain level, employeesAlways tend to be promoted to a position that is incompetent.

  The Peter principle is sometimes referred to as the “crawl up” principle.

  This phenomenon is ubiquitous in real life: a professor who is promoted to be a university president is not competent; a good athlete is promoted to an official in charge of sports and does nothing.

  For an organization, once a certain part of the organization is pushed to its incompetent level, it will cause the organization’s people to be overstaffed and inefficient, leading to mediocrity and development stagnation.

Therefore, this requires changing the simple promotion mechanism of “employment based on contribution”. It cannot be done because a person has done a good job at a certain position level, and this person can be qualified for a higher level.

  It is necessary to establish a scientific and reasonable personnel selection mechanism, objectively assess the ability and level of each employee, and arrange the employees to their competent positions.

Don’t regard the promotion of positions as the main reward method for employees. A more effective reward mechanism should be established, and more rewards, vacations, etc. should be used as rewards.

Sometimes a worker is promoted to a position where he can’t play his talents well, instead of rewarding employees, but the employees can’t play well and bring losses to the company.

  For individuals, although each of us is looking forward to continuing to promote, but do not always climb up as their only motivation.

With a barely supportive position in an incompetent position, it is better to find a position that you can handle with your own expertise.

  ◆ Matthew Effect There is a story in the New Testament: The Gospel of Matthew: Before a king travels, he gives each of the three servants a silver ingot and tells them: “You go to do business, come back when I come back.see me.

When the king came back, the first servant said, “Master, you have made a silver ingot, I have earned ten ingots.”

“The king rewarded him with ten cities.”

The second servant reported: “Master, you gave me a piece of silver, I have earned five ingots.

“The king gave him five cities.”

The third servant reported: “Master, you have given me a piece of silver, I have been wrapped in a towel, I am afraid of losing, has not been taken out.

Then the king ordered that the silver servant of the third servant be rewarded to the first servant, and said, “Whoever is less, even all his possessions will be taken over.”

If you have more, give him more and ask him to be more good.

“This is the Matthew effect.

Take a look around us and you’ll find many examples of the Matthew effect.

  People with more friends will resume their interactions and get more friends; these friends will always be alone.

Money is easier, even if the return on investment is the same, a person who is ten times more invested than others will earn ten times more.

  This is a winner-take-all society, making good use of the Matthew effect, and winning is you.

For the business development of the enterprise, the Matthew effect tells us that in order to maintain an advantage in a certain field, it must be rapidly expanded in this field.

When you become a leader in a certain field, even if the return on investment is the same, you can more easily gain benefits than the weaker peers.

And if there is no strength to quickly expand in a certain field, it is necessary to constantly search for new areas of development in order to ensure a better return.

Fat Burning Oolong Tea 5 Teas Repels Intestines

Fat Burning Oolong Tea 5 Teas Repels Intestines

Drinking tea is not a purely leisure thing. The key is to drink some kind of tea.

While you are free to chat, you can easily lose weight.

A series of recent experiments in Japan have shown that some teas can effectively prevent excessive, help relieve constipation, and thus abdomen.

  Tea contains a lot of dietary fiber, and the dietary fiber can’t be digested. If you stay in the abdomen for a long time, you will feel full.

  More importantly, it can also burn adults. The key to this effect is vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1, a vitamin in tea, is a necessary substance that can fully burn and convert a trace amount of heat into heat.

  1, black tea: black tea can inhibit the accumulation of small abdominal feces.

When it comes to obesity, people will immediately think of celiac disease, and black tea has a significant effect on the inhibition of abdominal disease.

  Black tea is made from the fermentation of Aspergillus niger. As the name suggests, it is black.

A punoir component is produced during the fermentation to help prevent minor buildup.

  Want to use black tea to lose weight, it is best to drink freshly brewed tea.

In addition, you should keep drinking one day.

5 liters, drink a cup each before and after meals, and stick to it for a long time.

  Black tea has a long history of production in developing countries, mainly produced in Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi and other places.

Black tea can be brewed directly or pressed into pressed tea (such as various brick teas).

Their soup color is near deep red, and the bottom of the leaves is evenly bright.

  2, Jim Naima tea: Jim Naima tea effectively inhibits sugar absorption.

In Indian medicine, this kind of Jim Naima tea is constantly appearing.

  Jim Naima’s nickname is also called “sugar killing”. After chewing its leaves, it will eat sugar, and there will be no sweet feeling in the mouth. The absorption will naturally decrease, and the absorption of sugar and impurities will decrease, which will be converted into sputum.It is relatively reduced.

  Jim Naima tea is not only effective in preventing and improving obesity, but also has an adjuvant treatment for diabetes.

  3, lotus leaf tea: lotus leaf tea ancient weight loss secret medicine.

A drink made of lotus flowers, leaves and fruits can not only make people feel refreshed, but also improve their complexion and lose weight.

  Taking full advantage of lotus leaf tea to lose weight requires some tips.

First of all, it must be strong tea, and the effect of the second bubble is not good.

  In fact, it is 6 times a day to drink. People who have constipation crimes can drink 4 packs a day, and drink them in 4 times to make the stool smooth, which is more beneficial for weight loss.

The third best is to participate on an empty stomach.

The advantage is that there is no need to diet. After the lotus leaf tea is repositioned, the hobby of food will naturally change and become less greasy.

  4, Eucommia tea: Eucommia tea can reduce neutral warts.

Because the ingredients contained in Eucommia can promote metabolism and metabolic consumption, the weight is reduced.

In addition to this, there is also the role of preventing aging and strengthening the body.

  5, Oolong tea: Oolong tea can burn in the body.

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea that contains almost no vitamin C, but it can reduce iron, calcium and other minerals, and contains ingredients that promote digestion and decomposition of fatty acids.

  Before meals, drinking a cup of oolong tea after a meal can promote slight decomposition and become directly transferred to the body without being absorbed by the body to prevent excessive excessive intake.

There are 1 of these 5 symptoms, indicating that your blood vessels have been reset, can not be ignored, and timely treatment

There are 1 of these 5 symptoms, indicating that your blood vessels have been reset, can not be ignored, and timely treatment

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Cerebral thrombosis is a growing disease and the most common type of cerebral infarction. Older people are the most common. Many data show that cerebral thrombosis is extremely harmful, especially cerebral infarction, which has a very high morbidity rate.And high mortality.

If you don’t adapt, the light person will faint, speech disorder, etc. If it is serious, it will lead to hemiplegia, cerebral infarction, stroke, etc., which seriously threaten the health of the patient.

Cerebral thrombosis is a common cardiovascular disease in middle-aged and elderly people. Every middle-aged and elderly person needs to understand the symptoms before the onset of this disease from a health perspective.

Prevent in advance to avoid deterioration.

Five abnormalities that occur in the body before cerebral thrombosis. 1. Sudden headaches are painful. Headache is a typical symptom of cerebral thrombosis, caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.

The cause of cerebral thrombosis and numbness is the autonomic palsy caused by brain dilatation, and the condition is to prevent fracture pain and numbness.

2, sudden onset of dizziness and dizziness is a very common symptom of cerebral thrombosis, especially in patients with hypertension, if 1?
Repeated more than 5 times of dizziness in 2 days, the risk of cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction increased.

3, nasal bleeding patients with cerebral thrombosis have atherosclerosis, very fragile.

Due to fluctuations in blood pressure, increased pressure causes bleeding of the capillaries in the nose.

4, leading to blood pressure Hypertensive cerebral thrombosis is the level of systolic or diastolic blood pressure are related to the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis.

Whether it is primary hypertension or secondary hypertension, as long as the blood pressure continues to be high, it causes a series of changes in the brain.

5, gait abnormal walking leg weakness is one of the aura symptoms of hemiplegia.

If the gait of the elderly is suddenly abnormal.

When accompanied by limb numbness, it is a precursor to cerebrovascular disease.

The above is a sign of cerebral thrombosis. Here is a introduction to a health tea. Drinking tea has a health-care effect. It has certain benefits for the elderly. The elderly can choose a more suitable health tea. Here is for everyone.Recommend one.

[Life fruit raspberry dried fruit]soaked in water, commonly known as human blood vessels “scavenger” through the blood vessels, in addition to thrombosis!

China Youth Daily: 107-year-old Guo Xiurong and 106-year-old Li Qingxian are well-known centenarian couples, and now they are the same.

Centenarians like them have 104 in Fengqiu.

The Chinese Society of Gerontology awarded Fengqi the title of “Hometown of Longevity in China”.

The selection criteria for the country’s longevity township is that the proportion of centenarians exceeds 7/100,000, Fengqiu is 800,000, and 100-year-old and older are up to 103, far exceeding the standard of 56.

Because of the joy of eating[fruit fruit raspberry dried fruit], the local long-term common cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, cancer and other diseases are only about 3%, far exceeding the national average level.

[Life Fruit Raspberry Dried Fruit]As the “third generation of golden fruit” recognized by the UN Secretary-General, it is known that natural SOD, salicylic acid, substituted flower acid, quercetin and other beneficial factors, 1988 Nobel Prize in PhysiologyThe research results confirm that: SOD reduction and activity reduction are the key substances to control the human body’s life and death, supplement SOD, can eliminate the body aging by eliminating free radicals, and can balance blood excess blood sugar, blood lipids, avoid thrombosis, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Edible method:[Life fruit raspberry dried fruit]soaking water: In order to avoid destroying SOD and precipitating nutrients such as flower acid, it should be replaced with boiling water below 50 degrees, soaked for 5 minutes, and put together with dried fruit, usually soaked in water for about 10 days.The body will change significantly

Impaired or a sign of cardiovascular disease

Impaired or a sign of cardiovascular disease

People often say that “spring is sleepy and lacking in autumn”. In the warm spring, we often feel lazy and easy to sleep. This is because the spring temperature is moderate, the brain’s cold and heat stimulation is reduced, and the brain nerve cell excitability is reduced.

Obviously, the elderly are often sleepy and don’t care.

  Older people have less sleep time. If they are sleepy, they may be signs of certain diseases, such as diabetes, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and hypokalemia.

  It is best to observe whether the elderly are trapped with other symptoms, such as dizziness, headache, dry mouth and thirst, inconvenience in physical activity, etc. If the symptoms are obvious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Even just a simple spring sleep, it is not effective to overcome by increasing sleep.

Sleeping too much will further reduce the excitability of nerve cells, making people sleep more and more sleepy.

The following methods can be used: insist on going to bed early and getting up early, sleeping for half an hour after lunch every day; breathing fresh air outdoors, paying attention to ventilation when indoors; eating more fruits or drinking green tea.

You can also use some stimulation, sometimes you can smell the cool oil when you are sleepy, listen to some rhythmic music, wash your face with cold water, and use salt water to soak your feet.

In addition, acupressure can also be: massage the sun, wind pool, Neiguan and other acupoints every day for 3 to 5 minutes.

Face-lifting sports face fattening_1

Face-lifting sports face fattening

Separate face fattening is definitely outstanding.

Facial fattening is actually a problem of facial muscle training.

If you eat more and sleep more, you can’t get good results. Because it is slightly easier to accumulate in the abdomen and hips, and the face aunt, the muscle growth is slower.

Therefore, to quickly grow facial muscles, some specific methods are needed: (1) caries movement.

The mouth may be large, bite hard, repeat 30 times as a group, and do three groups.

This exercise can plump the cheek muscles.

  (2) Take the index finger and the middle finger under the cheekbone for a ring massage, each group 16 times, do three groups.

Above the above method, it can fill the muscles of the face and promote blood circulation in the face, making the face rosy and improving the skin.

The pain of facial muscles on the second day after exercise is effective.

  Note the use of the above methods: (1) Not as many times as possible.

My experience, in three groups, each group is 30 times better, too many times will have the opposite effect.

  (2) The effect is good every other day.

This is the same reason as bodybuilding training.

Give the muscles a day off.

  (3) Must cooperate with other parts of the exercise.

If you train your face muscles, the effect is very slow and even has no effect.

The method of practicing facial muscles on the second day of bodybuilding training can be used.

  (4) Eat more eggs, milk, pollen and other foods.

It is best not to smoke.

Don’t sleep too late at night.

  By adopting the above method, it is generally effective after 3-4 times of exercise.

However, it must be noted that at least half a year must be adhered to, otherwise the muscles that grow will still shrink.

  In addition, there are certain cosmetic methods.

Highlight some parts and hide some parts.

Thereby achieving an elegant and generous effect.

  Netizens also summed up a set of facial fattening methods for you.

  Persist in doing facial exercises every day: (1) open your mouth, try to open it, hold it for 2 seconds.
Exaggerated reading “ah” (a) (2) tightening the eyes, keep 2 seconds (3) pick up your mouth, hold on for two seconds. exaggerated reading “呜” (u) (4) exaggerated reading “one” (Yi) In this way, insist on doing it every day, doing it 4-5 times a day, and exercising the facial muscles. If you stick to it, your facial muscles will be very elastic and your skin will be very good.





  In addition, you can eat more chewing gum, exercise masseter muscles, muscles, and look more natural and full of face.

  You can also eat more nuts and exercise the masseter muscles.

How do patients with liver disease gain weight and gain weight?

How do patients with liver disease gain weight and gain weight?

Q: I am too thin. I really want to help me with fattening. How can patients with liver disease gain weight and gain weight?

Is there any way? I hope everyone can say more in detail.

  Netizen Dr. Li Wei: This is not necessary, as long as health is better than anything.

Patients with liver disease who are too fat to gain fat are likely to cause liver disease in adults, which will aggravate the condition of hepatitis B. Therefore, regular examination and review are the best.

  Netizen Xiaojie: Don’t give yourself too much ideological burden. If you usually have normal liver function, don’t think that you have hepatitis B as a patient.

Do whatever you want, don’t think too much.

Patients with liver disease advocate high protein, high vitamin, low sugar, low blood sugar diet.

Do not eat or eat animal cockroaches, sweets (including sugary drinks).

Eat more vegetables, fruits and cellulose-rich foods, as well as high-protein lean meat, river fish, soy products, etc., do not eat snacks, no meals before going to bed.

  Netizen smiles face tiger: From a pathological point of view, digestive diseases, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hepatitis, kidney disease and many other diseases can cause body weight loss; long illness, physical weakness, malnutrition can also cause weight loss.

If the body is thin, the disease should be treated in time. After the disease is cured, the body weight will naturally return to normal.

For a long time, physical weakness, malnutrition, should strengthen nutrition, increase the need to eat protein, vitamins, food, appropriate physical exercise, so that weight returns to normal.

  Patients with acute hepatitis should eat less meat in the acute phase, especially in patients with acute jaundice hepatitis, and should not eat meat at the beginning of the disease.

Because patients with acute hepatitis have low gastrointestinal digestive function, if they are implanted with non-digestible meat, it will aggravate the condition and hinder recovery.

  Chronic hepatitis patients are implanted due to disease, liver cells have different degrees of damage, and a large amount of meat food needs to be removed to promote liver cell regeneration.

At this time, you can eat lean pork, rabbit meat, pigeon meat, squid and turtle.

Pigeon meat has the function of clearing away heat and detoxifying; squid can appetite and spleen, eliminate edema and cure jaundice; soft-shelled turtle meat not only has a strong regenerative effect on necrotic hepatocytes, but also inhibits vitamin hyperplasia and softens the liver.