“My current mind is very simple,I just ask you to give my son a chance,Is the opportunity to work in your company,If he can make money,That’s his skill,If you can’t make money,Give him a few thousand dollars to spare。”
He doesn’t get in the way,He is not lazy,People are a little stupid,According to the prevailing words,That’s the guy who studies hard。you
Just let him be a porter,I have no opinion,I just want someone to trouble him,You shelter one or two。
Yun Wuyu’s words made Qin Feng a little dumbfounded,This is definitely not an irony?
Qin Feng has always tried his best to avoid these things,So that I don’t want some trouble,Because once these people enter,Who will make the final decision for this company,That’s not sure。
“Are you sure this is the result you want?Arrange a position for him according to your position,That should be easier?Furthermore,Who dares to treat you?”
Qin Feng asked with some doubts,He really doesn’t understand what Yun Buru’s mind is like。
“Ugh,You can ask Huang Longwen,I’m not a good person,But for so many years I have done a lot of good things for the folks in the village,I also offended many people。”
If my son goes my way,,Without shelter,He is not dead,That is also to be disabled。
Yun might as well say hissing,The complexity of his heart,Only he knows that。
Qin Feng also knows that some things are cold,If it’s really not as simple as the cloud,He doesn’t care,But he is also ugly in front。
“I can only say a word,See ability to eat,If he has no abilities,And still reluctant to do things,I can only say sorry。”
Qin Feng is also a hard bone,I want to ask him to pay for protection,He can’t do this。