Men’s intuition is more spiritual than women’s

The traditional view is that women are more intuitive than men, but a recent study in the UK denies this.

According to the British “Daily Telegraph”, psychologists have made people distinguish between the authenticity of a smile and the right one.

The intuitive ability of more than 50,000 participants was tested.

  The psychologist showed 10 pairs of photos to the subjects.

One of each pair of photos is a real smile and the other is a disguised smile.

First, the subjects were asked to distinguish the true and false smiles in all photos.

As a result, 72% of male subjects were correctly reset and 71% of females. Males performed slightly better than females.

Then, let them tell whether the smile of the opposite sex in the photo is true or false.

Correct corrections were 76% for men and 67% for women, and men fared better than women.

Interestingly, before the test, the participants were asked to estimate their intuitive ability.

77% of women are confident in their instincts, compared with 58% of men who hold this attitude.

  Richard, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hartford?

“The test results question the traditional statement that women are more intuitive than men,” Wiseman said.

Some previous studies have shown that women’s intuition is stronger, but in contrast to the development of society, men’s instincts are constantly increasing.

Gladina, the psychologist?

McMahon said: “People think that women’s intuition is stronger than men’s, because women prefer to face their feelings and emotions, so it creates an illusion. It seems that women’s intuition is particularly good.

“With this experiment, men should be more confident in their instincts.