What kind of food to supplement the spleen?

Seven kinds of food to spleen and stomach!


What kind of food to supplement the spleen?

Seven kinds of food to spleen and stomach!

Click to buy the spleen plays a very important role in the digestion and absorption of food, so almost all gastrointestinal diseases can occur or accompanied by spleen deficiency.

Severe spleen will appear vomiting, diarrhea, edema, bleeding and other symptoms, then what is good for spleen?

Is there some food to make up the spleen?

I will introduce you to the spleen food today.

  Spleen food: the previous rice was flat and sweet, and it has the power to replenish the spleen and replenish Qi.

“Food Jiancao” has recorded: “Previous rice, can replenish the spleen, benefit the five internal organs, strong strength, stop diarrhea, only the merits of rice is the first.

“The Herbal Classics” is also cloud: “The former rice is the rice that people often eat, the length of the grain, and the people who depend on each other for their lives.”

Its taste is sweet and light, its nature is flat and non-toxic, although the main spleen and stomach, and the five internal organs are angry, the essence of blood, because of the overflow, the muscles of the muscles and muscles.

  Spleen food: Chinese yam Chinese medicine believes that yam is sweet, spleen and spleen, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and qi, nourishing the kidney and solidifying the essence, nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs. It is suitable for patients with chronic diarrhea, loose sputum and spleen deficiency, but the qi stagnation is full.Those who are wet and heavy are not suitable for consumption.

  Spleen food: glutinous rice glutinous rice sweet, warm, into the spleen, stomach, lung; with Buzhong Yiqi, spleen and stomach, stop the effect of sweat.

Applicable to spleen and stomach caused by nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and qi deficiency caused by sweat, shortness of breath, weakness, pregnancy, abdominal bulge embolism, suitable for tuberculosis, neurasthenia, postpartum people eat.

The starch contained in glutinous rice is amylopectin, so it is difficult to digest and recover in the stomach. If you have gastritis, duodenal inflammation and other gastrointestinal inflammation, you should eat less.

Old people, children or patients should also be used with caution.

  Spleen food: squid squid has a good spleen and dampness effect, body edema, easy to thirst, poor appetite, easy to sleepy people can eat squid can spleen, relieve these symptoms.

  Spleen food: sweet potato sweet potato is one of the foods for tonifying the spleen and stomach. It has the effect of replenishing the spleen, wide stomach and benefiting the vital energy. It is suitable for people who are thin and easy to be weak and spleen, but eat sweet potatoes to pay attention to the right amount.It is easy to cause hypertensive swell, and there will be a phenomenon of acid reflux.

  Spleen food: beef and beef is also a food for spleen and stomach. It has high protein content, but the aunt’s content is relatively small. In addition to benefiting the spleen and stomach, it can also strengthen the bones and muscles, and qi and blood. People with weak body can eat more.

  Spleen food: Coix seed is commonly known as glutinous rice, six grains.

It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and strengthening the stomach.

Ming Li Shizhen said that it “can spleen and stomach.”

“Materia Medica” also has the record of “sweet can into the spleen and spleen”.

Spleen deficiency should be treated with glutinous rice and the previous rice porridge, which complement each other.

  If you have the symptoms of spleen deficiency, you may want to eat more of the food mentioned above. In fact, it is a good way to adjust through food.

Ginger cure alopecia areata?


Ginger cure alopecia areata?

Because of life and work pressure, people are losing hair more and more by middle age.

Especially for people who have alopecia areata at a young age, it is for the smooth and hairless “area” on their heads to leak.

As a result, various indigenous methods have been released.

Among them, the most widely spread method is to wipe the scalp with ginger.

But in fact, this method is not scientific, and if it is not done well, it will have an adverse effect.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is warm in nature and has the functions of relieving and diverging, so topical ginger can indeed increase local blood circulation, stimulate the opening of hair follicles, and promote hair regeneration.

However, ginger can produce heat for a long time, and hair loss is a hot skin disease. The use of heat medicine to treat fever sexually transmitted diseases violates the principle of “cool medicine for fever” that is pay attention to in Chinese medicine.”The consequences.

Patients with severe alopecia areata may even experience more severe hair loss.

  Therefore, the treatment of alopecia areata should first actively find the cause, and then take different treatment measures according to different types, and do not “disorder the doctor.”

How to drink water every day is good for health

How to drink water every day is good for health

First of all, we set the daily normal activity time in the interval from 6 am to 10 pm. If you want to stay up late, then it is another matter, haha.

Then we set the amount of water each time to 250cc, which is the same amount of water we usually drink.

Finally, how do we drink, and drink some kind of water, let’s take a look at it.

Initially between 6 am and 7 am, or the time to get up in the morning.

This time because we have been sleeping all night, the body loses water during sleep, and needs to replenish water, so we have to prepare a cup of warm water and drink it to help detoxify the kidneys and liver.

The second step is between 8 am and 9 am, after the business person is at the office.

Due to the rush in the morning and the rush to feel the company, there will be some dehydration, so it is best to pick up a glass of water and drink it slowly to ensure a full day of energy.

The third step is 11:00 am. After a morning of work or study, the human body feels a little tired at this time, so taking a break and drinking a glass of water can eliminate fatigue and relax the tight mood.
The fourth step is half an hour after lunch at noon, around 1 pm.

After eating lunch, drinking a glass of water can help digestion, but also help the body reduce the burden.

The fifth step is around 3 pm.

In the afternoon, it usually feels a little sleepy at this time. It is easy to have no spirit, so you can drink a glass of water in time instead of afternoon tea, which can both relieve trouble and refresh your mind.

The sixth step is between 5 and 6 pm.

It is best to drink a glass of water after work, before dinner, for some day’s work pressure, but also to help not overeating at night.

If you like to exercise in the afternoon, drink 15 minutes after the end of the exercise.

The seventh step is an hour before going to bed at night, between 9 and 10 in the evening.

After a whole day of activities, I will soon go to sleep time. Slowly drink a small cup of warm water and taste it carefully. It can help sleep, but also ensure the body’s moisture at night. Of course, it is very troublesome to drink too much.of.

Dialectics of Presbyopia and Medicine Precipitation Therapy

Dialectics of Presbyopia and Medicine Precipitation Therapy

Elderly liver cancer, lack of essence and qi, it is difficult to maintain eyes, so old eyes often faint and affect vision.

Chinese medicine believes that presbyopia is caused by the aging of blood and qi, liver and kidney essence, and other reasons.

Presbyopia can be divided into three types of deficiency of qi and blood, deficiency of liver and kidney, and hyperactivity of yin deficiency and yang.

Patients with presbyopia with qi and blood deficiency are often accompanied by chlorosis, dizziness, palpitations, lack of gas, laziness, and fatigue. Symptoms of presbyopia in patients with liver-kidney deficiency presbyopia will be significantly worse at night, and often accompanied by dizziness., Tinnitus, upset, dry mouth, dry throat and other symptoms: patients with presbyopia with yin deficiency and yang are often accompanied by headaches, irritability, flushing or facial sensation, dizziness, etc.Diseases such as blood pressure.

  This functional degenerative vision is weakened, and the ancient food therapy can be used to delay the gradual decrease of vision.

These prescriptions also have a certain therapeutic and preventive effect on night blindness, optic nerve atrophy, central retinitis, and initial cataracts.

In addition to presbyopic treatment, presbyopia patients should pay more attention to eye hygiene and strengthen physical exercise, but also choose the following diet therapy for treatment: 1, Erzi chicken head soup to take 30 grams of green gardenia, Ligustrum lucidum, and twoAll chicken heads are cooked.

This prescription is effective for eye diseases caused by liver blood deficiency and virtual fire, and dizziness is especially suitable for those with high blood pressure.

  2, chrysanthemum wolfberry tea juice, old chrysanthemum eyes, white chrysanthemum, 5 grams of wolfberry, brew with boiling water, substitute tea, 1 dose daily, and take it for 3 months.

It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney and clearing liver.

Especially suitable for presbyopia and unclear vision.

  Regarding the law of human aging, Chinese medicine has known about it more than 2,000 years ago.

Presbyopia is mainly due to the natural aging of the spleen, stomach, liver, and kidneys.

Lycium barbarum is an essential medicine for nourishing the liver and kidneys, and it can also clear the eyes; chrysanthemum can clear the liver and clear the eyes, and at the same time, it can be used for clearing and replenishing, taking into account the specimen, and has obvious protective effects on the eyes.

  3, Honggan Wan take 10 grams of safflower, chopped with 250 grams of pork liver into mud, add simmering, steamed pill.

This prescription is convenient for both blood deficiency and both; it has the effect of dissipating in advance the bloodshot in the eyes of cataract.

  4, carrot porridge, take the right amount of carrots, chopped, and boil with 250 grams of rice for porridge.

This party is introduced in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, which can be worn regularly and is not harmful.

Especially effective for night blindness.

  5. Take one chicken liver, wash it and chop it, add 250 grams of rice and 20 grams of tempeh.

This prescription is effective for dazzling vision.

  6. Soy sauce vinegar lamb liver Wash and slice the lamb liver, stir-fry the ladle vegetarian oil, mix with soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, ginger.

This recipe can be central omentitis, table dishes often seen in those with optic nerve atrophy.

  7. Mulberry sugar is mashed with 500 grams of mulberry, sautéed with water, concentrated to remove slag, and then boiled with 500 grams of white sugar. When the liquid turns yellow and can pull filaments, pour it on a marble stone plate (or stainless steel plate) coated with sesame oil., Cut into sugar cubes, take it at any time.

This prescription is most suitable for those with renal yin cancer.

  In addition, presbyopia patients should eat more fruits and vegetables, soy products, animal liver, and honey when hospitalized.

Black beans have the effect of nourishing kidney and nourishing blood.

Honey contains a variety of amino acids that can delay aging.

Usually, it should be a light and nutritious diet. You can eat more high-protein foods such as beef, lean pork, eggs, fish, nuts, soy products, and jujube, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, spinach., Celery and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

Parenting supplies to save money coup

Parenting supplies to save money coup

Some items that are not used for a long time or are not frequent, such as bottle sterilizers, baby thermometers, baby scales, baby wipes, etc., microwave ovens, adult thermometers, daily weight weighing (weight yourselfWeight), absorbent cotton or gauze, etc. instead.

  The seductiveness of maternity dresses The maternity dresses have a great temptation to us. They are a reward for ourselves, a declaration to the outside, and a disguised release of shopping desire.

However, this is very unnecessary, especially when you put on your husband’s clothes and find yourself in the mirror.

In addition, it’s best not to cross seasons when buying maternity clothes, because you don’t know how spectacular your stomach will be in the next season.

  Don’t buy too many things before having a child. After you have a child, there will be many people who will give gifts, and now it is customary that people will ask you what you need before you buy.

So don’t buy enough beforehand, it is necessary to share some of them with others.

Of course, for people who have a closer relationship, it is still recommended that they send diapers, and milk powder is more affordable.

  Durable goods can choose dual-use or multi-use. My child’s car seat from 0 to 6 months is a detachable cradle seat, which has helped me a lot.

For example, when taking a child to a place such as a hospital or a restaurant, where the environmental conditions are not ideal, it simply places a palace, which does save a lot of trouble.

In addition, it may be a crib that can be turned into a crib after removing the fence, and a stroller that can be turned into a stroller after removing the bib is a good 2-in-1 choice.

  Properly dispose of the gifts you receive. If gifts from others are unsatisfactory, if you have a sales voucher, you may wish to return it to the store and give it to you, because it is hoped to be useful to you, not to waste it.

But be sure to pay attention to the sales date and don’t expire.

If you don’t have a sales certificate, you can sell it on the parenting forum, not to make money for yourself, or even give other mothers a chance to buy at a low price while avoiding waste.

  It is not recommended to buy baby pillows and bed perimeters. Some things may seem very useful, but they are just new concepts or forms that are more useful than use.

For example, baby pillows and bed perimeters are actually not used when the child is very young. When the child is older, it may cause the child to suffocate.

  General supplies should not be purchased in large quantities. Children’s preferences are strange and change at any time, so if you buy too much of a brand or model, once the child does not like it or loses interest quickly, the waste is relatively large.

I used to buy a dozen rubber spoons according to the suggestions of other mothers, but my child couldn’t adapt at all. As soon as I put it in my mouth, I spit it out. Finally I put it in the kitchen for seasoning.

  Anyone with a child who purchases toys carefully knows that children’s favorite toys are all things that are not toys-pots and pans, shoes, socks, cigarette cases, etc.

  Consumables buy as many diapers as possible.

Although the one-time use of diapers in a box can be huge, you should face the reality that your child may need nearly 2,000 diapers in the first year.

So choosing the right quantity, getting the corresponding preferential price and giving a gift is still very cost-effective, and the shelf life of diapers is usually two to three years.

  Use adult items instead of items that are not used for a long time or are not frequent, such as bottle sterilizers, baby thermometers, baby scales, baby wipes, etc., you can use microwave ovens, adult thermometers, daily weightWeigh (give your child the weight of your own weight), absorbent cotton or gauze, etc. instead.

OL business trip skin care decompression

OL business trip skin care decompression

Business trips are recognized by white-collar workers. As the saying goes, one party can support one person in water and soil, and a new environment will inevitably cause many discomforts.

How to keep yourself in good condition during business trip?

White-collar OL travel skin care decompression Dafa, let’s learn together!

  Skin care products stage “East Palace West Palace” First of all, whether or not on a business trip, we must prepare a skin care product for our own resident use. This is the most basic equipment. Like many friends around me, maybe half of the year is in different placesFly around, but always have a care product suitable for the local climate and environment and suitable for you in your usual place of residence. This is the key to good skin. Never put the cart before the horse and use the care product suitable for going out as a resident.Skin care products.

  For example, if you often live in the south, if you go to the north to work, the skin care products used in the south may not be able to resist the invasion of dry and cold, and there may be corrosion due to water shortage and peeling. If you go from the north to the south, then there isA greasy burden with too much moisture may appear, which is also not recommended.

  After solving the basic problems, I introduced some small methods to deal with the problems that may be encountered in the work of traveling offsite.

  A short-term resident mask can travel for 1-3 days, so a sheet mask is a good way to carry it.

OL often encounters situations such as conferences in different places that need to be rushed to other places. No matter what the journey is, it often causes fatigue during the journey, and the tired skin always gives the appearance of bad appearance. At this time, a mask film can oftenHelp us alleviate this problem, and often planes and airplanes are often dry. Many airports always buy sheet masks. We will now see more and more MMs will choose to apply masks on planes. This is a kind performance.
  The most common problem of Chinese herbal medicine against dry travel is often dryness and unacceptable soil and soil. It is also prone to allergic problems caused by unsuitability. Therefore, it is best to make up for moisture while traveling, and it can absorb some ingredients containing blue camomile, calendula, aloe, etc.A sedative and hypoallergenic skin care product.

  Relax and take a proper bubble bath. The journey is often tired and exhausted. The bubble bath can relax the pressure and balance the secretion of hormones. It also is a good way to enjoy life while soothing stress.Oh.
  Proper massage method Proper acupoint massage is also a good choice to relieve pressure. Especially some star hotels now provide SPA services. Of course, you can also learn to do massage yourself. I will introduce acupoint massage in a later blog.Some of the tips are not mentioned today.

  Do n’t let the body “hypoxia” travel frequently, and vitamin supplementation is also very important. The tiredness of the road and the unsuitable taste of the diet often cause too much vitamin loss. You can bring some vitamin nutrients with you, and you can also bring some fruits or buy directlyFruits add vitamins, so that the spirit is up.

  Aromatherapy essential oils help sleep. I especially recommend some essential oils and vegetable oils as alternatives. Some MMs who have a bed habit can carry some essential oils such as lavender and geranium. If you go to a particularly cold area, you can carry olive oil, rose hip oil, etc. as anti-dryingRepair oil, if you go to hot and humid areas, bring some chamomile spray and so on.

Pay attention to the nine eating habits of premature aging

Pay attention to the nine eating habits of premature aging

The high work pressure and the tight pace of life often make it difficult for many modern urban people to maintain healthy diet and nutrition.

For example, you can eat as much as you can, but you can eat it if you eat it.

We often substitute some foods that we don’t pay attention to just because we like them or think that they are healthy. Such diet “stand-in” is a misunderstanding of many people.

As everyone knows, it is these convenient “stand-ins” that make you farther and farther from health.

  Bad habit 1: Instant noodles instead of breakfast. Eating instant noodles instead of breakfast is bad for human health and development.

Because six major elements are needed to maintain the normal physiological metabolism of the human body, the main component of instant noodles is fat, and other nutrients are few.

Therefore, if you replace breakfast with instant noodles for a long time, it will lead to dizziness, fatigue, weight loss, palpitations, and depression, etc. In severe cases, there may be symptoms of nutritional loss such as weight loss and muscle atrophy.

  Vice # 2: Fruits instead of vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins. Therefore, many people think that as long as they eat fruits every day, they do n’t need to eat or eat less vegetables.

In fact, vegetables are the essential foods of the human body, second only to food. It can effectively promote the human body to absorb the three major nutrients of protein, trace amounts and residues.

If humans only eat animal foods, protein absorption and absorption are 70%; if they eat vegetables, the absorption rate can reach more than 90%.

In addition, vegetables contain unique plant crude fibers that can stimulate intestinal motility, thereby helping digestion and preventing bowel cancer.

  Bad habit three: Fresh vegetables instead of refrigerated vegetables If it refers to fresh vegetables just picked from the vegetable field, there is no problem with this statement.

But in fact, most of the vegetables we eat are not so fresh, they are usually stored for several days, and their vitamins are gradually lost during the simultaneous storage.

In contrast, refrigerated vegetables can maintain more vitamins, because refrigerated vegetables after picking can prevent the loss of vitamins.

  Bad habit four: Mineral water replaces boiled water Many people say that mineral water is rich in minerals, so they no longer drink boiled water and use mineral water instead, but mineral water can also be polluted by harmful substances in the land.

Recently, Dutch scientists analyzed bottled mineral water and found that mineral water is more susceptible to contamination by dangerous microorganisms and bacteria.

Although these bacteria may not pose a significant threat to the body of a healthy person, bacteria for bottled mineral water may pose a considerable danger to those with weak immunity.

  Bad Habit 5: Liver meat eats only pork instead of fish. It is a habit of most Han people to eat less or no fish.

Although their protein content and absorption rate are not much different, the accidental composition is very different.

Fish’s trace glucose content is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that plays a beneficial role in children’s brain development and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

For livestock meat, especially beef and mutton, fatty acids are mainly saturated, and overcoming them is not good for health.

  Vice # 6: Brown sugar instead of white sugar. Brown sugar and white sugar are both extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet. The manufacturing process of brown sugar is slightly simpler than that of white sugar. The glucose and cellulose contained in it are also available, and the energy released is faster, and the absorption and absorption are morehigh.

However, brown sugar is not as sweet as white sugar, and people naturally add more when drinking tea and coffee, so in fact brown sugar is sometimes more dangerous than white sugar.

  Bad habit seven: Tonics replace too many people. When doctors recommend strengthening nutrition, they often take various tonics.

However, experts point out that supplements are not a substitute for nutritional products.

Amino acid is a common tonic, but it is not necessary if it is not difficult to eat. Blind infusion of amino acid may even cause allergic reactions. For those with poor renal function, it may also cause liver coma and uremia.

Too many people think that vitamins are good for the body. It ‘s okay to eat more, but otherwise, long-term use of vitamin A and D pills can cause vitamin A poisoning, bone pain, vomiting, itching, and hair loss.

Therefore, to strengthen nutrition, you should start with regulating your diet and never repeat nutrition.

  Bad habit eight: expensive instead of cheap expensive, may not be the best.

For example, the costly shark fin’s main ingredient is collagen.

The amino acid composition of collagen is not comprehensive, and it does not match the amino acid composition of the human body. It is far inferior to the albumin and globulin in eggs and milk.

Along with eating shark fins to absorb that little collagen, it is better to eat eggs and drink milk to absorb albumin, and globulin must be nutritious.

  Bad habit # 9: Nutrition replaces natural foods Many people increasingly recognize nutrition, which is a good thing. But repeating nutrition, good things become bad things.

Eat protein powder for meals and vitamins for fruits and vegetables. It is believed that if you eat these nutrients, your body will stay healthy.

Too many people think that vitamins are good for the body. It ‘s okay to eat more, but it ‘s not true.

For example, a large amount of vitamin C is related to the formation of kidney stones. Strengthening nutrition should, in principle, start with diet adjustment.

If the diet is not enough and it is really necessary to supplement, it should be advised by the relevant experts.

The origin of LOHAS you don’t know

The origin of LOHAS you don’t know

As a new way of life, LOHAS does not just love the earth, nor does it only love the health of themselves and their families, but another way of life that they all love.

The emergence of the concept of LOHAS has virtually defined the attitude of not only enjoying modern technological life but also being responsible for the natural environment. For example, French scholar Liotta thought in his research on postmodernism: “Postmodern is alwaysHidden in modernity, enlightenment, post-enlightenment, and non-enlightenment appear in a sequential state. The pursuit of harmony with nature directly dates modernity into post-enlightenment.

In 1984, American sociologist Paul Ryan (also translated as Paul Ray) led a colleague for fifteen years of hard work and conducted a questionnaire survey and statistical research methods. In 1998 he wrote “Cultural Creators: 50 Million People.How to change the world.

In the book, he proposed the concept of LOHAS.

The first letter of an English word that uses health and sustainability as a way of life composes a new vocabulary, “LOHAS,” which literally translates to “a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.” Let’s make it a bit more vivid.We will take into account the health of ourselves and our families and our sense of responsibility for the environment.

  Although the concept of environmentally friendly living, green living, and slow living has always appeared, people still have all concerns about the environment and a healthy lifestyle. Most of them are based on the sense of crisis of “dangerous and harmful”, which highlights “what cannotDo not eat, “the proportion of” Lowood “is optimistic and tolerant.

“Happy” represents a healthy and happy life.

I think that caring about the environment is about caring for ourselves.

  A “Luohuo” musician said: “Eco is equal to the individual self (Ego).

The most extreme pursuit of personal self is the pursuit of ecological protection. If anyone is only pursuing fame and fortune, it is the primary stage of self, and it is a relatively low-level method of living.

Reminder: 5 Worst Fitness Habits

Reminder: 5 Worst Fitness Habits

Exercise while reading a book If you are concentrating on reading a fashion magazine, it also means that you cannot focus on the sport you are doing at the same time.

Experts say reading while exercising is the worst thing.

“If you are going to exercise, you have to focus on your body.

“she says.

If you need to do something else at the same time to make the exercise less boring, experts suggest that it is better to wear headphones and watch TV, it is not as focused as reading.

  Sports to sweatingSports to sweating may make someone feel more fully exercised, but in reality this only costs you a few pounds of water.

Except that it is not good for your health, nothing will work.

Excessive sweating can also cause cramps and other sports injuries.

When you exercise, make sure you have a bottle of water on hand to keep you hydrated.

  Riding a stationary bike or simply riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill has no effect on strength training.

“You can burn 100 calories a mile walk; but in the same 20 minutes, you can burn 300 to 400 calories if you do weight-bearing exercise on the device.

Experts say.

Strength training can help you maintain muscle shape and delay muscle relaxation due to age.

  Bypassing weightlifting exercises Ladies are often afraid to practice weightlifting and increase their looks to look like bodybuilders.

Don’t be afraid.

It is a common misconception that weight lifting or strength exercises for proper women to grow large muscles.

In general, the appetite will increase after exercise.

If you can’t keep it up, once the amount of exercise drops sharply, your appetite will not decrease, but you will become fatter.

If you decrease and repeatedly increase or decrease exercise, your weight will fluctuate, it may become heavier, or it may be increased-decreased-increased, which is more harmful to your health.

  Hungry for exercise is hungry for exercise is tantamount to driving a tank without oil on your body, your body needs energy to ensure its operation.

Some healthy snacks, such as oatmeal or bananas, can be digested on the way to the gym and provide the extra energy you need for your next exercise.

This is especially important during morning exercise, because after one night your stomach is empty and the transfer has been consumed.

You need to fuel it and let it restart.

Skin also goes retro style to return to infancy

Skin also goes “retro style” to return to infancy

Perhaps, the development of the times allows us to enjoy more advanced, more advanced and more scientific beauty methods. However, many times, you will find that mothers who have not used any advanced skin care products have better skin than us.
In fact, there are some traditional maintenance methods that do have their hidden effects.
Therefore, do not think that mother-level skin care methods are outdated and old-fashioned, study hard, and your skin will go “retro style” and return to the smoothness of infants and young children.
  保湿养颜  取普通的蜂蜜敷脸,可以起到保湿效果,或者里面加入半只蛋黄,搅拌均匀敷脸或者敷干裂的手脚  剩下的半只蛋黄可以用来调和黑芝麻粉,涂于发梢,保湿护发  把矿泉水放在喷壶中就是自制的矿泉水化妆水  用鸡脚猪脚黄豆海带煮汤喝,可以补充胶原蛋白和植物性雌激素,从而起到美容养颜的功效  用无糖的优酪乳绿豆粉,调和成面膜敷脸,可以温和代谢角质,并且保湿美白  收缩毛孔  将一块干毛巾,完全没有水分的,放入密封的夹链袋中,再放入冰箱。Before putting on makeup in the morning, take it out and apply it on the face to shrink the pores. Towels must not have water, if there is water, it will form ice.
Scratches the skin.
  晒后修复  用西瓜皮冰镇肌肤,西瓜皮的作用类似芦荟,可以帮助镇静晒后的肌肤  口腔护理  用盐巴轻轻按摩牙床,停留约5分钟,再漱口,可以帮助消除牙床浮肿  用淡盐水漱口,可以帮助消除喉咙痛  去黑头/角质  在洗完澡后,角质层湿软的状态下,趁着浴室内蒸气未散,还带有些许热度,可以用医药纱布,但是织布的密度越密The better, slowly, in areas with blackheads and exfoliation, gently massage in a circular motion, there will be the effect of exfoliating blackheads.
  Using towels instead of hands for daily face washing will also have an exfoliating effect, but use with caution on dry and sensitive skin.
  Wet the face in advance, foam the cleanser into the palm of your hand, add sugar (the particles should not be too large, otherwise it will scratch the skin), or apply the finely ground mung bean powder to the blackheads and horny areas, slowlyMassage in circles.
The advantage of this is that it can achieve the effect of exfoliating, the sugar slowly melts, and it will also have a maintenance effect on the skin.
  把毛巾蘸湿,把食盐放在毛巾上,轻轻搓揉脚后跟,达到去脚后跟角质的作用  用刷毛柔软的小牙刷轻轻洗黑头,但是只适用于油性皮肤者  小牙刷的妙用,还可以用来刷脚趾,洗指甲缝  减肥  饭前喝水,帮助控制食量  躺平,顺时针再逆时针按摩腹部,帮助排除宿便  早晨起床和一大杯淡盐水,帮助排除宿便  将矿泉水瓶装大半瓶绿豆/米,手臂举平,向两边摇动,帮助减少拜拜肉  紧致肌肤,去水肿  排水按摩方法:以食指及中指腹,从鼻翼两侧、脸颊到耳际逐步停留轻按,各约5-10秒Put both hands on the left and right cheeks and extend to the sides of the ear for 5-10 seconds.
This is also where the traditional Chinese medicine called acupoints, cheek car points, and big welcoming points can help eliminate cellulite.
Below the ear is the location of the lymph glands that control metabolism. The palm temperature helps the lymph to metabolize water and waste.
Sliding your fists on your cheeks, smoothing the masseter muscles by massage can also lift the skin that has become loose due to age.
  In addition, you can also use a porcelain spoon to press the skin to complete the massage, but do not pull the skin. 躺在 Lie on the bed at night, put your head outside the bed, put your feet up against the wall, maintain this posture, and then rub the care products.
好处是让脸部的皮肤对抗地心引力,   达到紧致的作用,腿部也可以达到去水肿的作用   眼睛向上看,用脂腹的眼周,尤其是眼袋和黑眼圈的部位,轻轻弹按,达到去眼袋和黑眼圈的作用   可以用粗盐泡澡,达到去水肿的目的   可以用冬瓜带皮煮水喝,有利于排水   薏仁煮水可以去水,还会有美白和减肥的作用哦   薏仁粉蛋白,调和均匀后敷脸,可以紧致肌肤,美白   玉米须煮水,可以利尿,去水,捞起来还可以用来洗澡时去角质哦   用瓷汤匙按压脸部   加速身体血液循环   拍打身体数次,拍手,排空掌实掌各100下   抬脚仰头数次   用圆头的木质刺猬梳按摩头皮,加速头发生长。Massaging the whole body can speed up blood circulation and relieve itching of the elderly’s skin. Hairdressing 把 Braid the hair before going to bed, or use a clip to fix the tail around the straw. Open it in the morning for beautiful curls.