Lianfeng:“Installed here13 ,Turn around and run,You kid can!”

Xin Zhao:“This is all the pitiful beauty of me,Make me feel confident,My brother is here again thanks to the beautiful girl!”
Lianfeng:“Get out,You think i will believe you!”
Xin Zhao:“How is this nonsense,Of course the truth,Big truth。You know, I claim to tell the truth,Zhao Xiaoxin who never speaks。”
Lianfeng:“Ha ha,You think i’m just like a normal little girl,I was so coaxed by you!”
Xin Zhao:“Nowhere,This is obviously what I said in my heart,If you are suspicious,Can come to my room at night,Or I can find you,We can talk slowly。”
Lianfeng:“Sorry,Little brother, you are not the type that sister likes!”
Xin Zhao:“I think we can learn more,What do you think of Lianfeng beauty?”
Lianfeng:“Do you bastard think I haven’t learned this knowledge before??Or do you think your body can compete with this knife?!”
Lianfeng:“As shown,This is a sword with the power of killing gods,Hope some place of you,Can withstand its attack,What do you say!”
Xin Zhao:“I will be boarding soon,Goodbye!”
Lianfeng:“mock up,Fight me!”
The dark communication with Lianfeng was lifted,Xin Zhao felt a bit chilly between his legs。
‘Lian Feng this woman,I really can’t provoke it easily,The old aunt like Yuqin,RBQ\RBQ!’
“Instructor,Won’t you come up?”Li Feifei saw Xin Zhao standing at the door of the transport plane.,Can’t help but urge。
Heard this,Xin Zhao certainly cannot say that he was worried about his brother just now,If you say it,These women laugh at themselves。
“Nothing,Just a little emotional,lets go!”Directly onto the Dawn transport plane,Xin Zhao directly sat in the position Rena often sits。
Ok,People sitting in this position looking inside,Still feels pretty good。
No wonder Big Sister always likes to sit here,So this is the privilege of the so-called captain,Happy。


One thousand three hundred and sixty one Win over
The news of Master Wu Hao’s strong return to God City is gone,The big giants have sent representatives,Invite Master Wuhao to be a guest。
The purpose is naturally to find out some new information from the mouth of Master Wu Hao,I heard that Master Wu Hao got a blessing in disguise on the new plane,Got a bunch of powerful weapons,Even the ruthless character like Gaia’s great priest was completely defeated by him with new weapons,The advent of these new weapons,To some extent, it means that the influence of the Guangming Dragon Temple has been severely weakened.,But Master Wuhao is the legendary Dragon God’s favor,So people’s belief in the Bright Dragon God will only be more pious。
now,The situation in God City is really incomprehensible。It used to be the Ning Prince’s Palace and the Six Prince’s Palace competing for imperial power,The Guangming Dragon Temple is in a neutral position,But now Gaia is dead,The priest Lei Ji exiled himself again,It’s like dead,Then the Guangming Dragon Temple is a powerful force that can influence the city of God,A vacuum period,no matter who,As long as I win the support of the Guangming Dragon Temple,You can reverse the situation。
Although the priest Lei Jiji was before leaving,,In the name of Dragon God,Identified the priest Huang Shaotian as the candidate for the next Pope,But it’s a bit awkward,Huang Shaotian has almost no foundation in the Dragon Temple,She wants to be the pope,I’m afraid that it is unrealistic to wait for three to five years。
The old priests,Just use those cumbersome dogmas as a basis,To make Huang Shaotian obedient,Being pope can,But when,But I can’t help her。
but,The power of the Guangming Dragon Temple is still very powerful,In this situation without a leader,Regardless of Ning Palace,Still the Sixth Prince’s Mansion,Including the big giants,Are trying their best to win over the Knights of the Temple,And the leaders of the temple guards,High-ranking priests and the like。
The weird thing is,Instead, it’s the one who should be drawn the most,Master Wu Hao,But few people go to make friends,Those rich family members just sent an invitation to Master Wuhao,See him unintentionally participating,It’s nothing more。
As for the Ning Palace,They have always been at odds with Wu Hao,I won’t go to waste。
In the evening,Master Wuhao is outside the gate of Shencheng’s house,A group of people came,Headed by the Sixth Prince Mili。
Sixth Prince Mili came to see Master Wuhao in person,It shows how much he attaches great importance to Master Wu Hao。
but,This is also reasonable,Master Wu Hao has a lot of new equipment in his hands,There is magic technology in the body,And he himself is a master,Even the next pope was planted in his hands,A strong person like this,It is indeed worth the Sixth Prince Mili’s personal visit。

Fang Xuechu and Cheng Jia saw someone coming,Suddenly relieved,Understand that the savior is coming。

this moment,They really thank Brother Hu。
“Damn!Scared me。Okay,We met Director Li in advance。”Cheng Jia patted her plump breasts,Fortunately。
Fang Xuechu nodded,Then look bitterly at Wang Ming:“This surname Wang is too much。”
“Do not worry!Let’s write down this account,Slowly calculate later。”Cheng Jia said。
woman,Never messy,Have always held grudges。
Director Gu put away that angry face,Wry smile:“Li Ge,Ugh!Current actors,Less and less dedicated,Difficult to manage!I will take a day off,Let everyone rest,I didn’t expect the heroine to fly out of the province,Is it plausible??And the two of them,What phone to play?Disrespect the shooting scene at all。”
Director Li takes a serious look,I found out that it was Fang Xuechu and Cheng Jia,Froze for a while。
These two people,Isn’t it with Hu Yang Hu??Why did you come here suddenly?
He rescued:“Isn’t it filming yet??calm down,I believe they were not intentional。Xiao Fang、Xiao Cheng,Apologize to the director first,You are not allowed to do this。”
Uh!Stunned,Looking at Fang Xuechu and Cheng Jia with weird eyes。
These two women,Meet Director Li?Isn’t it?Am i wrong?
Even Gu Dao,Hear this,Open their mouths,Can’t close,Very embarrassing for a while。You know Director Li,Say it early!Will I scold you in front of so many people?It’s not impossible to add drama to you。
Why not say?
Why not say it?


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Chapter 275 This is to help me clean up the inventory?
Although the small workshop is not big,But complete,Liu Hui takes everyone around。He told everyone,They make swords and things,The most important thing is the step of ironing。
now,There are many raw materials for small workshops,Old parents、There are still a lot of steelmaking that my grandparents have made。
Mainly because the business of these two generations is deteriorating,The steel that has been refined will also be accumulated,Pass it to him,Small workshops are more valuable,Except for this land,It’s the raw materials。
But now,Everyone likes to use alloy,The hundred steel made by elders is rarely used。
therefore,Liu Hui rarely strikes iron now,Feel unnecessary,Although the family’s iron method,He is also skilled,Taught by hand since childhood,Can it??
The so-called hundred steel,It’s not as simple as beating a hundred times,Every beat,All very skillful。
After that,There are also processes like quenching,Are very important。the whole process,A total of more than ten processes,so,Swords made by artificial tradition,Too much energy,The price will be higher,Made by someone else’s sword factory,Not competitive at all。
It can be said,Longquan now,100% cast swords with traditional techniques,Already handful。
I know that Populus wants to let the people in the live broadcast room watch traditional crafts,So Liu Hui also introduced more hard,Try to be careful,Even tell some details,Don’t worry about leaks or anything,Whoever loves to learn!
Just now,He glanced at Hu Yang’s live broadcast room。
Obediently!Hundreds of thousands of people watch online。
This is also an opportunity to promote our own craftsmanship,So Liu Hui will not let it go,Even introduce it to a little bit more mysterious。If it can attract some customers,That would be better。
in fact,There used to be workers in their small workshop,But after passing it to him,He became the Bachelor Commander。

Huo Rongxuan became more anxious and calmer,I made a few phone calls quickly while walking outside。When Huo Rongxuan takes the tiger to the place,The city’s highest-equipped rescue team has already arrived at the scene for rescue。

Huo Rongxuan get off the car,The person who was responsible for following Shen Han immediately came over,To Huo Rongxuan:“Mr. Huo,The rescue team has already started action,But the location of Mr. Shen is still uncertain……”
In heavy rain,The abandoned factory building has become a ruin,Huo Rongxuan looked at the broken scene in front of him,The blood in the whole body has cooled down。
He took a deep breath of the cold air to calm down,Turn around and open the door,Huzi sat in there and looked at him obediently。
Huo Rongxuan took out a piece of clothing that Shen Han wore before and put it in front of Huzi to let it smell,Then bend down`Rubbed Huzi’s head and said to him:“Tiger,Must bring your dad back,do you know?”
Huzi seems to understand,Yelled to him immediately。
Huzi was a professionally trained military dog,After hearing Huo Rongxuan’s command,Immediately jumped out like an arrow,Rushed into the ruins。
Shen Han was trapped in a small space,I was injured and my consciousness became erratic,I just feel dark around,Also very cold。In a trance, it seems to be back when he was a child when he pestered his brother to play hide and seek,At that time he didn’t know that Shen Ze was just perfunctory,Hiding carefully in the cabinet in the storage room。As a result, he stayed alone in the dark corner for a long, long time,Until the end it was cold and hungry,Didn’t wait until someone came to him。
right now,Shen Han felt that the feeling back then came back。or,He has always been the Shen Han hiding in the cabinet and has not changed,Not needed or valued,No one cares even if they disappear。Shen Han is very weak,In such a cold and claustrophobic environment, these negative emotions are scrambling to emerge.,Almost occupying his consciousness。
As time goes by,Shen Han’s body pain gradually became numb,I can’t even feel the cold。
Is he going to die??
Shen Han suddenly felt intense fear in his heart,But the chest cavity is squeezed and there is no sound。In the dark, Shen Han can only pray in despair in his heart,Hope someone,Anyone is good,Will come to find him,Take him out of the closet。
I do not know how long it has been,Shen Han vaguely heard the dog barking from above。
Shen Han thought in a daze,Have a dog,Will it be a tiger??
But he was too tired and fainted uncontrollably,Just before he lost consciousness,I seem to hear Huo Rongxuan calling his name。
After Shen Han was rescued, he was taken to the hospital by the ambulance that had been standing by.,Several wounds on Shen Han,Blood loss is more serious and requires blood transfusion。But the doctor came over and told Huo Rongxuan that Shen Han’s physique was more sensitive,Ask if you can bring family members over for blood transfusion。
Huo Rongxuan asked the Shen family to contact,But I didn’t expect to be rejected by the Shen family。
Huo Rongxuan personally called Shen Han’s father,The other party told him:“I’m really sorry, Mr. Huo,We are all out of town now,I’m really going back, I’m afraid it’s too late。”
Huo Rongxuan didn’t hold them back for having dinner together at noon,Why did the family go out in a torrential rain in a blink of an eye,Speak directly to the phone:“Not get in the way,Tell me the specific location,I send someone to pick you up。”
Shen Han’s father’s voice became very embarrassing,“I’m so sorry,We really can’t。”

After the old fox heard Qin Feng’s voice,Suddenly the body stiffened,The action also stopped,He looked back at Qin Feng,Qin Feng raised an eyebrow at him,But nothing happens,Just holding a bag of something。

The old fox saw Qin Feng didn’t come forward to catch him,I still want to climb out of the tunnel without giving up,And Qin Feng didn’t stop,Just watching the old fox’s embarrassed figure quietly below,A cold smile。
Qin Feng watched quietly for ten minutes,The old fox also slowly climbed from the bottom stairs to the top stairs。
Just climb another layer,He can go to his room,Escaped the demon Qin Feng,He kept thinking about,Face
There was also a twisted and crazy smile。
Coming soon, there are third orders,There are two more steps,One more……
Just when the old fox’s hand touched the last step,Suddenly a force came from behind him,As if to suck him away。
“Ah,Don’t,No!”He is dying,I want to grasp the last step,Don’t let that power suck down。
But when his hand touched the last step,He was suddenly sucked in by the power。
Directly rolled down from the highest point of the passage,Roll directly to the bottom of the channel,Back to the position where he just started to fall,And his eyes are facing Qin Feng’s bright leather shoes。
Qin Feng said with a cold snort of disdain,“I treat you like this,I’m a devil,Have you ever thought,You look at this underground trapped by you。”
“Those few hundred people are as bad as you are,Even more suffering than you,They feel that you can’t survive now,The pain of death。”
“Do you think you are more hateful than the devil?”
That old fox really can’t hear what Qin Feng is saying,Just staring at Qin Feng fiercely,Then raised his arm again,Exhausting his last bit of strength against Qin Feng,Wave a palm towards Qin Feng,Air mass with black mist。
Qin Feng didn’t want to hide this time,But after seeing the old fox’s movements,I lifted an internal force and immediately waved to the palm of the old fox。
Suddenly the mist in the palm of the old fox’s palm was shattered by Qin Feng’s internal force,Dissipate directly into the air。
And the old fox was also crushed by Qin Fengzhen’s internal organs.,A mouthful of blood came out of his throat again。

An entry-level、The lowest-tech household mini-car,For Chen Geng, this is nothing at all,All technologies are readily available,But since I underestimated the ambition of the Jialing Factory,How can it be done without making good use of?

Mirren looked at his boss ignorantly,I always feel that my boss’s words are so mysterious,But why is such a boss so handsome?
PS:4000word,Still owed yesterday1000word,Hehe……
First193chapter Chrysler and Ford
“Ladies,Gentlemen,good morning, everyone,”
Lee·Iacocca standing in front of the podium,Compared to the anxiety and anxiety a few months ago,His face is full of spirit at the moment:“Thank you very much for coming from the media industry,Nowadays,We at Chrysler have only one purpose in inviting everyone,Just to tell everyone good news!”
Speaking of which,Lee·Iacocca paused on purpose。
The reporters below are also very supportive,Pick up the camera one by one and get ready。
I saw the reporters below cooperate,Lee·Iacocca became more and more proud,He took a deep breath,Speak loudly into the microphone in front of you:“This news is,Four days ago,That’s the moment everyone received our phone invitation,Our Chrysler Automobiles’ main strategic model this year:‘family’’S daily sales have exceeded700Vehicles,Reached713Vehicles!”
Hear Lee·These words from Iacocca,The reporters at the scene immediately boiled!
“Sold in one day713Vehicles,How much can be sold that year?”
Although most Americans are not good at math,Then the addition and subtraction of two digits depends on the calculator,But not all Americans are bad at math,A reporter immediately calculated it on the spot:“713Multiply by365equal260245……Oh, God,Theoretically,The annual sales of this car can exceed26Ten thousand!”
“what?exceed26Ten thousand?!”
“real or fake?Really exceed26Ten thousand?”

Qin Feng ignores Gao Lili,I just sat in front of the computer and took a contract template and knocked it up。

About a child,A formal contract was printed by Qin Feng。
“Come,Sign it!”
“what?this contract?what.Liquidated damages of billions?”When she saw the number of liquidated damages, Gao Lili was scared to look at Qin Feng many times.。I always feel that some people want to harm me!
“That one,big boss,I heard that you once sent a female model who was already booming to prison?”Gao Lili asked timidly。
“There is such a thing!”Qin Feng remembered the model in Zhao Kuo’s company,If not that one,Qin Feng won’t even do anything to Dynasty Company。Maybe at this time the chairman of Dynasty Group is still Wang Fang!
of course,Everything is over,Don’t mention it。
“That one,big boss,I apologize to you,Don’t design to deal with me,I don’t want to go to prison。You speak,Whatever you want me,I listen to you!”Gao Lili is crying now。
Qin Feng couldn’t tell whether it was real or acting。After all, crying opera should be considered an entry-level skill for students in the acting department。
of course,There are many crying states,This will test the actor’s level。
“okay,I don’t want you to do anything extraordinary。In short,I represent the company,Will make you popular。Now you sign this contract!”Qin Feng’s business。
“but.Why is one billion liquidated damages?”
“Ok,That must be my consideration。You sign first,I’ll tell you after signing。”Talking,Qin Feng put the pistol on the table。
There is no threat in Qin Feng’s words,But everyone knows what Qin Feng meant when he put the gun on the table。
Even if Goryeo graduated from acting department,Facing Qin Feng’s method, I can only admit counsel。

“Ugh,You say my job is getting more and more meaningless,Doing repetitive things all day long,Feeling a little tired,And I can see the end。”Chen Amei sighed in frustration at life。

“Hey,How can you have this emotion,You think you are a big winner in life,Kids have,Decent job,Family assets are more than enough,What’s not satisfied。”Tian Lu’s practical advice。
Chen Amei glanced at Tian Lu with a bitter look,“You know something,I don’t like boring work very much,It turns out that the glamorous work appearance is actually checking the information every day,I don’t know if I can get a job every day“single”,I don’t even know when the big event will be planned,You said,So boring,How can I keep on。”Chen Amei continued to say dejectedly。
“Haha,So this is ah,Enter the bottleneck period?When I first got a new job,Very motivated,Full of confidence and curiosity,Everything is serious,Very focused,as time flows,Freshness faded,I started to carelessly,This kind of heart is normal。”Tian Lu looks like a textbook in Chen Amei’s eyes,When I heard Tian Lu“Summary of experience”Time period,It’s exciting,Watching Tian Lu intently and listening to her“Speak”。
Tian Lu was amazed by her changing expression。Take a look at Chen Amei。
Sit beside her,Pestle your arm,Head up,Talking casually。“Working hours are a little longer,Some people continue to learn to strive for a broader space,And some people may mess around day after day。Focus,Today when the surrounding environment is getting noisier,Seems particularly rare。life of a human,If using1%Strength choice,99%The strength to repeat,Feel the fresh power every time;If you use99%Strength choice,1%Repetition of strength,Then he can only fail repeatedly。”
“Hey,Are you a genius?”Chen Amei exclaimed,“That’s quite reasonable。Although a little confusing,Read it carefully,Still the same thing。”
Tian Lu“Ha ha”Smiled:“What is there to say,‘Yan Ruyu is in the book,Own golden house in the book’,I saw it all from the book。”Speaking of which,Her face suddenly changed,Grandpa’s indoctrination sounded in my ears,These were all taught by her late grandpa。Think of grandpa,Give birth to a bit of sadness,The long eyelashes naturally tugged at the bangs near the eyes,Like someone with a subtle and profound story。
But soon,Tian Lu returns to reality,Turn your head to ask Amei Chen:“Have you heard a word,Repeating simple things,You are the expert;Do repetitive things with heart,You are the winner。”
Chen Amei’s head shook like a rattle,Said:“Familiar,Can’t remember。”
“and so,Those who can do their work efficiently are dedicated people,Come on,Amei!”Tian Lu concluded。
“Ok,What you said seems quite reasonable。”Chen Amei thoughtful,“correct,I think some of the great principles you said last time can be absorbed,Some can’t absorb it, disagree,Think about it,Be generous,Your strategy and method are not mature in this regard。”Bora
Chen Amei“Accuse”Up,Tian Lu opened her mouth wide with a smileOFont,She admits that she needs improvement in this area,But from Chen Amei’s mouth,It shocked Tian Lu,Make her blush。
Tian Lu felt her coat removed,Show it to outsiders without privacy,Flushed with shame,But you have to show the frank acceptance of Chen Amei“criticism”。

There is no need to pursue these,He looked at the cloud, might as well ask:“What is your current mind,Here is the three of us,There is nothing to hide。”

“My current mind is very simple,I just ask you to give my son a chance,Is the opportunity to work in your company,If he can make money,That’s his skill,If you can’t make money,Give him a few thousand dollars to spare。”
He doesn’t get in the way,He is not lazy,People are a little stupid,According to the prevailing words,That’s the guy who studies hard。you
Just let him be a porter,I have no opinion,I just want someone to trouble him,You shelter one or two。
Yun Wuyu’s words made Qin Feng a little dumbfounded,This is definitely not an irony?
Qin Feng has always tried his best to avoid these things,So that I don’t want some trouble,Because once these people enter,Who will make the final decision for this company,That’s not sure。
“Are you sure this is the result you want?Arrange a position for him according to your position,That should be easier?Furthermore,Who dares to treat you?”
Qin Feng asked with some doubts,He really doesn’t understand what Yun Buru’s mind is like。
“Ugh,You can ask Huang Longwen,I’m not a good person,But for so many years I have done a lot of good things for the folks in the village,I also offended many people。”
If my son goes my way,,Without shelter,He is not dead,That is also to be disabled。
Yun might as well say hissing,The complexity of his heart,Only he knows that。
Qin Feng also knows that some things are cold,If it’s really not as simple as the cloud,He doesn’t care,But he is also ugly in front。
“I can only say a word,See ability to eat,If he has no abilities,And still reluctant to do things,I can only say sorry。”
Qin Feng is also a hard bone,I want to ask him to pay for protection,He can’t do this。